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I have registered in the forums.. However, not getting where is the post with the answer. i don’t want to use featured thumb images

advertisement widgets and top ad manager. What are the sizes? can the header ad banner be 728×90?


If you don’t have a big logo it’s possible.


i love this themes, but before i make purchase can you make homepage randomly? every time refresh the article is randomly in the category. hope you understand what i mean. thx


No that’s not possible by default but there’s always a solution for things like this. After purchase please register at our forums with this request and we will discuss this further and work on this request together.

i meant is each layout on each category show randomly article. i think is simple for you. for example, http://dl.dropbox.com/u/34230515/rand1.JPG there’s red square and on that category randomly show article for Apple


Oh now i got it, the categories are not set to random. You decide which category comes on which place.

Select the element and then select the available category from a dropdown list and your element is ready

Two weeks ago, I asked whether or not it was possible to use a blog style for the homepage with this theme, and you guys claimed that there would be an update allowing this to happen next week. That should have happened last week, and still nothing.


Good :) When it gets updated with a homepage blog style, I’ll be sure to purchase Felici.


great it should be loading today


The update is inside the queue, you need to wait till the little 1.4 changes to 1.5 inside the thumb and preview image. Reviewers will review it normally within a day or so.

hey i need to know if can you make this theme support RTL languages please ? or can someone of your guys help me with that please ?


hey we have seen buyers using RTL languages, so I dont there should no problem.

I take it this Item is no longer for sale? Seen as i click on Felici and get directed to ULTRICI

Also, if Felici is for still for sale, I am wanting to purchases this Theme, however, I had a friend that paurshased it a few months back. Seems buggy. Unable to Add Pages. Unable to remove pages. Your DEMO link hardcoded into the ‘Home’ button.

Have these issues been fixed. If so im a buyer! ;)


Hi, Seems the reviewers had a few things mixed. We’ve loaded a new update and now it’s all a mess.

We will contact envato as soon as possible to sort this out.


By the way, only the preview images have changed. The live preview and the download package is the correct version.

Thats good news. However, i really like this theme and want to buy.. But have the bugs been fixed? i.e. Unable to Add/remove Pages on the Top_Nav. Your DEMO link hardcoded into the ‘Home’ button etc. Have these been fixed in Felici 1.5?


Top navigation can be added through custom menus and the custom home link is added by us because we use a custom homepage template and thats the way to include the home menu.

When you’ve installed the theme at your end then you only have to replace that home page link with your domains home page link.

We’ve released severals updates which had all issues resolved. More then 200 happy buyers so far m8, and with a good support team backing this up you don’t have worrie about anything going wrong.

Ahh.. I see. So its not buggy at all. Its his poor skills in Wordpress :D Thanks for pointing out the support and updates. Im sold ;) This has to be one of the best themes ive seen. Great work guys.


Yeah, found it a little strange that your friend wasn’t able to ad items to top menu. it has custom menu activated :D.


I saw this theme on my friend’s installation and it looks really good. I had some doubts to clarify before I can buy it for my wordpress site:

1. In my friend’s “Add New” Post page, there was no Excerpt box visible (which is generally visible by default). Is the default post writing page changed and can that be reverted back to have excerpt field back.

2. Can I have excerpts at all places in the theme, I can manually edit PHP files for that but it seems that by default this theme fetches starting few sentences of the article.

3. Can I use images from EXTERNAL URL for featured images which are used everywhere inside the theme?



1. Excerpt box shows just fine at our end. maybe your friend had it disabled inside the screen options at the top.

2. After purchase post this request in our forum and we tell you how and where to change the excerpt fetching.

3. The theme is using the wordpress default featured thumbnail option to show these images so when it’s not possible with wordpress by default then it’s also not posible with felici.


tutseasy Purchased

Can you please reply my asked query @ http://wptitans.com/forum/topic/922/help-me-please/ please Its urgent.


Hi, we will reply today. We had weekends as anybody else. Currently we’re going through all support and this takes time so when it’s your turn you get served.


Hi, can i change the slider style to one slider like this one: www.machinimasbrasil.com ?

Thank you!


Nope, that’s not possible by default but with a little wordpress knowledge your able to remove felici slider and install a slider plugin.

Hello, if i buy it, the developers can help me to change the slider to another one? thank you!


If you have developers then yes, if you want us to change then we can send you an estimate off the hours needed.

This is customization work and we’re not dong this for free, sorry.

Hm, i want to change the slider sytle and the posts style, i want to have 10 recent category by column, and to make it show the thumbnail of every single one of the recent posts, withouth the need of clicking in the name of the post to see it, How much do you charge to make these changes?

Sorry for the Bad English :p

First of all, I would like to say that I like your work.

I’ve got 4 questions:

- Is it possible that the visitor can open the article directly from the frontpage – instead that it enlarges first and then you have to click more. (Maybe it is possible to add a icon next to the title -> open directly)

- Can the view of the comment widget (see recent/popular/comment widget) be changed in a way that the article title + username + datetime is displayed instead of the comment itself ?

- Is a manual included in the zip file so we can configure the template 100% the same as on your demo environment (include the mega menu, ...., widgets, plugins, ....)

- Is it possible to take a look at the W3C suggestions ?: Frontpage: http://validator.w3.org/check?uri=http%3A%2F%2Fwptitans.com%2Ffelici%2F&charset=%28detect+automatically%29&doctype=Inline&group=0 An individual page: http://validator.w3.org/check?uri=http%3A%2F%2Fwptitans.com%2Ffelici%2F2011%2F07%2F09%2Fmaecenas-egestas-convallis-velit-vel-ultricies%2F&charset=%28detect+automatically%29&doctype=Inline&group=0

I am looking forward to consider a purchase :-).



1. this is possible when you have some good knowledge about what your doing inside wordpress. Your also able to register at our forums and find most answers in there or ask for help in these forums.

2. Again with some php/css/wordpress knowledge your able to change these things. The theme comes as it is so any request for changes and customizations have to be done by your self or hire somebody to do this for you.

3. Installation and usage instructions are present, how to modify themes and code css etc isn’t since we’re expecting our customers to have at least basic web design experience.

4. When you had looked closely those errors aren’t coming from the theme but from Facebook and google+ widget. So send those links to Google and Facebook so they can sort them out ;)

We appreciate your consideration for purchasing this theme but you have to remember you have to make all the customizations yourself or hire somebody to do this for you. Your not getting a team of developers included within the 35$. I hope you understand this.

While viewing your screencast 1 more questions came up:

- Is it possible to show the latest articles from ALL the categories on the homepage news slider – instead of picking one


yes this is possible. Need any help or have any question then please register at our forums and we will do our best to assist you in anyway possible

When will version 1.5 be available?? I need the blog version of Felici immediately. Also, when I purchase the theme, do I get the PSD ’s (including the logo PSD )?


1.5 is already available for a week now. it’s pointed in the description, a basic psd is included without the psd for the logo.

You need to do some things on your own you know ;)

hi, can i use two ‘Full Width Accordion’ on the homepage?


Only one, sorry.

Can i make homepage look like category page(blog style)?


Yeps, that’s possible. We’ve released this as an update a few weeks ago.