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cesrua Purchased

Hi, I would like to ask something. I create a custom Post, and created some posts tests. But I don’t know how to create a page were all this posts can be listed. In the editor of Felici it says create #customtypename page. But I clic and nothing happends. Can I found some tutorial or some information about how to do it? TX


Please post this technical related question inside our support forum so we can guide you through much better

I was told that there was a way to have a blog style with this theme, but that doesn’t seem to be the case, because in the layout manager, that isn’t an option. That was the reason for buying this theme, but and now I find it’s not even possible


We’ve added a blog list template, make sure you’ve download the latest version.

1. Create a Home page and select the blog list template from the page attributes.

2. Got to Settings -> Reading and set This Homepage as Static page.

3. Go back to the Homepage you’ve just created and select the sidebar you need , left, right or none.

So it’s there you only have to know what your doing.

LazarosP Purchased

Hi Where is the code for the homepage widget? I want to change the title legth. (I could register into forum) (I have already purchased this file in 1-6-12) Thanks in advance


This is a technical related question which requires access to the support forums. Please sign up with your username and purchase id.

username: LazarosP And purchase ID: http://wptitans.com/blog/how-to-verify-your-purchase/

We will help you asap once signed up.

suokorie Purchased

Sorry, I just purchased this theme I know from your previous replies, you like technical problem be posted in the forum but I can’t find it. So here is my question. How can I make feature image also appear in the homepage news slider or as small crop in the widget columns.

Also, what is the weblink for the technical support.


Do you have some sort of issue, found a bug or have a question then please visit our support forum, register with your envato username and purchase ID and we will be more than happy to help you out with your problem.

Support ForumsWPTitans Tips

Hi, I have some questions before I acquire this theme, will be if you can answer: 1. Does it support Hebrew language = right to left? 2. Is it possible to put Other permanent blogs on the side footer? 3. Is it possible to remove the twitter – facebook – rss – linedin – stumble line ? thank’s Yael.



1. Not sure, we didn’t test it from right to left.

2. not sure what you mean by this

3. Yes that’s possible

swmfirm Purchased
Hi, When I’m uploading an image to a post as a featured image i get a broken image. http://www.emarketinghub.net/news/trade-secrets-of-ecommerce-seo/

Please help.


Did you give permissions to the cache folder and timthumb.php file. They are located inside the root of the theme.

swmfirm Purchased

I set permissions 777 to cache folder in theme folder and timthumb.php file in theme folder and it’s still not working.


can you please show me the link without that I cannot help much. Dont worry we have 3 resizing options so your site will work any how :)


create an empty index.html file in cache folder it should work if that doesnt work contact at help.wptitans@gmail.com with wp admin details I will fix it :)

JohanD Purchased

I am happy that I bought the template. But when I try to use the template in my WP Network environment it seems that it is not compatible. (Design problems)

Can you please take a look ?

Kind Regards


Few questions

1. Are you sure you’ve unnzipped the package downloaded from themeforest? Inside this package you will find docs, psd, license and theme folder.

2. Did you set permissions right to wp-content contents?

3. When nothing else then please send an email wit ftp and admin credentials to help.wptitans@gmail.com and we will sort this out for you asap

JohanD Purchased

I fixed it – thank you

swmfirm Purchased

send you my user/pass.

swmfirm Purchased

I emailed you the user/pass yesterday, please try to fix my problem.



Sorry for the delay but our support staff is having some family related difficulties. This is causing some delay in support. Tomorrow we’re all good again and everything is past us.

So please have a little more patience and tomorrow your the first who get’s assistance.

Sorry for the trouble, Hein

The page shows incomplete when i choose show footer widgets,just show code only to above footer.now,I can only choose not to display footer widgets,Ensure the page is complete.

pls tell me why?


can you please be more clear and show me the link, it is hard for me understand.

My site http://zhi.la 1.I can’t used footer widgets,When I chose to show,Page will not be able to complete open,just loaded code only to above footer. pls tell me how to correctly use footer widgets.

footer widgets on your site http://wptitans.com/felici#footer

thx for u help,I encountered the problem has been solved.

I have one last question,When I use the Chinese bytes,Blog text garbled interception,Because the Chinese character set conversion issues.

I want to know where your code is converted to UTF -8, so that I normally use the Chinese.


Please post this question inside our support forums, Thanks

Apps400 Purchased

Hi, I need help. My blog is http://fashion400.com

I posted the queries in the forum – username : apps400


All questions inside the support forums will be answered within 24 till 48 hours. Please have little patience. Thanks


Does a Mega Menu exist in this theme? If so, could you provide a demonstration of what it can look like and what kind of Mega Menu functions exist?




When you look at one of our other theme you see the mega menu in action.


Usage is very easy, you only have to select one option and follow the docs then it’s all good. And especially when you have a little knowledge with working with wordpress menus then it’s really easy.


My Felici theme version is 1.4, is there any option to update my theme to 1.6 ?


Inside the items description you would have found the answer. Just work from 1.4 to 1.5 to 1.6 to wp 3.4 fix

WP 3 .4 Fix

  • Cheating Huh bug fixed , files changed = hades_framework -> js -> global.js file and hades_framework -> mods -> Custom_Post_Maker ->init.php

Change-log 1.6 (02-06-2012)

  • Body font option update in options panel. files changed -> hades_framework -> options_panel folder complete.

Change-log 1.5 (In Queue)

  • Blog List Template added
    • file added: page-blog-template.php
  • Author Bug fixed on Single page
    • file changed: single.php
  • Better IE7 compatibility
    • file changed: sprites/stylesheets/ie7.css
  • Shortcode; Fixed the color picker bug inside the button creator
    • file changed: hades_framework/helper/Helper.php
  • Other speed improvements and Minor Bug fixes

Locate the files pointed to in bold and replace them.



Thank you for getting back to me.


I want to buy this theme, but can you make a responsive layout also.



Nope, not just for one person. This is to difficult to turn this theme in to a responsive one.

However we’ve got a new magazine and review theme coming up next week which will be responsive.

It seems to be a nice template but the template is not tablet/smartphone compatible :(.


Nope sorry this theme is not responsive but it does work on mobile and tablets just like any other website works on tablets and mobile.

Just because a theme is not responsive doesn’t means it does not work on tablets and mobile.


Thx for your reply. Do you have plans to make it compatible/responsive ?


No, there’s to much involved for making this responsive, sorry.