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Just sent you login info – thank you for looking into this – really appreciate the support! Wish more developers were this helpful!

Cheers -

Hi there, i am using the theme and look great!!! thank you for good job! Just a little issue: how to change the order of portfolio items, now is for time entry but i would like place alphabetic order, can I? mu site www.premiobasi.it


Open “fenix/portfolio-3columns.php” and replace line 86:
query_posts(array('post_type'=>$portfolio_replacement, 'posts_per_page' => -1));
For this one:
query_posts(array('post_type'=>$portfolio_replacement, 'posts_per_page' => -1, 'orderby' => 'title', 'order' => 'asc'));

Thanks for great support!!!

Love this theme but I got a style.css failure message… not really that savy when it comes to this stuff but I did go to the forum to find out how I can fix it and the wiki link is down. Can someone help?


Take a look at this info: http://support.eneaa.com/basicdocs/
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Hi again, thank you for helping with my last question!

I would like to simplify my site by removing some of the default features. Is it possible for me to remove the Facebook “Like”, Tweet, and Google + buttons from each post details page?

Also, I would like to remove the sections at the bottom: Subscribe, Entries, comments, Categories, Meta, Log in, WordPress and Archives. Basically, all of them.

Here is a link to my site and specifically to one of the post detail pages I am referring to.


Thanks for your time, -Matt

go to your Admin Panel>>Fenix>>Style Options, and add this CSS code:
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That worked, thanks for responding so quickly!

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Hi, I just bought this wonderful theme last 2 weeks, i have facing some issue now, Is it possible put swf file at the logo placement instead of jpeg?

Thanks !!


You can do it by code. The logo is in “fenix/header.php” in line 135

Theme is awesome! Quick question – I have video on homepage and have selected Exactfit to fill screen – but it is not filling and I still have boarder? Thanks in advance!


Remember those options works for Self-hosted videos, not YouTube or Vimeo.

Gotcha – is there a tutorial for self-hosted vids? Shoot me another email, I may need to hire you to do some custom work on this if that is an option – thanks


I’m not available for freelance work right now, but you can upload a Self-hosted video just like any other file.


Ok, I gave it a try by uploading to the media area and linking but it did not work – is that what you meant by upload a self-hosted video?


Yes, but you can try also via FTP .

What is the URL of the video?


i am getting this error message when i try to upload the ZIP file in wordpress.

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

Pls gve a solution..


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Hi there,

First off, this theme is great! I do have a few questions:

1. In our gallery (http://heisesculpture.com/gallery) the default landing page is the “ALL” category. Is there any way to have “Current Work” as the main default gallery page and switch the “ALL” category to the end of the categories at the top?

Also, is there any way to have the gallery thumbnail open the “Read More” page instead of opening a lightbox with all the gallery images?

2. Not sure if anyone has mentioned it, but if you’re on an iPad and you play a video set as a background (see our home page) the menu doesn’t work. Any way to fix this?


1. Add this JS code in “fenix/footer.php” on line 159:
<script type="text/javascript"> 
jQuery('.source li:eq(1) a').trigger('click');
But you can’t change the order.

1.2 Take a look at this topic for Black Label, but is the same for Fenix. The line in the file “fenix/portfolio-3columns.php” is number 102.

2. That’s an Apple policy. You can’t use any object if a video is playing

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Thanks for your help. I’m still not able to change the gallery landing page to show “Current Work”. I tried placing that bit of JS into the footer.php but it didn’t work. Any other suggestions? Thanks again!


Please crete a Support Topic in http://support.eneaa.com with your URL , I will help you better there. And please copy&paste my answer in topic so I can remember what we were talking.

Hello :) I noticed this theme is “translation ready”. I need to do a site in English, German, Thai and Danish. Is that possible to do with this theme and one license?

How can I show the flag of each language from the home page?



If you want to offer more than one lenguage you will have to use a plugin. “Translation ready” means that you can easly translate the Theme to another lenguage than English, but offer only one.

“Yes, but you can try also via FTP .

What is the URL of the video?”

The URL via media library upload is: http://beattieoutdoorproductions.com/blog_dev/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/orvis_test_web.mov

You can view the page if you still have address and password.

I can certainly try uploading via ftp – should I create a new folder for video or drop it in the media folder?

THanks in advance!


You have to use another Video format, try MP4 H .264 Because .mov is not a good option for web.

You can upload it any where just remember the URL if you use a new folder.

I also uploaded as a .mov – does it need to be flash or some other video format? Cheers – R

Hi I just purchased your theme and am unable to upload it from the zip file into Wordpress. I went to the index file to view the instructions, but it just sends me back to my themeforest page. Can you please tell me what to do next? I have a client very eager to get this site up. Thanks!!

I also tried uploading it to my server from the backend and it isn’t working either.

But did you see this info? http://support.envato.com/index.php?/Knowledgebase/Article/View/269/0/my-wordpress-theme-isnt-working-what-should-i-do

The Theme is inside the ZIP file downloaded from Theme Forest, you don’t have to upload the entire ZIP .

Hi, I finally figured it out, would be much easier if the theme folder was pre-zipped.

Now this is not working and I don’t understand how to change permissions… “This theme uses TimThumb PHP Script to resize images. For this script to work you need change the “fenix/framework/cache/” & “fenix/framework/temp/” folders permissions to 775.” I searched thru the link provided and it doesn’t explain it.

This theme should be noted for technical designers only, I have never spent so long trying to get a theme installed / set up in my life!!


Take a look at this info: http://support.eneaa.com/basicdocs/

Hi, I solved my last issue but was wondering if it is possible to change the yellow to another color? I’ve been going thru the stylesheet and haven’t found it yet. thanks!

You can do that in the Admin Panel: http://cl.ly/InYA

perfect – THANKS !!

Ok, tried with different formats and it still does not work. Can you recommend anything else? I’ll probably need to hire a developer to get this function working? Let me know, thanks in advance for your support – still enjoy the theme – one of a kind for sure.

Send me an email with your URL and a WP user, I will take a look. support@quemalabs.com
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Hello, im wondering if the slider can be turned ON only for the home page, and OFF for the rest of the pages?

too much sliding causes confusion in the content!


The only solution I see, is use single background images on the rest of the pages… that will remove the Slider from these pages.

Video is working awesome in the background! Thanks for the support – very cool theme for sure!

Is there any way to remove the grey boarder around custom uploaded logo (logo that appears above menu on left hand of screen)? Would be awesome if logo didn’t have outline around it?

Yes, go to your Admin Panel>>Fenix>>Style Options, and add this CSS code:
#header h1{background:none;}

Also – does the audio feature work when a video is enabled? I noticed the audio plays with static image, but not when a video is enabled? Is that a setting that can be changed?

LOVE this theme – this is genius and super fun – best media theme out there :)


No it can’t. The best option is add the audio to the video.