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Nice work. Good Luck!

Great job many features 8-)

Nice work. Good luck dude!

Thanks everybody ;)

Just downloaded this theme. Nice looking theme. Some things I haven’t been too happy with:

1) Limited customization options (have to heavily edit .css to make changes) i.e.: no options for font customization (fonts and colors, like h1s, h2s, etc…), no option for header colors

2) Poor documentation – ie: how to incorporate Revolution Slider (like it has to be name home-slider in order to show up on Home Page)

Those are what I found so far after working with the theme for about an hour. I’ve downloaded multiple themes from ThemeForest and was a little disappointed by the options available. Been using Firebug to inspect elements and customize accordingly.

If you are a “newbie” this theme might not be for you. I appreciate the effort put into this theme and suits my purposes for the client I am using this theme for, but would be hesitant to use it again for another.

Sorry to be a “debby downer,” but most of the comments on themes are usually “nice work,” “good job,” and the like – not very helpful. I’m just trying to help out those making a decision.

I do like the admin customization and localization support.


Thank you :) Always good receive a feedback. So, limited customization options, please take a look to Theme Options.. font options and header colors is not a mandatory option, usually font size etc.. can be modified by the user itself if needed but the typography that comes with the theme is pretty good. The documentation is for the use of the theme, the 3rd party plugins comes with their own.

Thanks again for you feedback, it’s helpful to improve my work :)


Yes, I’ve had no problems customizing via styles.css, just think it could have been added to the admin like many other themes I have purchased. Client is happy – that’s all that matters. Your theme looks great on the iPhone.


Thank you :)

@brillbranding, thank you! and :( because I considered to buy this theme now and hit to check comments just in case. now I’m hesitating because I dont like to edit CSS and dive into coding, and I definately want step-by-step documentation.

@MattiaViviani, any detailed documentation updates? How about support?


Hello! There’s no need to manually edit CSS to use theme, the documentation couldn’t included step-by-step info for editing CSS (to edit styles you need to know CSS), what you see in the demo is what you got in the package and all the 3rd party plugins are included in the zip downloaded and the documentation comes from their respective authors. The package also includes Theme Options backup file and demo xml so you will get the same result you may see in my demo. The package actually comes with everything you need to setup your new theme!

Hope this helps :)


Hi Mattia, just bought your theme! Excited to explore it! I activated license but still didnt receive email with password to log into your support forum. Could you please check it for me? Thank you! Soapmarine


Hello, you account is registered properly. Please check your spam folder, probably the password is there. If you still having issue with the registration please contact me via http://mattiaviviani.com/contact and I’ll send you the password privately :)

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Hi, I just got the theme and there´s no slider installed.

In fency-documentation.pdf, theme features, theme option, page 5, I can read:

Slider: Here is where you setup and add images to the homepage slider.

However I can´t see that option in my wordpress admin, appearance, theme options.. Why???


Hello, the theme uses Revolution Slider WP plugin, which is included in the downloaded package. The documentation has already been updated/fixed, the zip will available in the next few days.

I have had lots of problems to use this theme as a multisite theme. At the end I have changed the theme, that theme have lots of inconvenientes using multisites wordpress. It is a shame because I would like to use it.


Hello, please open a topic on the proper forum at http://support.mattiaviviani.com/ describing the problem, I’ll take a look. Thank you :)

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Hi Mattia, the Shortcode button in the WYSIWYG editor is not working. I did post a support ticket on your forum which you may have deleted??

Anyhow your response is below – have you managed to find a solution for this yet?

======= Mattia wrote:

I’ve been able to recreate the error, I need to work on it. I’ll provide an update ASAP.

Best Regards

Post Link: http://support.mattiaviviani.com/support/topic/mav-shortcode-dosent-work-in-the-theme-it-seems-like-an-jquery-error/#post-836



Your post had not been deleted but moved in the proper section. I’m working on the bug, please don’t post here forum content.

Thank you

Hi there,

Am I able to use featured images for audio posts? Also can I do custom css in this theme? I would like to know these things before I purchase your theme. Great work!


Hello, yep, featured image works for audio post too, and yep, you may do custom CSS via Theme Options :)

gohicks Purchased

Hi, I’ve posted this in your support but no response yet….

I’m unable to insert any Mav icons through the cms. You click on the button, popup appears to allow you to add content but it’s kind of faded out and does not allow you to click Insert button etc. So can not insert any short codes. Had this issue about 3 weeks ago and still not able to use your theme in it’s current state.

can you advise please. thanks

gohicks Purchased

Hi, can you please get back to me on the problem above. For a paid plugin support seems quite slow and not very helpful!


Hi, the plugin is actually available for free. I’m already working on it, please see this http://support.mattiaviviani.com/support/forum/wordpress-plugins/mav-shortcodes/. The fix for the plugin will be available in the few days. Please ask for support in the proper way, message board is not used to provide support. Thank you

gohicks Purchased

Great thanks for your help. I’ve had to ask for support here because I was not getting a reply in your support forum unfortunately. Look forward to the fix.

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Hey guys,

I’m loving this theme. However, I don’ like the header on each page. Let’s say I name the page “About”, how do I get rid of the big header that says “About”?

I presume I’ll have to do some light coding to do this. If so, that’s not a problem.

gohicks Purchased

The Support forum for this theme seems to have been removed. The sellers link to their Support now just links to the contact form on Evento. If they are no longer able to offer support (I have a number of outstanding issues that have not been resolved) should they still be able to sell their themes on Themeforest??



I understand your concern, seems like the only issue you had is about the shortcodes plugin, which is been fixed few weeks ago. If you have some many issues, please keep contacting me using the proper way to ask for support, through the contact form in my profile page.

For @everybody, to stay up-to-date with theme and plugins updates please follow me via Twitter and/or Facebook.

Thank you :)

gohicks Purchased

Thanks Mattia, all good now and the update works great!


Glad to hear that :)

Nik_Parks Purchased

I posted my last question over a week ago and still have not received an answer.

Second question:

I’m adding an email sign up through AWeber. When I put the code in the sidebar widget, it doesn’t fit. There’s a big red box in the background.

How do I fix this? I’ll post a link so you can see what I’m talking about:





Hello, support works via contact form only at http://themeforest.net/user/MattiaViviani#contact Please send your requests from there and I’ll be glad to help you!

boxercox Purchased

Hi I can’t find your support forum and I have a few issues. I can’t for the life of me get any images to load in the projects ( I can get the featured image to show on the portfolio pages but for the actual image in the projects page itself nothing seems to happen.

I have emailed your contact form but haven’t heard from you yet and I haven’t sent you any logins etc

also need to know how you got the side block stuff in place in your project pages too..

If Mav can’t help can anyone else shed any light! Liking the theme so far… just really need these to work well.


Hello, if you need support, please, send an email using this form http://themeforest.net/user/MattiaViviani#contact , is the way support works :) Thank you!

I have bought this theme but a very scary thing has happened. I was customising the theme and changed Project Categories and Boom! The entire theme has broken. http://pyramidpixels.com.au/staging/

Out of the three services on the demo only one is showing and all that was below the services (what we do section) is gone!

Even the navigation is haywire! Is this a touch me not theme??

Please help I have a deadline for this site :(


Hello, there is actually a simple solution to this. The portfolio name and slug must match, once do that everything will be fine. But, please, support works via contact form only via this page http://themeforest.net/user/MattiaViviani#contact If you have further questions please use that form. Message Board is not used for support.

Thank you :)


That worked like a charm. Thanks so much for your quick and efficient reply.

you are a star :)

Hi there,

Your support page is missing and I’ve tried to contact you via your Themeforest contact form. Unfortunately I have a problem with this theme and I could use some help:

This theme uses Revolution Slider – however, in order to update the plugin you have to download the latest updates from code canyon. As I haven’t bought the plugin from code canyon directly, I’m guessing I have to rely on you to update the plugin? Any help would be greatly appreciated :)

Seems like until I use the comments section there is not real “support” with this theme.

I have had a lot of issues with this theme. Everytime I use a new plugin I get the same answer from the plugin support saying that because of the css of your theme it does not allow our plugin to function properly!

Any way I have a bigger issue and I had email you about this 3 days ago from the support section.

The “thunbnail area” of my portfolio is not working. Whenever I try to upload a thumbnail image, a new window does open up but if I click anywhere on that window it just shuts down. Because of this my latest project is without a thumbnail and it looks ugly on my website.


Please help me to solve this because I will need to add many new projects in my portfolio and so I have get this thumbnail thing working.

I have just revamped my site with you theme 6months ago and donot have the time and energy to change the theme again!

phomes Purchased

How to set up the banners in the homepage ? This is not covered in help as well