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Hi, there! I purchased this, and I need access to the support forums. I am trying to get video on the front page but cannot figure out how. If you or someone can please help me, I would greatly appreciate it. My email address is blackberrydiva@gmail.com


Hi, I would like to ask about the SEARCH option in the widget. If I am navigating the PORTFOLIO 4 COLUMN, and clic in Read More, appear the SEARCHER in the right column. But if I try to use it, doesnt work. I am saying that the searcher doesnt work if I use it in side the Portfolios Items. Please If I have to use some additional plugin. Thanks.


I solved the problem by changing in functions / portfolio.php file, in line 74, ‘I query_var’ => true and I changed it to ‘query_var’ => false

Hi there, I want to be able to create a page that has a background image. But if I set a featured image for that page, although the image will show as a background image, then it also shows at the top of the page. See http://weddingedit.fuddus.com/?page_id=10 to see what I mean.

What I would like is to have a page that has a background image but no ‘featured image’ showing at the top of the page. See http://themeforest.net/item/fiat-lux-fullscreen-image-video-background-wp/full_screen_preview/461951 on the theme previewer for an example of this.

I’d like to be able to access support. But I really need just a solution to this in the short term.

Greetings! This is a great theme. One question though…my client needs to be able to directly link his customers to an individual gallery and/or an individual image. For example, in order to sell a specific photo, he will need to be able to send the link via email or post the link on Facebook to the EXACT photo in question. Can he do this using this theme?

Hello. How can I do more then 10 “Image Gallery” items on the Post page?


I just purchased this theme and have no idea how to set up the video background! Please add me to support forum! what is your email so I can privately email you my email?

Thank you!

~ Judy


I really like your template, and I have some pre-sales questions:

- I´m gonna need to upload some videos, from vimeo, youtube and also my own videos. Would be possible using these 3 sources?

- Can these videos from all the sources being shown in full screen?

- Also, I need to upload audio files. Could I upload mi own audio?

Many thanks!

I need a full screen theme that will do all of the following
play POSTS as a slide show
Allow full screen video as one of the POSTS
Automatically play the full screen video and
Advance to the next POST (slide) when the video is finished.

Does your theme have these capabilities?
Can I see the documentation?