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Was browsing and just wanne say .. HAHAHAHAHAHA . Love your movie :)

Nice code.. looks good in my tests.. love it!


thanks :)


This has really captured my interest.

Is there any known issues with this template? I am planning to use this via constant contact, I’d like to know if there is any glitches before I proceed with my purchase.




Hi joyclarke,

I’ve tested the FineLine templates using ConstantContact and didn’t encounter any problems, either with how the templates’ code work with ConstantContact’s email-sending system, or with how the templates appear inside the inbox.

However, if you do encounter any problem, please let me know as soon as possible, and I’ll do my best to help you send the best-looking email campaign you could have using any of FineLine’s 30 email templates.

Good luck on your endeavors.

All the best,


Bought the template a few days ago and I must say, was really happy with the editable buttons. Saved me some time creating our different campaigns (for A/B testing). Thanks


Hi sarah1981,

You’re welcome. Didn’t expect that that feature could be useful for A/B testing. Glad you found it helpful. :)

Oh, btw, thanks for buying FineLine.

pingu2u Purchased

Fantastic. This is the best template I’ve used from Theme Forest. It’s very well documented and has many options. I’m using it within Campaign Monitor and have run it across all the email clients…. no issues.

Thanks Phil


Thank you so much for the kind words, Phil. I appreciate it very much.

McM00d Purchased

The templates are brilliant. The designer is very approachable and helps in modifying code to make it better extremely proficiently!

I have been using it with MailChimp and it works a charm. Hopefully the full editing capabilities will be added shortly, so that you can fully modify the template from within MailChimp too!

Highly recommend products made by this designer. Roy, you are the man.


Hey Mac,

It was also a pleasure working with you.

I’ve considered your suggestions and am now in the process of updating the set of MailChimp templates to make them editable in every way possible. :D Watch out for the updates, I’m sure you’re gonna like it!

Btw, thanks for the kind words. I really appreciate it.



I’m happy to inform you that I’ve already uploaded the latest update a day ago. The full editing capabilities in MailChimp that you asked for are now in full effect.

Try it, I’m sure you’ll love it!

Hi Sporkweb, I seriously need your help. I’m finding it hard to make your template work with Mailchimp. I imported your two html files into my Mailchimp Templates from the following folders:

Mailchimp / patternbg / 01_blue / 010401_FineLine-MC Mailchimp / patternbg / 01_blue / 010403_FineLine-MC

But the problem I get when I try to edit its content, all editing options are opening me the very first part or header lines and it doesn’t open the actual paragraph I want to edit. I checked this website and found you’ve recently posted an update, so I downloaded it and re-imported your updated versions – and now not only I’m still not able to edit each editable section, I cannot view any images, all images are not displayed now. What shall I do?

Many thanks. Abdu

Hi Sporkweb, will you ever reply to my message posted above?

Regards, Abdu


Hi Abdu,

I apologize for the delayed reply.

I’m not sure if you’ve read what I wrote down at the bottom part of FineLine’s description: If you need any help with it, please use the form on my profile page (http://themeforest.net/user/sporkweb), as it sends me as an email message any message that’s sent through it. (This comments section does not.)

At any rate, my apologies still for the delay in reply.

With regards to your problem, I’ve checked out the 2 files you mentioned (010401 and 010403 from the patternbg folder), and I don’t know, but I can edit the paragraphs using MailChimp’s editor.

(You might have experienced a temporary MailChimp problem, as someone who bought the template also told me about it.)

With regards to the missing images for the recent update, I have to admit I made an error during the updates—I accidentally relatively-linked them (instead of absolutely-linking them on my server), that’s why they’re not showing up in MailChimp; but open up the pages locally (i.e., just double-click the HTML files), and you’ll see that they’re there.

Which means you can easily rectify the situation by uploading all the images that come with the template (conveniently gathered in the “_img” folder) to your server, and linking to them absolutely (i.e., img src=”http://yoursite.com/img/photo1.jpg”, instead of img src=”../../../_img/photo1.jpg”), before you upload the template in MailChimp.

(You can easily achieve this by doing a ‘Find and Replace’ for all the image paths in the template you’ve chosen, as you edit its code using your favorite text editor. And also, in Notepad++ at least, you can further simplify the task by using the ‘Replace All’ button.)

With this discovery though, I’m again updating the MailChimp templates to fix the problems you mentioned (and deal with other minor issues I also discovered in the course of finding a solution). I should be done in a few hours, so please be patient. (Of course, you can edit the 2 templates yourself, as I’ve already described above how you might go through it.)

Thanks, and my sincere apologies for all the hassle.

PS. If you still need any help afterwards, please use the form in my page (http://themeforest.net/user/sporkweb) so that I could respond to you immediately. Thanks.


Roy (Sporkweb)

Hi Abdu,

The latest update is now ready for download. I can assure you with 100% certainty that everything works in MailChimp as expected.

(If something goes wrong, please notify me immediately.)

Thanks and have a great day!

Roy (Sporkweb)

Are these templates editable in Dreamweaver for use with mailChimp?

Thanks, Ed


Hi forbesdog,

Yes, definitely! Actually, the package comes with 720 MailChimp templates (30 layouts x 8 colors x 3 backgrounds)—these templates have MailChimp’s proprietary template tags and hooks, which allow you to upload them in MailChimp’s Template Builder, so that you could do your editing there..

Are your Constant Contact versions completely editable once uploaded to Constant Contact?

Thank you.


Hi Daniel,

Unfortunately, Constant Contact doesn’t give email developers template tags and hooks for use in their system (which should make third-party email templates like FineLine editable in Constant Contact too, just like the email templates they’ve provided).

I’ve already requested their customer support to relay this idea (i.e., provide email developers with template tags and hooks) to their bosses, even citing potential client losses to MailChimp or Campaign Monitor (which adequately provide these), but I’ve yet to see any significant action from them in this direction.

If you need any help editing your chosen template(s) among FineLine’s 30 layouts before uploading it to Constant Contact, just message me through my profile page, and I’ll see what I can do to help you (at no extra cost). :)

Is there a way to incorporate RSS feeds into this template? I am looking for RSS to email template that is compatible with multiple feeds. I am familiar with Mailchimps RSS feed merge tags. Do those work with these? Thanks.


Hi jayd91750,

Sorry for the late reply here (good thing we’re already discussing this over email). Yes, FineLine should work well with what you’re trying to accomplish, as long as you know how to edit HTML and CSS , and you know how to implement these MailChimp RSS feed merge tags you’d like to incorporate. :)

So there is no way this can be edited once imported into constant contact through their editor?


Hey Matt,

Some editing is allowed (e.g. whether you put the unsubscribe link in the header or footer), but Constant Contact doesn’t allow you to edit the images, text content, or links (for example) through their visual editor.

However, you can still edit these in “XHTML mode” (an option in their editor), if you know which parts of the code to look for; it’s easier to do these edits though using a local text editor (e.g., Dreamweaver in Code or Split View).

ITLGuy Purchased

Purchased yesterday and in a short amount of time was able to customize it to what I needed – great work!


Thanks you so much for the kind words, ITLGuy! Really appreciate it. :)

ianmel Purchased

After looking carefully at maybe 100 templates this just jumped out at me… its clean and carefully crafted graphics really make it pop! Preparing my newsletter to fit into this was a breeze with the detailed instructions provided in the readme and preparing my graphics using the provided PSDs were as easy as pie.

But the big surprise was in getting a minor but important technical issue sorted. Sporkweb was as good as they get if not better! He was untiring and immediate in his many responses. Truly fanatical support. He eventually resolved my issue and i’m greatly indebted. Thank you and you can count on me as a loyal customer from here on in!


Thank you so much ianmel for the nice and lengthy comment! I appreciate you taking the time to write some words of commendation for me. Thanks too for being such a patient and cooperative customer. :D

mrdfrost Purchased

Using constant contact as my newsletter provider. Can these templates be setup to utilize their WYSIWYG editor for future emails?


Hi mrdfrost,

Thanks for purchasing FineLine.

I’m afraid the answer to your question at the moment is, “no, you can’t.”

You see, while I was still creating FineLine’s Constant Contact (CC) templates, I spent a lot of time trying to make them work inside CC’s WYSIWYG editor, inserting the right proprietary tags and following their documentation to the dot to achieve this goal (which I successfully did with MailChimp and Campaign Monitor).

Alas, I discovered that CC mostly supports only XHTML code for third-party templates. As you know, XHTML is a strict way of writing HTML code; and since a lot of coding for HTML email must resort to some hacks and deprecated tags, it’s almost impossible to write HTML email in valid XHTML. (I have no idea why they did it this way.)

However, not all hope is lost, since it’s very easy to replace dummy images and text from a FineLine CC template by using a simple text editor. Dreamweaver, Notepad++, TextWrangler, etc., you can use any of these to insert your own content, and it’s as easy as copying/pasting a block of text, or editing the path/width/height values of a dummy image with those of your own.

If you think you’ll need some help with these, please contact me through my profile page (so that we could easily exchange files if necessary), and I’d be glad to provide you with all the help you might need.

Thanks again, and my sincere apologies for this ‘inconvenience.’

mrdfrost Purchased

Thanks for the response! I appreciate your offer. I myself have no problems editing the code, its more for my client. So I am now looking at just customizing one of their templates. I am sure I will be able to put your templates to use in the future.


That’s great! :)

Thanks again mrdfrost. Please don’t hesitate to contact me for any assistance you might need for your client.

Considering purchasing. Was wondering if there are plans to make this “responsive and scalable” like your other product?

I spent several hours reviewing your Mobilized-I – Responsive & Modular Email Templates, and tested them across several mobile devices.

In short: it is impressive and I think you’re way ahead of the rest.



Hi tonebg,

Yeah, I think I know what revaxarts (the plugin’s author) is talking about, and I’m willing to help you out insert those tags in the proper places. I can even contact him about the plugin if we encounter any problem with the tags.


Wow. You’re amazing.

As promised, I’ll buy both templates now.

Additionally, please see the link below regarding a potential opportunity for you to help the author of the MyMail plugin with a Responsive Layout. After reading his comments on page 3, comment #4, customers have requested the response layout and his feedback was “it is very difficult.”

Maybe there is an opportunity to collaborate and create a new product. Just my thoughts.

Below is the link and I’m making the purchases right now.

Thanks, Steve


No problem, tonebg, and thanks for the purchase. :)

I suggest that once you’re ready to work on your campaign, contact me through my profile page, so that it would be easy for us to exchange files as necessary.

And yeah, I think I’ll expedite the creation of FineLineTwo, as that’s the need of our times right now—responsive and scalable emails..

OK, I’ll just wait for your message in my email. Thanks again and I’m looking forward to work with you!


I am using sendblaster.com Is this theme working there?



Hi mrenses,

Thanks for your interest in FineLine.

I downloaded sendblaster’s free edition and tested FineLine with it. FineLine works just fine in it; you just have to press the button that allows you to paste in HTML code (see this screenshot), then go about your usual steps in sending out an email.

Cheers, sporkweb

trina99 Purchased

Hello I like fineline a lot, but is there a way to have a border/outline effect on it? In some of the screen shots (eg the orange one) it looks as if the email is different to the background, but when I try to edit colors the sections don’t line up properly Could we create a border/outline effect perhaps by…. (i) border around the email (ii) the background a different color to the email (iii) the email a different color to the background any suggestions? Thanks


Hi trina99. Thank you for purchasing FineLine. Let’s talk about the edits you want through email (sporkweb at gmail dot com), so that I could easily send you the edited HTML files. Regards..