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i am trying to add an image in the sections side and its coming up blank, here is my code that i am using:


it is under the about the company section of the page:


can you help pls?


Greetings queenb123,

the best way to add sections which include images and other html content is using a “Page” section. You simply create a page with your desired content (through Admin > Pages > Add New) and then go to Admin > Atto > Sections, click Add New and choose “Page” under “Choose section type” option. Now you’ll be able to pick your page on the given dropdown menu. Save changes.

Please let us know if you hava anything else! Thanks.

how do i remove this box:


is there a code or a way for me to disable it please, i do not want it to show in any of the pages…


This has been resolved!

in the galleries…i do not always want to show images but want to just add texts…it seems i cannot link an actual page to a specific gallery, i can only add a gallery with images, how can i remove the blue box and text where it says “This gallery is empty” only on specific gallery please?

Please note i only want to remove the blue only on SPECIFIC galleries, NOT all of them please.

or is there a way for me to link a page to a gallery?


Hey queenb123.

I’m sorry we couldn’t respond immediately, if you can wait a day or two more… we’ll get back to you.



Thanks…This has been resolved!


would appreciate the answers to my other question asap…

Hi, I’m thinking of buying your theme (which is very beutiful, bravo !). However, I have one pre-buy question.

Is it possible to use a portfolio (I’m thinking about the vertical portfolio) as buttons, in a way that when you click on an image, it leads you to another portfolio ? Is the link editable ? (Not sure to be understandable, sorry for my bad english…)

Thanks for your quick answer,



Ok, so this solution : http://support.goodlayers.com/multi-level-portfolio-2/ can’t work on that template ?


And if I buy it, can you think it would be possible to do with your help ?




please take a look at the bio section of this page:


i really need the image to sit right about the bottom, so that it sits right at the top of the grey part where it says contact us…i have tried to remove the padding but it distorts the whole page…can you help please?



please go to Admin > Femto > Custom CSS and insert the following lines:
#section-156{ padding-bottom: 0; } .wp-image-168{ margin-bottom: -20px; }

Please add this line too:
.wp-image-168{ max-width:100%; height:auto; }


is there a place where i can disable the animations of each section please?


my bad…i have just read the documentation…this has been resolved!

hi thanks for your continued support, i just have one more question pls, i have a very annoying client… and in the gallery slider, when you click on an image the slider stops changing images, is it possible to have it so that it can continue showing the other images after an image has been selected…i hope that make sense.



Hey queenb,

The “autoplay” is designed to stop once the user starts to change images manually. It is done so, because if there happens to be any video slide, you wont be able to watch the entire video cause the slides will keep changing automatically.

We can try to find a quick-hack for you though, but it may take some time.


i have troubles with the zooming effect – when does the update come to fix this issue?

best regards

hi the annoying client is so annoying! They do not understand how web designing works, in the services section, is it possible to remove the fade on the images and just have the pictures to look bright and not have the fade (sorry the client just does not understand web designing)


Please add the following lines to Atto > Custom CSS:
.femto-galleries-single .inner-container { background-color: rgba(0,0,0,0); }


Thanks just one more question please, where do i change the font weight and color of the services section please?


resolved thanks

Hello dunno if i have been hacked, two things:

1. some of the images are now not showing on safari, please look at the qualifications and experience section

2. When i try to update the wordpress, i get: Could not create directory.: wordpress/wp-includes/js/thickbox

I googled this and it may seem i have to start the site again as i have been hacked.


Any thoughts?


Hey queenb123, I am sorry for the late reply!

1. Your site looks the same on all browsers (I see no difference in images),

2. It doesn’t seem like you’ve been hacked. It seems more like a server writing-permissions issue.

From what I understand i’ts not a theme-related issue, please check out these articles maybe they’ll be of any help to you

https://wordpress.org/support/topic/cant-upgrade-or-update-plugins-could-not-create-directory http://www.hongkiat.com/blog/update-wordpress-without-ftp/

Hi, I wanted to find out if in the About Us section if it was possible for when you click on the person’s image that it go to another page with a bio of them instead of going to Facebook or Google Plus? I would rather have the bio’s on the website.


Also, is it possible to pause or mute a video that is playing in the slider on the home screen


Hey I’m sorry for not responding to you on time.

We’ll get back to you in a day (or two at the most) with the answers to your questions, sorry about this.

Hello I have been purchased the Femto template but I want to add a small text as description in my photos in each gallery. How can I do that? my site is : www.chrisboukoros.com take a look if you want… best regards Chris

I’m still waiting on the answers to questions that were promised months ago. This is still not google analytics ready.

By far the worst customer service of any theme I’ve purchased on theme forest. Empty promises!

Hi happy new year,Is RTL supported?


Hey, I’m waiting for my colleagues to confirm this…, I know that most of the stuff is supported but they had to test it a little more thoroughly.

Sent an e-mail some weeks ago, still haven’t got a response.

New question: I want the gallery-thumbnails of the Femto-gallery to link to an URL instead of the gallery. Is this possible?


I am really sorry about this, can you wait a few more days?

My colleagues are finishing-up another theme, the thing is they can’t zig zag between the different stuff….

if it’s urgent please confirm and I’ll pressure them.


Hi I bougth your theme and I sent you a message few weeks ago and I dont receive response at all Galleries plugin does not work properly, it does not find. (I have both theme and plugins updated with last version) Looking forward to hearing from you asap please, is URGENT!

Hello, wonderful theme, easy to setup, just question – how to use Latin Extended (latin-ext) characters in fonts (need it for my language)? I’ve found option-components.php in line 125 where link to google font is generated but my knowledge of php is next to zero :), suppose I need to add something like ‘subset=latin,latin-ext’ but can’t find correct syntax. Any tips please?

And second thing, do You have any plan to made possible filtering galleries by category?