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Beautiful, Great Job :)


Thank you!

Well done. Great typography. Very clean.

Is it possible to have an alternate homepage?



We don’t have another template specifically made as an alternative front page (but we may add if people really want it). Right now I guess you could create something from either:

http://demo.wpbandit.com/feather/demo/templates/full-width/ or http://demo.wpbandit.com/feather/demo/templates/full-width-nobox/

Looks great, best of luck with sales :)


Thank you Chris :)

Very good job, so it would be possible to place the static menu whenever we use the scroll?


You mean always stuck to top, even when scrolling down? That’s a good idea, will add that as styling option in the next update. Lets see, getting that to work shouldn’t be too hard – something like this would need to be added to your custom.css:

body { padding-top: 60px; }
#header { position: fixed; top: 0; width: 100%; margin-bottom: 0; }
#subheader { margin-top: 0; }
Seem to work just from what I can see, when just testing in Firebug.

Turns out it was a bit more than that, complete css (which also moves wp adminbar to bottom), would be:

body { padding-top: 100px; }
#header { position: fixed; top: 0; width: 100%; margin-bottom: 0; }
/* unstick for mobile */    
@media only screen and (max-width: 767px) {
body { padding-top: 0; }
#header { position: relative; margin-bottom: 40px; }
/* move admin bar to bottom */    
* html body { margin-top: 0 !important; }
body.admin-bar { margin-top: -28px; padding-bottom: 28px; }
body.wp-admin #footer { padding-bottom: 28px; }
#wpadminbar { top: auto !important; bottom: 0; }
#wpadminbar .quicklinks .ab-sub-wrapper { bottom: 28px; }
#wpadminbar .quicklinks .ab-sub-wrapper ul .ab-sub-wrapper { bottom: -7px; }
The option has been added to the theme and will be included in the next update in a few days.

Very nice design! Good luck with sales :)


Cheers! :)

Very, very fresh and new! So hard to do something different these days but you have succeeded!


Glad to hear that, thank you.

this is exactly what I am looking for, for the current project. awesome! will grab this soon



unerasia Purchased

bought it, thnks for the great work!

Somethin’ different, nice. :)

nice theme, glws ;)

Nice design! Good luck! :)

Wonderful work ! :)

Like this! Good luck ;)

Have to raise my hat – it’s one of the few theme demos that don’t leave too many questions open.

Also clap my hands that you use actual content instead of hard to judge lorem ipsum dummytext.

Fully fledged blog post format support, great typography – i’ll consider this one!


Glad to hear!

I wasn’t aware you could use the new FancyBox for commercial themes, did you consult with the author? I would really like to use this plugin!

Theme looks great, good luck with sales ;)


2 months late reply (only!) – we have a double integration of fancyBox 1 and fancyBox 2 – Like this.

awesome theme.. good luck!

Great looking theme!

On the pages, do you have a WP option for changing the background image/pattern?



There is an option to change background color / background image and background repeat in the styling page, yeah.

However, for each separate page you can’t do that (repeating bg pattern) – but you can set large fixed background pictures for those.


Great! And finally. The logo container, will an enlarged logo expand the main nav header bar (say the logo is 200px high)?


It won’t do that by itself, as we have a fixed topbar option coming which needs a specific height set.

However, it should pretty easy for you to fix by adding the following to the custom.css:
#logo { height: 60px; }
#logo a img { max-height: 50px; }
Those are default values, you would just set your height for logo, and same minus 10px on #2.

WOW ! Love the theme. I’ve been looking for something exactly like this. Couple questions before I buy -

1) Is the light version anywhere available to check out? couldn’t find it through the demo.

2) Is there any way to change the position, size and font of the text on the home page?


Glad you like!

1) When you are on live demo page, and see the “WPBandit” topbar – click on the “Select a style…” dropdown to the right and select “Light”. You won’t see any difference on frontpage, but switch to portfolio/blog etc and you should see it.

2) By editing some basic css classes, yes – By default you have h1 for large, h2 for medium and h3 for small text. They also resize depending on screen resolution. Text is centered by default but can with one single line be put to the left side instead. Fonts can be changed in CSS , but then you may have to adjust CSS font sizes. There are no in-built admin options at this time for changing any of this though.

Will woocommerce work with this theme?


The theme has not been tested with WooCommerce, so I’m not sure.

OTD Purchased


Im attempting to upload a new BG to appear behind all the pages and posts.

I uploaded a new image in the styling area of the theme options but it does not appear to show?



Make sure you click “Enable styling options” at the very top of the styling page. This will load style-advanced.css in the head.

I just tested on my local dev, seem to work fine for me.

Yes, I agree with everyone above – beautiful theme! Someone asked if they could alter the Home page … wouldn’t it be possible to add shortcodes of information (like recently posted blogs and other info) below the slider and then just create / edit the max-height for the slider …?


Since we use a script called “Supersized” which always resizes the image to fit the full window, that is not possible.

However, if there is a big demand for a alternative front page, we will def. look into adding that.