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Can i change the work url (http://demo.wpbandit.com/feather/work/) to http://mydomain.com/portfolio ? and the work item url as well? (http://demo.wpbandit.com/feather/work-item/computer/) to http:/mydomain/portfolio/computer ?

thanks for your answer… great theme!


Hi there!

You can change the permalinks for portfolio, yes. You are given two fields in admin, one for single items and one for categories. It is best to have slightly different urls for single items, like /work-item/ instead of /work/ if that is the page template’s permalink.

hello my name is Daniel Valley of Costa Rica I do not speak English. I use Google translator. Excuse me the spelling mistakes I see you upload a file to download file sources but is empty I can not install fonts help please


Hi – please get the font files here: Download Font. Put the 5 files in your /font/ folder.

(sorry for the not-updated documentation, it will be updated in the next theme update which will come soon)

font file. Sorry

does this theme support woo commerce and wpml? Also can I have video in the front page’s fulscreen?


The theme has not been tested with WooCommerce. I think we have some customers using wpml for it, so it should work fine. We use standard .pot/.po/.mo files for lang.


hi I also want to know if this theme is capable of playing video as the fullscreen’s bg? its very simple like other’s fullscreen theme’s video playback…


I would really like to buy this theme if my questions are answer and maybe deal with, I love it, please let me know if you could help to check the theme with woo commerce….

hello I do not speak English, sorry for the misspellings and grammar I hope you can understand me :) I had installed a plugin called “Gallery Plugin” This plugin displays the images in fancybox. but since I installed the theme plugin no longer displays the pictures in fancybox. the plugin does not work anymore. I see that the “theme” has fancybox but seems to be having problems if active “Gallery Plugin” How I can show my images thumbnails in fancybox?


Hi Daniel!

I’m not quite sure how this gallery plugin that you talk about works, but please create a thread on the support forums about it, and we will see what we can do.


Wow very nice theme!I am taking a look at your theme. Want to buy it to restyle my webpage www.virgiliodelavega.com.

1. No alt home page? Just fullscreen homepage? Would it be possible to add shortcodes of information like recently posted blogs and other info?

2. The framework have “page builder”?

3. Social iconos can be at top home page?

4. How do I choose my own fonts?, like Open Sans Google Fonts for the nav, body, titules,etc..

5. Framework have custom colors?

Gracias :D


Hi there, thank you.

1. No alt home at this time, but we plan to include an additional frontpage with slider + content at least in next update, as it has been requested quite a lot.

2. Not at this time, no.

3. With customizations yes, as a default feature no.

4. Just change the body {} font-family, and it will change the whole theme, except for the places where League Gothic is used. There is no dropdown where you can select fonts from admin, but it will most likely be added later on in future.

5. Yes, you can easily colorize the theme from the admin panel.

Thx for the answer.

Seems I have to wiat for next update.

When it will release?


Around 2 weeks would be my guess.


1. Does Feather theme has the bugs fixed?

2. By looking the first page, is it possible to uso the slide with big photos and without any text? Take a look: http://imageshack.us/a/img231/6228/37429498.gif

See the orange box in the picture above. I’d like to remove this area and let showing just the background photos… is it possible?

3. Can I use child theme with Feather theme?

4. Do you offer lifetime updated or support?

I look forward to hearing from you. Miramez[]s


1) Yes (there has never been any major bugs)

2) You can just show images if you want, yes. The new update coming out soon will also include 2 new front page templates for more flexibility, and more good stuff.

3) Yes

4) We keep all of our themes up to date and have a support forum you can use, yes.


first, nice theme! :)

I have Question before, is it possible to show instead of a Picture on the “Fullscreen Startscreen” a Video ? Vimeo/YouTube or even better possible to Upload a Video ? (HTML5 Video like..) ?

.. cause i´m more in the Film aspect, so try´n to see if this theme also will be a good Pick for Video Stuff :)


Hi there!

The fullscreen frontpage does not support video. However, in the update which will come soon we will supply 2 additional frontpages, which both will use flexslider. The theme will mainly support images, however – it should be pretty easy to customize it to show video, as support for it is built-in into flexslider.

The current frontpage uses “Supersized”, which as far as I know, does not support video.

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How can I get the exact font, color and position of text on your homepage?

How could i adjust the position?

I have installed your font pack but it is not the same. Also, on the iphone my first line of text is cutoff. any fix fir this?



Download the font from here, documentation will be updated shortly with the new link: Download Font. But the 5 files in your /font/ folder and it should work.

Please use http://forum.wpbandit.com for other support issues.

Hello again!

Im having issues with posting to my “Blog” page. How do I make it so that when I create a new “post” it go to my “Blog” page? Thanks

- Jeff



Check this video out, it should tell how to set a static front page and subpage blog. If set up correctly, blog posts will auto appear on your page. Also make sure that the blog page uses the default page template.

For further support, please use http://forum.wpbandit.com

djvenom Purchased


I can’t get the tabs short code to work. From you documentation, the code is simple. I plugged in my data where in the allocated space but the content is not shown.

Can you explain the process of where the content should be places, names of the tabs, etc?


Hi! It should be just like this:

[tabs tab1="Tabular" tab2="Navigation" tab3="Awesomeness"]
[tab]Your tab1 content here[/tab]
[tab]Your tab2 content here[/tab]
[tab]Your tab3 content here[/tab]
For further support, please use http://forum.wpbandit.com – thanks!

A font change specific question. Expanding on your answer to question 10 days ago (see below). Can I confirm that version 1.1 allows a global change of body text font but does NOT allow a specific change of menu, headline font ie all that currently appears League Gothic (the condensed bold font). Question – Can I go into the code and change selectively, for example, I want to change the font used over the imgs in the intro f/s slideshow.

Thx in adv

Quote 4. Just change the body {} font-family, and it will change the whole theme, except for the places where League Gothic is used. There is no dropdown where you can select fonts from admin, but it will most likely be added later on in future.


So, to clarify:

1. There is no font-change option that you can do from the theme admin panel.

2. You have to change fonts by either changing the style.css or overriding existing font-family with custom.css. When changing fonts with css, you can change any fonts you want, anywhere – as long as you know the class name.


Just bought this theme, and the css stylings make gravity forms look messed up… Specially checkboxes, and the “next” button for forms in several pages…

Is there any way to fix this? :-) Appreciate all help!


Hi! Please create a thread on our support forums about it – http://forum.wpbandit.com – we do all theme support there. Thank you! -AA


Once again awesome template! My background image is loading slow… which is causing my entire site to load up slow. Is there something I can do to solve this issue? Thank you!


The best suggestion would be to optimize the file size of your backgrounds.

If you have photoshop for example, upload background images which are maybe 1280×720px large JPEGs, at maybe 60-70% quality. That way the size of the images won’t be larger than maybe 80kb-180kb.

Huge update is now out for Feather! View theme description to see the the changelog (v1.2), and [read more] about it in detail on our blog.

Two new frontpages are included among many other things:

This is amazing.

Do you have a demo link for the white version?

The three different portfolio item detail pages (e.g. left/right content or under main image) can this be set per item e.g. could we have a video item with descriptions underneath it?

Apologies for all the questions! Thank you


Glad you like it!

http://demo.wpbandit.com/?theme=feather – you need to first select Light style there. Then, if you click close on the topbar, it should remain white when you browse the page.

Each portfolio item can be set to left/right or full width – yes :)

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how to use the frontpage with the sliding photos?


Hi, please use the support forums for theme support. http://forum.wpbandit.com

I really like the Feather theme, and want to use it for my portfolio site.

In your demo, the “Work” subcategories all seem to link to the same lightbox. If I divide my photos into categories, will they have unique lightboxes?

Will the user to have to scroll through everything if they are under a specific tab? (e.g., only see “Action” photos in the lightbox when you’re in the Action subcategory)



Currently they have to scroll through everything unless you create specific single category pages. The plugins we use are not integrated in any way to support this feature. We are working on a solution to this exact issue though and it will be addressed with an update.