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i found a bug in slider on main page. if in the beginning of the article add a link or image, the slider looks terrible, see the examples in the zip file – http://1001mama.com/felici_slider-bug.zip Please, correct felici theme


Hi there! Thanks for purchasing one of our items, we really appreciate it very much!

Do you have some sort of issue, found a bug or have a question then please visit our support forum, register with your envato username and purchase ID and we will be more than happy to help you out with your problem.

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Amazing theme, I will buy it soon. Thank you :)

sinoun Purchased

Thanks for the great theme! Although I kinda wish there was some sort of widget set up on the homepage for pages. All the widgets are currently for posts and categories…


We’re working on this. Please stay tuned ;)

sinoun Purchased

Sweet! Just so I can get an idea… what is your estimated time of completion? :) Just trying to figure out if I should use a different theme for this client or if I should wait it out…


Probably one or two weeks at the latest. Thanks

Najib59 Purchased


I bought it but i have a big probleme with this theme. You offer the possibility to grow the font size, because the police on single post is too small. So, when you do that, the police grow on the homepage and it’s not fit.

Then, i tried to change the CSS but you have created a huge CSS which is not clear for simple developper.

So how could i change that and give a font size for single post and an other font size for homepage.

Last but not least: this theme is not SEO friendly, you use @import and a lot of things very crappy. Please see it on GTmetrix.

And to conclude, the slider is not adapted. Visitors have to click 2 times to see an article…

I was impressed but i am very disapointed about it… Can you give us some answers because for the moment i say to all “DON’T BUY THIS THEME ”.

Ps: Excuse me for my english, i’m french.

Thanks for your answer


Hi, please take all issues with our product to our support forum.

Not everything you think has to count for all of our customers so please don’t tell them to don’t buy this theme because of you think it has issues, we’re all not sure how those issues are produced. The theme is already sold more then 50 times and your the first to bring this up so before posting negative comment we first need to investigate why and how they occur.

1. Using @import isn’t a reason, 90% of the themes is using this functions because of a framework attached and the css which is imported is only in use for the functionality and backend option panel.

2. Slider is valid, people have to click on left side to bring up the item on the right and then they can move on if the like the article.

3. As for css font changes, please head over to the support forum and we will guide you through with our fine support desk.

Najib59 Purchased

I can’t say to people to buy this theme. You have to fix a lot of things.

For instance, you have to fix this probleme of fonts. I don’t want do that. You have to do that because i paid for a usefull theme and not a crapy theme.

Then, you write SEO friendly, but you use a very crappy code which grow the number of request. Your test website charging in 5 seconds and generate 140 requests (same for mine). The majority of website charge in less than 2 seconds. It’s very negative for SEO .

So fix all those probleme. Now, i say to all DON ’T BUY THIS THEME .

Edit: I forgot the navigation issue on Internet explorer. And please see that report all: http://gtmetrix.com/reports/wptitans.com/u8Y52n6y (6 seconds to charge!)

We told you to visit our support forums and we will address your issues over there as stated by our support police on our profile page.


PS: and if you want to test speed then test it properly, 89 out of 100 on google’s speed test isn’t bad.

Najib59 Purchased

How could you give me a support? Your theme is completely bugged. In one week you made 2 fix.

You have to fix the navigation bar for IE. You have to fix the font probleme. You have to reduce the number of request.

It’s not only my probleme, so i don’t have to go on the support forum. It’s a probleme for all buyers. Then i give my opinion after buying it, and i can’t use it… So you take positive feedback but not negative?

You have two solutions: fix problems or refund me.

So i repeat for all: DON ’T BUY THIS THEME . Please test it on Internet Explorer for instance… You will see.


Well, when your not happy then ask for a refund at themeforest support centre. This is a themeforest marketplace and all payments and refunds will be taken care of by then. They will investigate the issue and when your obligated for a refund you will receive one.

Theme works fine on all other set-ups from our customers, your the only one who’s having issues. Maybe you need to think about your capabilities to use such a theme.

Any further false accusations inside this comment section will be flagged as inappropriate and send to envato support for further investigation. We will take legal action against you if you keep on hurting our business like this.

I’m a Wordpress newcomer and I literally spent months looking for a theme I really liked and wanted to work with. I finally saw this, thought it looked promising and purchased it.

I’m extremely happy with it, with the way it looks and with the way it feels. All the built in options are great and I’m really looking forward to launching my site.

What I’m happiest about though is the support. I had a couple (well, a lot I guess) requests and questions. With some of them I even thought I was pushing it and didn’t necessarily expect a complete answer or assistance. But the answer came fast from the support team and the answer were thorough. With this great assistance I’m able to customize my theme to make it look exactly like I want it to look – what more could I possibly ask for?

The theme may have some bugs and issues, but it’s a new theme and I’m sure those problems will be addressed as soon as possible. This theme has tons of potential and like I said, I can’t wait to launch my site.

Thanks a lot for the great product and the great support.


Thanks Johannes, we really appreciate these nice words.

I’m considering felici for a site overhaul. This site will run four separate blogs. Can pages be setup for each and blog posts segregated into their correct blog by category or do you have setup differently?

Each blog will need its own sidebar with their own archives links. Can this also be accomplished?

Thanks, Don


Hi Don,

Okay i understand. And the answer is yesy we have a easy solution for this. When you create a new page your able to ad the category slug inside the slug window of the page. The slug window is located just below the discussion window.

So you create four pages and ad the category slug of choice to the pages and your pages will show only those categories.



Thank you. That will work. You now have a new customer.



Thanks, when having issues afterwards please visit our support forums and where glad to assist in any way possible.

Hi, Love your work and was just wondering if you worked on this file too??


Looks very familiar to your Felici file?

Thanks and I look forward to your next works…


Nope, looks somehow similar but they are quite different. Ours has a different and more user friendly homepage editor and ours has homepage columns with accordion functionality.

The buyers decides what to show inside the frontage and has full control about what kind of posts and how many posts they want to show inside the columns

The one you pointed to has also some cool features but both are totally different in backend functionality ;). Magazine style themes are hard to make 100% unique in structure so they all look somewhat similar. No problem with this.

may be widescreen? automatically expand. Automatically expand to the width of the screen. Is It Possible?


Nope, we’ve tried it but we where not happy with the result so we have decided to cancel this.

I really want this theme for all of its features but as I am a photographer I also really want the header/fixed background of this other theme which is also carried by theme forest. ( http://themeforest.net/item/365life-wp-theme-for-blog/843916?ref=themespotters )

To be clear my interest would be too have the selective full screen background options and fixed scrolling from “365” the heart of all theme features and functions would still be as you have created here. My interest is switching to a light them like for professionalism and marketability. Something I feel you guys have nailed %100!!! To combined it with that full screen entrance would be giving the best of both worlds and a perfect match for all me needs!

Would it be possible for someone to contact me and let me know if this is a possibility?



This shouldn’t be that hard to achieve. After purchase register at our support forums and ask this question once more and we will do our best to make this work for you.

Hi Do you plan to make this site responsive n near future??



Felici isn’t going to be responsive, sorry.

http://wptitans.com is very slow on my internet. Some pages take more than 40s to be displayed. Could you move your templates on a faster servers to evaluate their speeds because now, all your templates look too slow to be used. Thanks.

Our servers are running fine, something we get a traffic peak but that’s normal and maybe you’ve visited at such a moment.

We run a fast VPS server, never had complaint about tit and demos are all loading within 2 till 8 seconds max

Hi, If i choose Youtube in Post Details…doesn’t work


hey can you please be specific , you can register at our forums for further help http://wptitans.com/forum .

Hello, great theme! I have a customer that has a few requirements. Could you let me know if it’s possible with your theme?

1) White header background 2) Slider below header and menu, but preferably smaller (maybe square) 3) Have a few groups of images\posts below the slider like the “This Just In” and “Fashion” sections on http://www.stylelist.com/ 4) Multiple sidebars for different pages 5) Ability to post videos in the sidebar (most likely using a widget)

Thanks for your help!


Hi, thanks for the interest.

1. Yep, your able to set a background through css body. If you need help with this afterwards then you can register to our forums and we will guide you through this process.

2. This is possible but it requires modifications, we can help you out with for a small fee.

3. Same as point 2

4. This is already present, felici has a built in sidebar manager.

5. Also built in, a custom video widget which takes on youtube, vimeo and dedicated video.


I know I will likely just be called impatient. Believe me it is nothing against you guys but I am in a real deadline crunch. I am doing all this on my own and no localized server to workout the new theme. So these issues are active and unfortunately a model directed a popular radio station to my site yesterday. I could only tell theme that it was a new theme I fell in love however was partial do it myself project and in the stages of a fresh launch.

When I purchased the theme you told me above I would be able to get some support on my interest with the theme. However I received no response. And after my initial post to the theme I noticed the cropping issue occurring via the alignment coordinates of timthumb. Changing them to “t” after some personal research doesn’t help either as this would result in poor alignment of other images later.

I don’t use external images and if I did I could modify them as needed. I use WordPress core resizer and I see it simply box resizes to fit in the image holder. So I fell all that is really needed is to get my single.php or better yet timthumb itself to call for one of the other 3 images sizes I can personally customize in WordPress end.

The task seems simple enough yet research has only shown me a couple years worth of complaints and no real answers. A third party plugin that offers user customized x,y coordinates from a editing function of media library and be feed to timthumb would be a very viable and easy solution. I mean hell if you tag someone in a image on Facebook you are providing the same functionality for Facebook’s cropping of that image on the timeline.

Please, Please help me!!!



We understand your launching concerns but we do keep a 48 hours support time. So when your question is already in the forums and it is. We’ve checked and you posted your question 16 hours a go.

We will reply today and try to solve your issues, no need to put it again inside this comment section. We prefer that you bump your forum thread or just wait. We will reply to all posts within 48 hours. Sometimes even sooner.

Ok thank you so much!! :) I wasn’t aware. But I am just overly focused all considering and likely didn’t see. I assure my comment was in no way a attempt to bash. The issue was just unforeseen when purchasing and outside of that I still feel it is a wonderful construction which has me very excited to put into action!

Thank you again!

iamART Purchased

Amazing theme!!! Just installed and I am very happy with the user interface. I will be in touch over at the support forums when I need help with anything. Thanks!


We will be more then happy to assist you with any issue. Thanks for the purchase

I’m considering buying this template, I have one question: Is there any way to add a editors/authors page?


by default authors page is present which shows there posts and information


But is there any way to show in one single page all the authors? with their picture and personal info?


Everything is possible, After purchase post this question inside our support forum and we will try to provide the necessary steps to achieve this.

Hi, Can all widgets be used together with your layout manager? Thanks!



Nope not all widgets, only posts related. from time to time we will ad more and more.

Hello, I wonder if this issue comes with all these plugins that we see in the preview. Thank you.



What issue are you referring to Rafael? Please clarify.