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I have a problem in the layout ,

When accessing the site sometimes, the contents disappear , example: footer content and news content.

Only appear after refresh the page a few times.

I’m using chrome

We are using the last version of WordPress too. Any problems about that?

I cleaned the chrome cache when accessed the first time , it was the same problem.

send us a mail to themebucket@gmail.com. we will send you a gif file so that you can see how it load here perfectly.

Hello! I have purchased your theme but am unable to install the plugins via the admin panel as the host platform is STFP only – are you able to send me the revolution slider plugin zip file for me to upload via FTP pls? Thanks so much! Lou

I NEED HELP My form is not sending message. When you click to send in error . I checked the settings contact form 7 and everything is ok.



Does this theme supports WPML? Is it compatible?

Thanks in advance


Did you have any ideas how can I found this file in theme folder ? I’n not sure my site got hacked or not coz I just found it today with many spam php file (with random character name).


Looks like your site has been hacked. Please consult a sysadmin/security guy or scan your site with sucuri.net


We need help to install the template and demo data.

Regards and Thanks

Please send your URL, User ID and Password to our email themebucket@gmail.com.

NB: don’t forget to mention your envato id and problem details in the mail.

hello guys, after months, I’d like to know if you fixed some of the bugs I mentioned last year, and if the theme is WP 4.2 compliant, and if the XSS vulnerability found some days ago is fixed with this theme. I’d like to update my customer site, but I’m not sure about the current version of this theme. Thanks

it was fixed long ago, right after the envato announcement

But I haven’t see an update here… is it possible? So is it better if I re-download it? Thanks!

yes you can re download and install it again

Hi, Is it possible to remove the whole map, without losing the contact area? Thanks,

sure, you can add a textarea in that section, no problem at all. please describe in details if you think I didn’t understand the question :)

I want to put it in the news area, without it is breaking the text after several words…

You may have to modify the theme css by yourself for this, I am afraid. Won’t be tough though


Our client wishes to add a Constant Contact newsletter sign up form to a Newsletter page. We installed the plugin but when someone enters their information on the page, and hits enter, nothing happens. Is there code preventing another sign up form from working?


Hi, Sorry for delayed reply. I am not sure what you’re trying to do. Do you mind sharing a bit more info?

Where can I preview the admin panel in the demo?

Hi, Before purchase don’t have any option to view admin panel demo.



I bought the Drupal firebrick theme and i’ve a question. Can you tell me how to change the background color of the image member (image in the member content type) ? Now it’s black, i would like white…

Thanks by advance


We’re not the author of Drupal version firebrick theme. So we’re unable to help you.


Hi, is it possible to change the footer and contact background color? Thanks already!

Hi, For quick solution. Please go to css/styles.css file line# 44 and edit the background color like this screenshot https://www.dropbox.com/s/fu6kky3slrnioxs/Screenshot%202015-09-08%2013.03.48.png?dl=0 and line # 1045 edit background color like this as well https://www.dropbox.com/s/o6xawrn9wrwi5us/Screenshot%202015-09-08%2013.01.02.png?dl=0


Hi there :)

Loving the theme. A quick question, can you change the order of the featured posts? It seems that it displays in the order they were created.. is this true?

Can they be reordered?

Thank you!! Stuart

they are by default ordered with “DESC” by id. It means that newer posts will appear at first in the home page blog section. If you want older posts to appear first, you can set it to ASC

If you’re still having problem, please send a mail to themebucket@gmail.com with the following info

Subject Line: Firebrick Post Order


1. Your site URL 2. Admin Username 3. Password 4. Your issue in details

So that I can make necessary changes directly in your site

Thanks for this! I think I may have explained this incorrectly…

I mean the ‘About’ sections at the top – not the blog posts.

I said ‘featured posts’ as that is what the ‘About’ sections are called in the Firebrick admin panel..

I hope that makes sense :)

I assume it’s a case of editing section-abtme.php – But I’m not sure how!

Thanks again :)

Stu – http://stuedwards.com


I am sorry for late reply. Please open sections/section-abtme.php and change line number #4

currently this line has the following code

$fp = firebrick_get_custom_posts("featuredposts",4);

change it to

$fp = firebrick_get_custom_posts("featuredposts",4,"ASC");


$fp = firebrick_get_custom_posts("featuredposts",4,"DESC");

Hi there,

I am having one small problem with the standard contact from at the bottom of the home page. For some reason the message box is not the same width as the boxes (name,email,subject) above it.

Please see site url: http://www.cfs-southafrica.com/

Please let me know if there is something I need to change to get them all the same width.

Thanks in advance. Simone

Please send us an email to themebucket@gmail.com with a subject line “Firebrick Contact Box Width Problem” and include your site url, admin username, admin password. We will fix it over there

Hi, We need help to install the template and demo data. As I am using latest version of wordpress. But when I trying to load demo content its not working…its just showing downloading and nothing has been happened. Please help me to load demo content.

Please send us an email to themebucket@gmail.com with a subject line “Firebrick Demo Data Install” and include your site url, admin username, admin passwrd


kalado Purchased


We need help to install the template and demo data.


Please send us an email to “support@themebucket.net” and we will take it from there


reanon Purchased

I’m having some issues with the background image on the Testimonials section not being properly aligned/ the background colour is seen as you scroll down the page.

Currently the site has 2 content sections that uses background image/parallax – Quote and Testimonials and it’s testimonials that’s having the issue. However if I swap these around so Testimonials is first and Quote is the second section on the page, then QUOTE becomes the one to have issues (where background colour is seen/background image looks like its not positioned properly)

So it seems to be whichever section is 2nd on the page.

Both section have the correct size image (used the exact same dimensions as background image used in demo site)


reanon Purchased

I have installed the theme on another domain to test it and discovered that as soon as I added more than 3 team members, this affected the Testimonials section background image/parallax image. When there are only 3 team members it is fine, as soon as there is 4-6 team members, it pushes the background image/parallax image down. Can be seen here on this test site: http://betterwithcheese.com/ Can someone please look into this issue and advise what could be done?

Hi, Our Team is trying to find out the issue. Once we get it will get back to you.

Thanks for your keep patience.


reanon Purchased

Another question – is there a way to move the Team Member navigation ABOVE the team member blocks?

The reason is some of our team members bios are quite long so it would make more sense for the Next/Previous links to be above the team member photos, not below the text (to save the user having to scroll down)

Hi, We’ve solved your problem and replied your mail.



ntwebpt Purchased

Hi, it is possible to add/remove sections? And edit the sections content? Thanks.


ntwebpt Purchased

Hi, it is possible to add/remove sections? And edit the sections content? Thanks.