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Hello. Does this template have Social Networks integration? e.g facebook Like/Share buttons on photos (gallery)


Hi there.

No, sorry. We give you social links in footer, but for a more heavy social network integrations you’d have to use plugins.

Hello again. This template http://rchour.net/aleph/portfolio/endeavor-snowboards/ has some kind of ’’Like button’’ (heart) but its not any kind of social network like, its just something that people can like. Its possible to do that in Feather template? I really like it and want to buy your template.

Great Theme. I have already purchased. WooCommerce would be a great add-on. Do you plan to add to theme or have you tested? Thank You for the inspiration. Keep Creating!


We have a customer that uses WooCommerce with most of our newer themes with minimal issues. If you have any issues create a thread in our support forum.


I’m considering of purchasing the Feather theme, I would appreciate if you could please advise on the following:

1. Can more than one language version be added to the site and where the language links can be added to the header 2. Can a linked picture (to external/other site) be added to the main navigation, besides the existing company logo which is already linked. When on the main navigation, can the menu items also be placed in two rows. 3. Can linked items like privacy policy or terms of use, or site map be added at the site’s footer. 4. Is video embedding included 5. Whether the offered sliders come with thumbnail image scrollable section beneath them and can the size of the slider be adjusted on various pages. 6. Is the form in the contact section functional, or a developer’s engagement will be required to be put into function. Also is there a possibility to add a field to the form for attaching/uploading files.

Many thanks, Marija


1. We use standard approach with .pot files, so any plugin which uses this for multilang should work fine.

2. Not by default, you’d have to customize it a bit.

3. There is no menu in footer, however, you may add a widget with the custom menu widget in the footer blocks.

4. Video embeds works as usual.

5. Not by default, you’d have to customize – but flexslider supports this.

6. There is a description in the documentation just how to make your contact form. It uses Contact Form 7 plugin. As for uploading, I don’t know – maybe the plugin supports that.

im am new in WP..if i bought this themes, there is any guide lines to setup? with those plugins ? tq


There is both documentation and also a demo content XML supplied – if you need any help with setup you can always use http://forum.wpbandit.com .

ThomasL5 Purchased


I’m using Contact Form 7 for the contact page as stated in the documentation and pushing the “Send” button of the form results in a loading icon next to the button but except for that nothing happens…

Any ideas?

Cheers, Thomas


Hi – please use http://forum.wpbandit.com for theme support – thanks!

Hi there,

I just purchased the theme. Looking great… Is there a way to center the contact information in the footer?

Thanks, James


Add this to your custom.css, which you need to enable in theme options:

p#contact-address, p#contact-phone, p#contact-email { text-align: center; display: inline-block; float: none; }
#footer-contact .container { text-align: center; }

For future support, please use http://forum.wpbandit.com – thanks.

upintel Purchased

How do I get a frontpage boxed like this: http://demo.wpbandit.com/feather/home/frontpage-boxed/

1) As in have the Heading inside the box 2) Get a Slider like that on the frontpage with bottom-left caption/link. 3) Below have a ‘our projects’ section like on the example above. 4) and Latest News..

I bought this a while ago, so cant see on documentation either on how to get this type of frontpage (not the fullscreen gallery)



There is a short section in the documentation with the title “Frontpage Boxed / Wide” (scroll down in the “Frontpage” section and you will see it).

In your: Make sure you run the latest version of the theme. Select “Frontpage Boxed” as page template for the page. Upload your images on the page and they will auto-appear in slider. Portfolio and blog sections can easily be enabled, just scroll down on the edit-page below the large text field, and all options should be there.

Hi again,

1) Okay, so I tried registering on your support forums, but after supplying my validation code, and my email address, i never received an email to complete the registration. I’m not sure if that was an issue on my end or not, but I’m having another issue… Hopefully you guys can help me out.

2) Is anyone having issues with the blog? When i load the demo content, the “Blog” page doesn’t populate with posts… it simply remains blank. ( example: http://jamescampbellphoto.com/demo/?page_id=9 ) However, if you go to the front page of that demo, it works just fine. I need the blog to look just like that, except, not on the front page. Any thoughts?

Thanks for your time.


1) Email us your license code to wp@wpbandit.com and we’ll help you out (you can use the contact form on our ThemeForest page).

2) You need to go to Settings > Reading and make sure that you pick to use a static frontpage, and set “Home” as frontpage and “Blog” for “Blog” page. Also make sure that no other than default page template is set for blog page.

The theme is looking great on the computer and the iPad but the menus are not showing up on the iPhone. Is there a way to fix this?


Menu should appear on iPhone – does http://demo.wpbandit.com/feather/ work for you?

Make sure that you don’t have any plugins installed that might mess it up.

For further support, please use http://forum.wpbandit.com

Hi there, Great looking theme! Are there many typography options available with the theme, Changing menu/body fonts etc?


Thanks. We have no typography options directly in the admin at the moment, so you would have to use the custom.css file to simply override the font family/sizes etc.

Is there a demo version of the Feather theme to try out?

Thanks, Doug Arnold


Hi there – do you mean demo of the admin panel? Unfortunately we don’t have that. What is possible to demo is this:

http://demo.wpbandit.com/?theme=feather (change style topbar) http://demo.wpbandit.com/feather/ (without topbar)

If you go to screenshots there should be at least one screenshot of the theme admin panel.

Hi, Bandit

No, I meant can you demo the site for two weeks, etcetera.

Thanks, Doug (guitahplayah)


Ah, sorry – we have no such options. Not sure if themeforest allows any such things.

Hi wpbandit, I disabled all plugins one by one and the theme is still not showing menus on the iPhone. Another problem on the iPhone: it won’t display the full page slider home page but it works fine on desktop and iPad. Any ideas, especially for the menus?


Can you create a thread on http://forum.wpbandit.com and we will take a look at your issue more closely – thanks!


I have several questions regarding this theme: 1) does this come with a functioning search feature? 2) are the PSD files included with purchase for editing? 3) Would it be possible to add a subtext to the top links in the menu? Refer to this link for an idea of what I mean: http://csseye.net/themepreview/HTML/scoove-responsive/wide/orange/index.html

Thank you for your responses!


1) Yes, you can try it if you go to Blog, and there is a search field top right.

2) PSD for frontpage (big image one) and PSD for blog is included, among other small detail-PSDs.

3) We do not have built-in support for this, so it would have to be added afterwards.

alubkin Purchased

Purchased this theme and love it so far – one question though:

Is it possible to have clicking the caption on items in the portfolio also just open the lightbox? I want to use lightbox only and not the single item pages.



In template-portfolio.php, find the following:

href="<?php echo $meta_custom_link?$meta_custom_link:get_permalink(); ?>" 
Replace with:
<?php echo $meta_lightbox_gallery; ?> href="<?php echo $link; ?>" title="<?php the_title_attribute(); ?>" 
alubkin Purchased

Now when I click on the caption it opens the image in the browser rather than in the lightbox. Clicking on the image still opens in lightbox. ( See goo.gl/go3Gz )

One other question: Is there a way to cycle through multiple images within the lightbox? For instance, on the demo page, you’ve got that keyboard photo – when you go to the single item page you have a gallery. Could you have a gallery within the lightbox?


I’m trying to access the forums after purchasing this theme, but I can’t log in. More importantly, when I try to install the theme into WP, I get an error message saying:

“Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.”

help, please :( Thank you!


Looks like you are uploading theme-package.zip – you need to unzip that file first. Within it you should find a feather.zip to upload.

I couldn’t find this in here, so I figured I’d ask. How do you overlay that text and highlighting link over the fullscreen gallery on the new frontpage wide page? There’s an about us link, and then the text over the first two images, and then the third image is all a link to the blog. Is that custom css or is it built into the theme? If the former, how? http://demo.wpbandit.com/feather/home/frontpage-wide/

Check out the documentation, under the first frontpage section, there is a new short section added for Frontpage Boxed / Wide as well. It should contain a few caption examples where these styles are available. Basically you add some simple html (h1, h2, a tags) into the caption field of the image.

It’s built into the theme.