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Hello there,

I can’t take my eyes off this theme, but before I purchase it, I have some questions:

1. What framework does this theme run on? 2. Is it possible to have a sidebar show in the fullscreen, nobox page template? (I know it’s silly to ask, but I really like how the pages look without the box!)

Thanks in advance for your response!


Hi there.

1) Runs on Air framework 1.1, our own framework from WPBandit.

2) We don’t have that included as page template right now, however, you should be able to easily create a sidebar inside the template, by using shortcode column. For example three-fourth content + one-fourth sidebar.

On thumbnail click, instead of trigger the lightbox, can I use an internal page as it appears in “single category page”? In the internal page of a project, in the slider, can I put a click on an image with lightbox property?


You can either turn lightbox on or off – yes.

1. Show with lightbox (bottom semi-transparent part will still lead to single page)

2. Show no lightbox (Item always links to the project page)

As it is right now, you can not use lightbox on portfolio single page without customizing it yourself. The full-width template can show pretty large images though.


Can I use pagination numbers at the portfolio page? If I buy your theme, can you help me to insert the in the slider of the internal page of a project the lightbox property? thanks!

blakereb Purchased

Hi, Just wondering how to remove highlight colour from around main header logo? Thanks, Blake


If you go to Feather > Theme Options > Styling you will see an option:

“Logo Background Color”. Set that to whatever color you want (remember to enable style-advanced.css)

For further support, please use http://forum.wpbandit.com


Great theme!

Some Q’s. Is there a “page builder” inside the AIR Frame work? Can I build up my front page or all other pages as I like or is it ready templates?


Hi! Thanks.

There is no custom “page-builder” in the admin itself. We use normal page templates, and then you can build your pages with shortcodes (columns etc). Gives quite a bit of flexibility.

mstrflsh Purchased

Hi, I didn’t set permalinks for my site but now want to… Will it mess anything up if I now decide to turn them on? My blog is located at http://gtwilson.com/?page_id=9 and ideally I’d like this at http://gtwilson.com/blog but I’ve just got the site how I like it so obviously worried about it.



It should be fine to update permalinks settings.

By the way, it looks like you’ve forgotten to add the League Gothic font files to the /font/ folder of the theme.

…ok, there is no “page builder but can I add “short codes” under the slider in the start page? I want to add more content under the fullscreen slider.


Ah, sorry if I misunderstood the question. No, the frontpage is limited to texts+button (or any other html elements you want to add).

Can I use pagination numbers at the portfolio page? If I buy your theme, can you help me to insert the in the slider of the internal page of a project the lightbox property? thanks!


You can not use pagination numbers on the portfolio page as it is right now. As for the other question, I don’t fully understand it. But as long as it’s no custom feature and exists within the theme, yes we will be able to guide you through it on support forums.

Hi On the portfolio thumbnail page, can the thumbnail link to a project page with text and images rather than opening a lightbox?


Sorry for the late response. There is a custom link option for portfolio items, where you can link an item anywhere. So you would be able to create a page somewhere else and link it to it. However, there is currently a small bug (which we discovered just now) with it, which will be fixed in the next update. But if you go to support forums we can guide you through to fix it.

I would like to make the logo and top bar taller, where can i find the css to edit that?

Thank you, great theme Jason

Where can i change fonts? Thank you, Jason

last question, i would like to have a page with a sidebar and no box, is that possible?.. thank you, Jason

Another thing, and sorry to lay so many thiings on you at once, when i insert a gallery and click on an image, it sends me to a new page and does not lightbox the image, is there a lightbox feature? If not can you recommend a plugin that will work easily with you theme? thank you, Jason


Hi Jason, please put your questions in a thread on our support forums: http://forum.wpbandit.com – thank you! We keep all support in once place.

Will this be coming out in a HTML format?


HTML format is not planned at this time. However, if you remove all php functions out of the files and put the remaining code in normal html files you should be able to get a html template that way.

We have purchased this lovely theme and my developer is wondering if there is an way to post content below the homepage slider? Thank you so much! Everything else about the them is wonderful!


Hi Matthew, please use the forums for support: http://forum.wpbandit.com

The site has not been designed with that functionality in mind. However, I should be able to give some quick hints how to get started at least – but it’s easier to take on the forums – so please create a thread there.

If you could give some quit hints here that would be most appreciated. Thanks so much!


As it involves code example etc, it’s easier to post on the forums. Other customers can then easily look it up by searching. We try to keep all support in one place and have it as a policy, especially when it goes into customizations (which we aren’t really supporting, but make exceptions). Hope you understand, thanks!

If you could give some quick hints here that would be most appreciated. Thanks so much!

Problems with installing the font. Documentation is not correct, it mentions only 4 files in the “webfonts” folder. But I see 17 files in the webfonts folder. 4 files for the condensed talic, 4 files for the condensed regular, 4 files for the italic and 4 files for the regular. Which should I upload? The file names are also named different that mentioned in the .css file. What happened with the font?


As of September 11th, they changed the download file, which makes the documentation incorrect. Please download the font from here instead.

I made a sticky thread on the support forums about it, and updated theme description as an extra notice – sorry for the docs being incorrect. The fix to the documentation will come in the next theme update.



Hello, I am looking for a new Wordpress theme and yours really struck me. I needed some new features which your theme seem to provide. Just one question.

It’s when you go into an internal page of a portfolio piece and you have multiple images you want to show (a gallery), currently there are small dots (along with arrows on each side) which indicates that there’s several images. The question: Is it possible to have small thumbnails as well/instead of those dots for quicker preview. Reason being is that people may not want to see all images in a gallery.



Sorry for the late reply. The theme uses flexslider 2 for all sliders, and flexslider does have in-built support for thumbnail navigation. However, it is not an in-built pre-styled option in the theme itself, so you would have to do that customization yourself, or get the help of some developer.

Is this theme available anywhere other than here at “themeforest”? We have been unable to purchase the theme here, for the last three weeks now, because of an ongoing problem at themeforest with PayPal.


This theme is exclusive to themeforest, as all of our other themes. I viewed the thread there – interesting that TF has had this issue running for 21+ days. I’m afraid there is not much we can do from our position, other than you waiting it out until they fix it. Have you tried creating a totally new paypal account – as it seem to only happen to some? You probably know more than me on this issue though.

Yes… and kind of an unfortunate arrangement for some of us, as this isn’t the first time themeforest has failed us.

In this case, we’ve tried three different credit cards issued in three different countries including the US, the UK and Peru. All with the same result… These are our cards, client cards, cards from different banks. So, I’m not convinced the problem is not more widespread that they are saying in the post.

What we are actually doing is using the payment gateway at PayPal rather than having an actual PayPal account… This is something we’ve done at themeforest for quite a while now, because of past problems with PayPal. Services like PayPal are not quite the same when your outside the US or Europe, and we’re just unwilling to be constantly inconvenienced by them… we certainly won’t inconvenience clients with having to sign up for things like PayPal, when they use these same credit cards online all the time. Unfortunately this is the way themeforest chooses to process all of their orders.

We are actually looking at 8 or 10 different themes for one project, all of which we’re painstakingly chosen by clients over the last few weeks, from themeforest… now our choice is to continue waiting or start over from scratch somewhere else.

We really like the theme by the way and will eventually try to purchase it.


Ah, I understand. Glad you like the theme. Unfortunate situation – I hope it gets solved soon so that you can get the themes.