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Just ten of my twenty-two images from slider are played back. How can I adjust the number of slider-images to be played back? How can I insert more slider images?

I wanted to know if there was a way to pause or mute a Vimeo video used as the background on the homepage?

Still no response to my question, has been over a month ago.

Hey I’m really sorry about this, we haven’t forgotten we’re going to get back to you… if you could wait a few days more, I’m going to pressure my colleagues (programmers) even if they don’t finish what they’re working on.

hello the theme is quite nice but quite limited, this theme was purchased from my friends account, while customizing faced with many limitations, also as a beginner I would like to have Screenshots at Documentations! as there many things not clear. Also I wanna know if I can increase amount of photos at gallery, as Im in able to upload only 31? Thank You

Greetings, If you have specific any questions please send us an e-mail using the form on our profile page (preferably from the account from which you’ve purchased the theme), and we’ll assist you.


hello the theme is quite nice but quite limited, while customizing faced with many limitations, also as a beginner I would like to have Screenshots at Documentations! as there many things not clear. Also I wanna know if I can increase amount of photos at gallery, as Im in able to upload only 31? Thank You!

Hello! Can I add a Facebook plugin (or other social sharing plugin) for sharing and like functionality in individual images in the galleries?? Thanks,

Hello! I love this theme! Didn’t find an answer to the following question: How can I show the menu/navigation in a gallery? (Top menu bar like on any other page) Thanks!

Is it possible to filter galleries? I’d just like to show galleries with a specific tag or specific category on a page. How can I do this? Thank you!

My client doesn’t get it that the “tree lines” are bringing him to the navigation and galleries overview. Is there a possibility to add the main navigation bar to the gallery view?

Thank you!

Hi, very nice theme guys! It’s working well except main slider into firefox browser. Can you check it please and let me know what do you think about it?

My website is Remember opening it with Firefox :)

Thanks, best regards

Waiting for any answer please


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How can I get rid of an entire section (menu) on the homepage, but only if the view is on a mobile device? I want it to show on a computer but not on a phone.


matt_0 Purchased

The dropdown menu at the top right of the website, when viewed on a mobile device, does not work. Clicking on the button does not show any menu items. How can I fix this? Is there any way to show the links to the various menu items in the header on a mobile device?


matt_0 Purchased

I have the contact us form on the home page. When I submit the contact us form, it suddenly jumps towards the top of the page, and many of the images (inputted with the visual composer addon) are distorted. After it is submitted, the slider disappears. How do I fix this?


Is it possible to add another gallery? Not just a new album on the Gallery Section already provided but an entire new Gallery Section different from the first one.



Is it possible to reduce the portfolio view to three column instead of current 4 column grid ??

I cant upload more than 31 images in a gallery. I did read all the messages… i have te latest plugin (version 1.4) ... I even altered the .js file (from 30 to another number)...nothing works. Please help me!


Greetings and thanks for purchasing!

Notice that you have to alter the number 30 in two places within the _metabox-script.js file of the plugin. First one should be in line 91 and second one in line 209.

If this does not help, we might need to have to access your installation and inspect it closely so we provide you with a solution.

Waiting for your confirmation! Thanks.

Hello Your (sample)-theme has (in gallery mode) a white spacebar at the bottom of the screen: i like this…but in my theme there is no white space at the bottom of the screen. How can i fix this? So i want the screen looks like your sample screen in gallery modes . Please mail me when you have an answer :

Hi again,

That white line probably happened as a result of browser resizing. However, you can do it easily yourself. Simply navigate to Admin > Femto > Custom CSS and paste the following line inside the CSS field:

.fg-bottombar{ border-bottom: solid 10px #fff; }

Note that the line will be 10 pixels thick. You can change that with whatever value you want. Save changes and you’re done!

Please let us know if you need anything else.

Hi there, That is exactly what i mean…thanks a lot.

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Hi there,

I have been using your theme from a year now and absolutely love it.

I want to have 2 Galleries in my website, one for photos and other for videos.

Can you please tell me how to add one more Galleries option in my wordpress dashboard.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Cheers, Vinay

Replied in your other comment. Thanks!

Hi author,

Thanks for your lovely design. This might be my mistakes and hopefully you can solve them in a minute.

On my website there are 3 problems, I am currently facing and looking for your suggestions.

1) The social icon on about page open in the same tab. The option to make them open in a new tab by going on to screen option in wordpress isn’t available.

2) How to add one more Galleries option in dash board. I want to have a separate videos and photos Gallery.

3) The option read all blog posts in the blog page doesn’t work.

I hope you can help me with the above as soon as possible. My website is

Many thanks & warmest regards Vinay Datla

Greetings Vinay and thanks for using our product!

Tasks #1 and #3 can be solved right from your admin panel with a little tweak. If you can please give us access to your installation and we’ll do it for you. Write us through the contact form in our profile page!

As for #2, I’m afraid there’s no easy way to do it, as this is theme is not designed with that in mind and will require quite some custom work to achieve it.


Hello, Is it possible trough CSS to alter the slidertime? For me its take tp long from one to the other slide. Thanks.

You’ll need to modify a number inside a .js file of the Theme.

Open the [ThemeFolder]/js/themes1.slider.js file with your editor and in line 134 you should find a number 7000 (which means 7 seconds). Change it to your desired time (eg. 4 seconds would be 4000).

Save the file and you’re done!

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