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Really nice theme , i am interested in purchasing it but i only need a HTML version, do you have a HTML one ??



Hi – sorry, no HTML version included, unless you go through each php file and remove the php code and turn it into a html template that way.

Hi there

Ok, thanks for your reply

Just a heads-up: Feather has been quick-updated to v1.1. You can now remove the glass effect from portfolio/blog thumbnails in styling options and also stick the header to top while scrolling (as requested). A minor bug with custom-functions.php not loading was also fixed.

Very nice look and feel. We see some admin panels in Screenshots page; may we see them all? Thanks!


Thanks. Uploaded a quick gallery with the admin panels to imgur here: http://imgur.com/a/ZP9ly

Those are the current options with 1.1. More may come later in updates.


Im not sure how to get the fullscreen frontpage image display to appear just as it did in the demo.. I need help!


Hi there, did you check out the “Frontpage” section of the documentation? It should walk you through how to set it up.

If you have further questions, please use the support forums: http://forum.wpbandit.com

In short, what you need to do is:

1. Create a new page, set “Frontpage” as template.

2. Upload your images (our demo images are 1440×720px large).

3. Use h1,h2,h3 tags and link tags in the caption field of the image as instructions say in documentation.

Everything in this theme is amazing except for the mobile size – the drop down menu is so ugly when viewing it on a smartphone. On the blog page, the subnav works and looks great. Is there any way to apply that style to the main nav for the mobile version?


The select dropdowns are usually designed differently depending on which mobile browser you use, as it is a standard element they often style in different ways. Which OS/Browser do you use where it looks ugly?

If you want to re-design it, you would edit the select css, however I’m not sure if separate browsers override such styling.

We may look into this in an update if people see this as something really important.

1st of all I really like how you are answering people questions on here. Makes me feel confidence that I will have good supports if I choose to by this theme.

Now for some presale questions :)

1) in the single category page. does it have lazyload or or load more button? 2) Can you show me sample how would page like http://demo.wpbandit.com/feather/work-item/computer/ and http://demo.wpbandit.com/feather/demo/templates/fullscreen-gallery/ would look if password protected.

thank you.


1) It does not at the moment. It is a good idea though, thanks for the feedback.

2) We’ve not tested the theme with password protection for portfolio items, as we never thought about it – so right now I would guess it applies the standard login field + button. Will have to look into that.

Pre purchase question,

Can we add a flash animation or jscript slider to the front page?

Thank you


Unfortunately not, the frontpage slider is limited to full-size images + text/link.

Can you change the color of the nav bar to say green?


By adding something like this to your custom.css:

#header { background: #yourcolor; }
#nav li { border-right: 1px solid #yourslighlylightercolor; }
#nav li a { color: #fff; }
#tagline { color: #fff; }  

Right now we don’t have it as an option on the styling tab, but adding it like that will work fine.

doggss10 Purchased

Hey, Love the theme, getting aquainted still….Still an WP amateur…So,

On the Frontpage, is there a way to move the heading/words down? It’s right in the middle of a face on a photo, I’d like it to be at the bottom. And maybe a way to change the color of the box?



Hi, glad to hear! How about positioning the text to the left and have your face a bit to the right?

Try adding this to your custom.css (which you need to enable).

.front #slidecaption { text-align-left; }

If you just want to move it all down, do this instead:

.front #slidecaption { padding-top: 60px }
(increase the 60 value to push text down)

For further support, please use http://forum.wpbandit.com. Thanks.


Sorry, typo there, should be:

text-align: left;

Hey, thanks for getting back to me so quickly regarding the style of the drop down nav on mobile devices. I am viewing it on both an Android phone and iPhone.

2 things that looks off 1) there’s white behind the nav (which is an easy fix) and 2) the fact that it stretches across the full width of the browser – there’s no padding on the left or right.

The mobile nav on your other themes Incubate & Intent look to be a style but those are much better examples.


Thanks for the feedback and details. I’ll see what I can do about it in the next update.

Can you make any page the home page? It’s too thin for search engines…


Yeah, any page should work as frontpage.

How about the auto frontpage background slider. How do you have it auto change?


Hi, please use the support forums for support, we try to keep it all in one place. http://forum.wpbandit.com – thanks!

Willypr Purchased

plz help, the lightbox not work


Hi, please use our support forums for support. Thanks!


Homepage documentation is a bit light, where do you upload images to?

Just says…

From now on, all the edits to the front page will happen in the media popup. That’s where it all happens, nowhere else.

Upload your slide images. The original size will be used, so make sure to not upload too large images.


Above the large text field of the page you will see an icon to the left, where it says “Upload/Insert”. Just click there and upload your images, and it will auto turn into a slider.

Ideal sizes for the images, how to use the caption field, what elements you can use etc should all be in the documentation, under “Frontpage”, section 05.1

For further support, please use the support forums. http://forum.wpbandit.com


Ah, got it, was hitting the ‘Insert into post’ button, rather than ‘Save changes’!

Hi, I have a small issue with the portfolio. I want to separate it into two pages essentially. One for videos and another tab/page for just pictures. Is it possible to separate categories of the portfolio with this template?


Create two main portfolio categories. 1. Video. 2. Images. After that, create two different portfolio pages. Then set one to display the video category, and the other to display the image category, and you will have two separate portfolios. All child-categories of either category, will be listed as usual categories on each of the two pages.

For further support, please use http://forum.wpbandit.com

Thank you! Love the template!


Glad to hear! :)

Very very nice theme!! I only ask if is possible to add button “facebook like” and button “twitter” on all blog post and on all portfolio page. Thanks in advance ;-)

Most likely if you use one of these plugins: http://wp.smashingmagazine.com/2012/02/22/25-social-media-plugins-wordpress/

Portfolio uses a custom post format. So it may need some minor adjustments to work unless the plugin supports custom post formats as well. Shouldn’t be too hard though.

Hi, I want to buy Your theme but i have a question – can I use it for multilang wordpress site?


We have standard .po file support for language, in the /language/ folder of the theme. As long as the multilang plugin works with that, then I guess it should work.


Images are blurry when uploaded the the portfolio. They are obviously being down saved to a lower resolution.

How can i change this.

Thanks in advance.


Hi, they shouldn’t really be all that blurry. If you want to upload a specific thumbnail, upload it in the WordPress sidebar, Media > Add New. Then go to the post and set the image uploaded to featured image – and it will be the thumbnail.

For further support, please use http://forum.wpbandit.com