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Hello. How can I change da fs_gallery speed?

In header tag on the mainFm plug-in initialize code, you see the parameter gallerySlideshowDelay just change it as per you need

Hi, can you please tell me how i must put the link in,

1º, Wonder


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  • Thanks jm

    just replied to your eamil

    Is Fine Tune a wordpress template?

    No, It’s a HTML file

    Hi! What a lovely template! I’ll buy it but i’ve one question:

    I don’t know PHP, it is easy to put my adress so when the user fill in the contact form and press send goes to my personal mail?


    It’s really easy, just add your mail address in mailer.php file on first line that’s all

    Great template. Thank you.

    I’ve just bought the template and making the necessary changes. I’ve openned up the color CSS however I cannot find the code for changing the color for mouseover on back, front, pause, play for various html pages.

    I’d also like to change the background color for the vertical menu bar as well as it’s opacity.

    Would you kindly let me know how I can achieve the above.

    Thank you in advanced.

    Replied to your email


    i am using onepage version, i would like to have main contentWarp container closed at the very begining. just “open page” button on right side.

    is this possible to statr with closed main slider ?


    Why the template does not it work on IE 8?

    Thank you for your reply

    I tested, it work perfect in IE8, can you contact me through my profile page with details and page link

    Did you get my email?

    Hello excuse me i have a question. So i created a new menu button named Resumé i want to know how can i add a new background image in this page? Thank you very much for your help.

    Please see the mainfm plugin initialize code in header section in your html file. You can see about the background in help document.

    I need little help. Where can I change color of: pageHolder (this transparent black animated page background) ? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you

    You can see the class name .contentWarp in color.css file. Just change the background color as per your need

    hi thats a great template . but i have a question,can u help me about configuring pageHolder, how can i adjust the height of it and can i lean or make the pageholder on the left of the screen after menu section.((menu-pageholder(like Rectangle) – background image)** this is the sequence that i want )

    im waiting your help, thank u

    Contact me through my profile page with details

    Im sorry for disturbing… One quick question. How to keep Full Screen Gallery thumbs menu open? Thumbs menu is hiding automatically and I want to keep it open. Any chance to do that? Thanks one more time!

    in main-fm.js file just delete the self.pageClose() code in 2114 and 2131 line.

    Don’t forget to rename main-fm.js file to main-fm.min.js

    Thank you for all your support!

    Hi! Very nice Template, thanks !

    Just a question: I want to have a Full Screen Gallery without Thumbs menu (direct access to the big images without this thumbs window coming on for some seconds). Can you help me for this?

    Many thanks

    Hi, how can i put an mp4 video as a background for each page? Thanks

    Sorry the video background option is not available in this template

    Great work! Is it possible to add slideshow to the background?

    Sorry No, May be use can add the external plugin to add the slideshow

    Hi, i want the slideshow images in the index.html to start from the left of the slideshow and not from the center. Any idea? If i could change the width=1713px ti 2150px in the contentWarp it would do the job, but i can’t find where it changes…Maybe in a css file?

    This is the line:

    in .pageHolder class div just add the style “left: 0px !important”


    Hi Team, I purchased Fine Tune Template but I don’t want to use it and willing to buy “Marena” template from your collection. Can I get some discount please.

    Please please give me some discount.

    Regards Manik Sharma

    Hi Team, I purchased Fine Tune Template but I don’t want to use it and willing to buy “Marena” template from your collection. Can I get some discount please.

    Please please give me some discount.

    Regards Manik Sharma

    Sorry, its all sell by envato. i don’t have any rights to give discount.

    HI i wish to purchase this theme…one question…can i add slider images in the home page?

    Currently that option is not available

    Hello there,

    I am trying to make a background slideshow, i am just adding the following line as per documentation :

    pageBackground : [

    { src : 'images/background//background1.jpg', src_small : 'images/background//background1_s.jpg'},   // Main Page             
        { src : 'imHomeages/background//background2.jpg', src_small : 'images/background//background2_s.jpg'},   // Main Page

    but it’s not working.

    And how can I keep the contentWarp close when the page loads.


    Hi, can you tell me, please, how you can use the Polish character fonts?

    It support google fonts, if you need to use font-face, please contact freelancer for this task