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Congrats!Good luck! :)

Nice theme! GLWS :D

Congratulations, great work my friend!!!!! ;) And welcome to Themeforest!!!!! ;)

nice work, GLWS :)

What a nice piece of work! You will surely get a lot sales :)

Thank you, I hope so :)

Aweosme stuff -welcome!

Thank you, please contact me if you have any problem :)

Code looks clean and easy to work with – thanks again

If you love my work, please vote 5 stars, thank you so much :)

I am interested in buying the theme, very nice :-) . I have a question to ask? The theme includes a section shop, this section have woocomerce style design, how you can integrate the woocommerce plugin for wordpress platform only available on a website made ??in html instead? Perhaps it refers to the future version of wordpress? Thanks for the reply.

Thank you….. Have a nice day…

hi, the WordPress version is coming very soon, you can subscribe to our newsletter, we will inform you about the release. thank you so much :)

Beautiful work, good luck. :)

wow, nice theme. GLWS :)

Congrats!, Nice theme

Thanks babe :D

Congrats and best of luck!

Great theme, thank you – well done, happy with my purchase. One question – how do I get the Search to work?? Cheers

Hi Baethes,

Thank you for your nice words. We will include the patch about Search function in next version. Please let us know if you need the hot fix, we will send you asap.

Once again, thank you, if you love our template, please vote us 5 stars ;)

Hi there, I’m still stuck with the search function – all else is perfect, so yes, would you please email me the hot fix

Hi Beathes,

Do you update fedora template to the latest version? Please give me your website into my email, I will debug it for you :)

Congratulation the team!

I have just bought this great theme and love it at the first time. This is the best Wordpress theme that I have ever used. I would like to recommend it to everyone :)

Thanks @ofdream17

awesome theme , easy to configure, I love it , nice work at all, I can find anything I need to buy my own site! it worths more than 15 bucks, thank you so much

Thank you, if you love our template, please vote us 5 stars ;)

Nice job, guys! Various designs and flexible layout will enable you to built different types of website very easily. Retina display & responsive support is a BIG plus! Keep up the good work!

there is a problem with the text on the slide, on news layout 01, when on mobile:


the text does not resize

Hi inkhorn3,

Thank you for your suggestion. It is the purpose of designer. If you still wanna change it, please find the responsive.css file, then at the line 488, insert the following code:

#tm-blog.tm-blog-style-magazine1 .page-content .tm-featured-slide1 ul.slides li p.flex-caption { font-size: 1.3em; bottom: 20px; }

If you have any question, please don’t hesitate to let us know. Thank you so much!

thanks, just wanted to make sure you knew about that flaw (can’t imagine it was intentional, because it flows into the header)

Can’t we use less files for html or php where i can change the colors? When i change config.less it does not affect

Great theme thank you

Hi Chaisser,

Thank you for purchasing our product. There are two ways to change the colors:

1. Directly edit css file. However, this one takes time and not the best way.

2. We recommend you to edit less file. However you need to have a tool for converting/updating the less file to css, you can use the following http://wearekiss.com/simpless

If there is anything unclear, please let us know. If you love the theme don’t forget to rate us 5 stars.

Thank you so much, LineThemes

thanks for your template.

I have just buy and noticed that you are using less, can I ask to send me css without less.?

Thanks in advanced

Could you please provide me your internet browser and device name? We will debug to find the problem. Thank you.

I’m testing in chrome, in devices I haven’t tested yet, I can send to your email the link. could you please white your email?

Hello, I have send you a message have your recieved?