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Can I add an RTMP video stream on the homepage ?

Thanks !

No, sorry but it doesn’t work right now with streaming

This theme will work with lastest wordpress version??

Yes, it will.

Thanks, i’ll test it with wordpress 3.8


i added my google Tracking Code, where it actually says: “Paste your Google Analytics (or other) tracking code here. This will be added into the footer template of your theme.” but it kinda shows up on home upper/left. what’s to change?

20 days… still open (i’ve also send a support email)

I answered all your emails. If you have another issue, contact me at support@quemalabs.com

my background mp3 i’ve set (i set it on home page) is not playing. what can be wrong?

thx in advance

20 days… still open (i’ve also send a support email)

I answered your email.

i made up a test gallery, also nivo, but there is no slider or thumbnails… all pics are just lined up vertically. what am i doing wrong? please help

I answered you by email.

i’ve set background slide and it works well, but if i add the contact form shortcut [form email=’info@xxxxxxx-xxxxxxxx.com’ ] in any page, the background disappears and some functions of the navigation menu are off.

please advice

Send me an email with a WordPress user and I will take a look at these issues. support@quemalabs.com

i solved this problem meanwhile, but i have some others… like white form buttons and white fonts on white form backgrounds. it would be great if you could take care of that. Also… 4. Can you change the width of the content box of pages with sidebar (that way it would match the width of the footer box below)?

I answered by email.

video background doesn’t work.

i’ve read all comments, didn’t find any solid solution- yes, i installed jwplayer the way it is documented… also reinstalled it, but it doesn’t work.

black background replaces the slides- that’s all i get.

please help asap

video background was my criteria for purchase. please help on this

I answered your email.

Hi eneaa, i am setting the theme and portfolio but when i click on Read more button the post show only the image. Why? have a look at my site—-http://www.lapecchia.it/prodotti. I’d like to show title, content and full image. Can you say wich file php i have to look?

You are using a generated portfolio, so you have to duplicate the file “single-portfolio.php” and rename it with your new name. In you case:

Thanks a lot now is working!!!

Hi. I love your theme but I need a template that it can manage up to 4/6 languages. This template can perform this request? Can you suggest some plug-ins that certainly works with your wp template? Thank you

Well you can use this plugin: http://wpml.org/

And adapt it to the Theme.

Hi, eneaa. Background image don’t work. Why its happened ??? Look, http://www.dluccagelato.com.br/coffe

Tks for help me.

Looks like there is a Javascript error. Send me an email with a WordPress and FTP user and I will take a look. support@quemalabs.com

Where is this .js file ???

Tks for help me man, its work now…

Hi great theme! now thumbnails are hidden on the bottom of the page

I need them visible on the right of the page. Is it possible with a simple css editing?

thanks m

Not that simple but you can do it as a customization. If you need help you can contact these guys: https://www.elto.com/?invite=quema-labs

Hi, I’ve a problem with featured image it’s doesn’t appear.

The url it’s like this (http://yyy.com/wp-content/themes/fenix/framework/timthumb.php?src=http://yyy.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/doro_gold_book_mauritania.jpg&h=315&w=420)

Have you any idea about it? Thx.

I can’t access the site http://www.yyy.com/. Please create a Support Topic in http://support.quemalabs.com/ with your URL, I will take a look.

www.dorocollection.com is the site. Thax

I need a full screen theme that will do all of the following
play POSTS as a slide show
Allow full screen video as one of the POSTS
Automatically play the full screen video and
Advance to the next POST (slide) when the video is finished.

Does your theme have these capabilities?
Can I see the documentation?

It does all that except that when the video is over doesn’t display other post.

the theme is really nice and functional, the only problem I found: looking at the site with your smartphone tablet, when I expand the site, the menu overlaps the page, so do not read more content. What can I do? Thanks Roby!

The theme is not 100% responsive, that’s why it happens. But in the new upcoming update it will be.


kevict Purchased

Hello! Love the theme. I’m using it as a coming soon page for a website. One thing we would like is to have the homepage widget always visible on the right hand side of the page. What’s the code for that? Thank you!

Hi there, Please create a topic in http://support.quemalabs.com, I will help you there with that. Thanks.


I just purchasded Fenix theme today and I love it! I’m getting this error using the background video:

“error loading skin: Skin not a valid file type.”

How can I fix this? Thanks so much!

Yes, try replacing the “jwplayer” folder for this one: http://cl.ly/0U3N3n3N3u1v

Perfect! Thanks!

Also- one more thing (sorry!!) It seems that when I hover over certain images, such as the logo in the header area, a small rectangular “pin it” button appears. Is there a way to remove this?

Thank you!! Great theme :)

I don’t think that’s from the Theme. Maybe you have a plugin in your browser that does that.

hello.How can remove the music from home page ?

The music is something that you have tu put in. So if you don’t select any musicm there is no songs on the home page.

Yes but where can remove the music from template beacuse my designer left the project and i want to remove the music from the site. Can you tell me where can i remove it ?

Yes, just edit your the page in your admin panel and remove the content in this box: http://cl.ly/image/0F2v1R3d3Y32

I have used the theme here: www.nature-park-chapter.de My home page is the blog page. How can I show a page title above the first blog post just like the theme displays the page titles on the pages? They all automatically show up, but there is no place to add a title on the blog page. How can I do this?

That’s strange, the title should be there. Can you create a support ticket with a FTP user? I will take a look. http://support.quemalabs.com

Downloaded Fenix. I am in a business rush. Style sheet missing, Need urgent help!

Hello i have a problem with The friendly URL sistem, i already set my configuration, y create menus an all stuff but i stiil have no friendy URL, what is this for, this is the first time it happens to me.http://deseegner.com/2015-01-12-06-56-31/proyecto-nuevo