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Wordpress coming?


Hi @ snagget, No plans yet for WP version but if you really interesed please contact us through email.

I would also like to see WP version of this . Other than that its cool, really nice.


Hi @ ckissi, If you really interesed in WP version please contact us through email.

Really nice! Would be great if someone would continue the work on this, and have a backend, upload and user area. :-/



Hi @ ozab, If you really interesed in WP version please contact us through email.

I got two questions. One is there going to be a black version or something that will let people choose which one to chose like a black or the white theme?

The second one is can you add a area for Twitter and Facebook? Like a Facebook fan page section and a Twitter follower section?

Also love the theme. I also understand that we need to contact you if we want a wordpress version correct :)


Hi @ tino1408, Thanks for taking interest in our template. At present we dont have any plan to bring version with black and white colour theme. If we will have anything similar in future we will notify you. Thanks.

I Can Convert this Theme to Wordpress Easily. 2hrs Max is Needed.

Nice Theme By The Way.

My Site is Anime-Exceed.net ([Don’t Copy])! Tell ME What You Think.

NICE !! Would awesome, if you can add a “Tweet On TV” shortcode/layout.

BTW : It looks like someone just SPAM this thread…. see the commenter before me.


Nice theme! Hopefully you release a dark version too.


Hi @ moffie71, thanks for your feedback , if you are interested in customisation please contact us through email.

prejudice I know if there will be a version of Wordpress


HI @ naftalina, IF we would plan to bring WP version in future we will surely keep you in mind.

Maunose Purchased

Theme is good, if I would rank, it would be 7/10.

Main colum is too big for a 468×60 banner and too small for a 728×90. Right colum is too small for a 300×250 banner and 250×250 banners are not the best option as it’s performance on AdSense is low.

I believe you should think more about the banner positioning when creating a template, most of people want to earn some money with their websites, so optimal banner positioning is crucial!


Hi @ Maunose, We appreciate your suggestion. We will consider them.

Hello, you say hier:

Theme consists of 8 HTML Pages which are the following:

Home Page
Video Detail

I see just 5, what is missing? Have it a Contactform? Are views, stars und comment working?

Thanks very much!


Hi @ dervideograf, please accept our apology it is purely a tying mistake error. But if you look right at the begning it does mention that it comes with 5 pages.


Hi Thanks for your answer!!! What about views, stars und comment are those working?

Thanks very much!

Hi, could i use an other videoplayer? And would be nice when you answer my last question! Thanks


Hi @ dervideograf, This is just an HTML and CSS template hence views, stars , and comments are not functionla at present. you will need to customise it to make it functional. What video player you want to use with it?

this one: http://activeden.net/item/osmf-edge-media-player/236553

I hope is not a problem to put this link here!!!

Best regard


Hi @ dervideograf, We have not tried that but it shouldnt be a problem.

Hi, have you got my E-Mail, which i sent you?



Hi @ dervideograf, please check your email.

Hi, tell me something please! how much you want for that customisation?

Hi, i had the videoplayer allready in my file:-)

But have a question!

-Can you make the Views working? -Rating Stars also? and how much it cost me, when You make this work for me? Thanks in advance!

-Video Slider, how can i make another page without to build a .html Site?

Thank very much!

Dear ChimpStudio Master,

I have sent you an email, but would like to post here a request!

This theme is only for developers!

Can you make this theme work either in wordpress or php.

I need an admin cpanel, so i can load or embed the Youtube, DailyMotion movie codes, movie posters and descriptions.

All functions of this theme should work!

How much would it cost to do that!

Thank you very much


Hi @ topfm.mauritius., reply sent to your email please check.

Hi Chimpstudio, Is anybody there?


Hi @ dervideograf, we sent you email please check

How much does it cost to have this fully functional in WordPress? Including Stars, Reviews. I have never purchased a Site Template yet, but am considering because of ability to change PSD . I just don’t know how to port to WP.



Hi @ kmbold, this is just an HTML and CSS template you will need to get it customise for WP.

This is a very nice and complete template and I have the perfect self-made script for this. My script can use every section in this template.

I might buy an extended license soon and see what I can do with this.

Anyway, nice job Chimpstudio. Keep it up.


Hi @ afg89, Thanks for liking our template and for your positive feedback.