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apoapsis Purchased

Hi WP !

excellent project :) – and very easy to set up. five stars for me.

I have just a small difficulty to set up the twitter widget. I add my username, but the widget displays no tweets. Can you help ?




Yeah, this is because twitter has changed their API ’s. we’re running api updates on all our themes. This will take a few days, but we know of the issue and will reply here once the theme has been updated.

apoapsis Purchased

Great ! so, i have to be patient ;)


Hi, I’m really loving this theme, thank you. I have a question on the post short code.

Is there a way so the post stretch to the full length of the page?

Is there a way to control the thumbnail image that shows up?

Thank You Carrie


Please send us an email through our profile page and include ftp and admin credentials so we can have a look to find out the best way to achieve this for you.


Are there any plans to make this great theme html5 compliant? That would be awesome!

Sorry…it IS html5! :D

I figured it out, it was a plugin I was using. Never mind, sorry to bother you.

Hello, I’m loving your theme. Thank you for all your help and support. I’ve installed your theme on http://landscapemanagement.net/ and the search bar isn’t coming correctly, and either is the news slider on the home page. My client had a cache plugin installed. I deactivated it and deleted it. Do you think that is the issue?

Thank you again Carrie


That could be the issue, since our theme stores things also in user cache and on server. Mostly image related and css related items so the answer is yes this could be the case.

How as soon as possible to change the color of the main menu bar


Please post your question from the account the purchase is made from. We can’t verify your account so no support is provided till otherwise is proven.


ammar113 Purchased

Hi, It’s a great theme and I really like it.

Since the person whom I’m developing the website wants to remove the bar under the main menu where are placed facebook, twitter and other social webs and a search bar, I need you to help me removing it from the theme. I tried but I have problems removing search and search submit button.

I hope you’ll help me. Thank you in advance.

JohanD Purchased

Are their plans to create a responsive template of it ? I would like to contribute for your work then….


Nope sorry, to much work for a lesser demand.

Hi, I can’t get the footer menu to work on http://www.lpgasmagazine.com/

I do have the site set up with a child theme and I get the same result when I deactivate it and activate it with your theme. I even tried to download the theme again and reinstall it and I keep getting the same result.

Thank you for your help. Carrie


We need to check this on location so please send ftp and admin credentials through the little form inside our themeforest profile page. We will then check this and fix it on the spot.

Hello, I am using your short codes and my thumbnails are coming in super tiny. I’ve tried anything do you have any thoughts? http://www.gpsworld.com/test/

Thanks Carrie


We need ftp and admin credentials to check your settings and if you’ve made some code related changes. Send it through our profile page and we will have a look for you.

Hello, Has anyone mentioned that the menus don’t work in the new version of wordpress? Every time I update a menu 1/2 of it disappears. I have to put the site into the default theme, edit my menu, save it and activate your theme.

Thanks Carrie


Let us check this out and provide a descent feedback for you guys.

ammar113 Purchased

Hi, this is a second time I ask for help because first time you didn’t even gave any response.

“Since the person whom I’m developing the website wants to remove the bar under the main menu where are placed facebook, twitter and other social webs and a search bar, I need you to help me removing it from the theme. I tried but I have problems removing search and search submit button.”

also I want to know how can I fix the social widget because when I leave blank the URL label and I click save I get the ”#” symbol filled in the label?

Thank You in advance.



open header.php and remove/disable everything from rule 99 till 129

 <div class="notice clearfix">

   <ul class="top-social-icons clearfix">
           <?php if(get_option(SN."_twitter_link")!="") : ?><li class="twitter"><a href="<?php echo get_option(SN." _twitter_link="">">Twitter</a></li><?php endif; ?>
        <?php if(get_option(SN."_fb_link")!="") : ?><li class="facebook"><a href="<?php echo get_option(SN." _fb_link="">">Facebook</a></li><?php endif; ?>
        <?php if(get_option(SN."_rss_link")!="") : ?><li class="rss"><a href="<?php echo get_option(SN." _rss_link="">">RSS</a></li><?php endif; ?>
        <?php if(get_option(SN."_linked_link")!="") : ?><li class="linkedin"><a href="<?php echo get_option(SN." _linked_link="">">Linkedin</a></li><?php endif; ?>
        <?php if(get_option(SN."_stumble_link")!="") : ?><li class="stumble"><a href="<?php echo get_option(SN." _stumble_link="">">Stumble</a></li><?php endif; ?>

  $category_ids = get_all_category_ids();
    $select_box = '<select name="cat" id="cat"> <option value="all"> All </option>';
    foreach($category_ids as $cat_id) {
          $cat_name = get_cat_name($cat_id);
          $select_box = $select_box . "<option value='".$cat_id."'>". $cat_name."</option>";
$select_box = $select_box . '</select>';

  <form method="get" id="search_form"  action="<?php echo home_url(); ?>/" class="top-searchbar clearfix" >

          <input type="text" value="<?php if(isset($_GET['s'])) echo $_GET['s']; else echo 'Search the site ...'; ?>" name="s" id="s" />
         <?php echo $select_box ?>

         <div class="search-button-wrapper clearfix"><input type="submit" value="Search" id="searchbutton" /></div>


This way your still able to add content inside the white area, when you also want to remove the white area then also remove the surrounding divs and add new spacing between menu and content through css.

ammar113 Purchased

Hi, I need help on the theme because after I updated wordpress to 3.5 my admin panel won’t show I just got WSOD ( white screen of death), I tried everything from the solutions given on the internet but nothing helped, so I changed the default theme from my database and I could get into my admin panel. I would be grateful if you could help me with this because my website is useless right now.

Thank you in advance.


contact us via profile with wp admin details, though we are on holidays till 3 Jan , We will see what we can do before that.

Nerin Purchased

Hi guys, newly purchased theme. Out of the box, links aren’t appearing as a separate colour, so it’s hard to tell they are there. Is there a quick way to change this, instead of me highlighting links and changing the colour to blue?

Also regarding the front page slider, is there any way to have it automatically scroll as opposed to sitting idle?


Send this through the little form inside our profile page on themeforest and we will help you out with your issues.

Include ftp and admin credentials.

Hello! How can i change the main body coor (main font color) CSS way is not worked!


Show us a link please

Hi, When I click a page number on http://www.gpsworld.com/category/opinions/newsletter-editorials/page/2/ I’m taken to a post instead of a new page, would you please be able to help?

Thank You Carrie


Send us an email through our profile page and include ftp and admin credentials so we can have a look for you.

My website was hacked by this way: [31/Dec/2012:02:29:21 +0400] “POST /wp-content/themes/felici/sprites/js/uploadify/uploadify.php HTTP/1.1” 200 4

This way file /wp-content/themes/felici/sprites/js/cufon-fonts/uploaded/custom_dz.php.jpg

was uploaded. This script was uploaded other scripts for file management like

/wp-includes/wp-security.php and others.

There was 1.5. version of FELICI theme, but in your security realises i don’t see anything about this vulnerability. Now i set 000 privileges to folder /wp-content/themes/felici/sprites/js/uploadify by FTP.

So what we will be do?


What you can do is this.

make sure you’ve updated wordpress to 3.5 and download the latest version of felici, we’ve released an secrurity release 2 days a go and announced it on twitter.

Nothing serious but there where a few security improvements made to felici and all of our themes. Or send us ftp and admin credentials through our themeforest profile page.

First, I am very happy with this theme. I have not had any trouble with it, but I am having some probs with a plugin. I switched themes and the prob was resolved, so:

Quick question – The plugin rotating tweets does not rotate. The author told me this was because of jquery and that I needed to: add <script type='text/javascript'>try{jQuery.noConflict();}catch(e){};</script> in the header.php file of the template immediately after <script type='text/javascript' src='http://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.7.1/jquery.min.js?ver=3.5'></script>

The header does not contain the code, but instead wp_head() seems to be displaying the <script…jquery…</script>. Where would I go to insert the code?


contact via profile with ftp details, I will help you out.

levzi Purchased

Brilliant theme. However we have had problems with uploading the Google Adsense into the top 468×60 banner. After entering the code given by Google, the banner seems to appear a cream colour and most importantly it doesn’t appear in the same place as the actual banner – instead appears below our logo and not to the right of our logo. Your help would be much appreciated. Thanks, Adam.


Show me a link please with the google adsense active.