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This author is dead!

Hi bcgamer! Thank god, not! We have been working to improve our work and put up better themes. It took some time but from now on it’ll go smoothly. Thanks for caring :)


I’ve bought this theme and I have a question: is there a way to fix a number of article’s lines in the left sidebar? We have a newspaper, and we’d like to show after the title an extract of the post (3-4 lines at least). But is it possible to set a fixed lines number?


Hi chapeaurouge!

It would be easier to set a fixed number of words rather than lines. For further assistance please open a ticket on the support forum.

Best Regards!

I have buy this theme but when i open it using smartphone the themes appearance is same while i use desktop, is there any setting that i must choice so when my web fix by the user screen size?

Hi perpitaorg!

If you go to Theme Options and enable the responsive design, you should already have feedboxes with categories. To read about the feedboxes and responsiveness:

Best Regards!

Hi, I like this theme, and I want to buy it, but why it is only rated 3 stars ? that’s unusual in themeforest … Is there something wrong with the theme or the support ? because I can see some unanswered questions here …

Please advise


Hi Manworm!

I’m glad you like our theme. We had some trouble with our support system not being too punctual and some users being unhappy about it. We are making sure that we’ll give better support in the future also with our new themes.

Best Regards!

I am planning to buy this theme. But before that i need some clarity about small customization. In every block of page both inside and in widget a small line with shadow is showing. But it is showing up to some point after that it is not showing. But my request is that i need that same line with same shadow throughout the block both in home page, categories, content etc whenever there is a that kind of line that should be continued to the end across all the pages throughout the site. See the following images for reference. That is small edit i want before purchase.

Thank you. Regards- Raju

I for get to mention that i need boxed background across the site.

Thank you

Hi mapraju!

I’ve taken a look at your screenshots and these are doable with some small customizations like these:

1) Making the border visible for homepage elements -Add these lines to Custom CSS section under Theme Options (all without quotes):

”.leftwrapper, .middlewrapper, .rightwrapper { border: 1px solid #ccc; }”

2) Making the boxed-bg in homepage – Add these lines to Custom CSS section under Theme Options (let’s say you want your background to be the color #BEBEBE, for an image you should use the url property) :

”#wrapper { background: #BEBEBE; } #content { padding-left: 20px; padding-right: 20px; margin-left: -20px; }”

Remember I wrote these lines of CSS just in a couple of minutes, so of course you have to put more time testing these changes in single posts, pages etc. and making some changes for specific elements to display accordingly. After all this is a change to the default styling of the theme.

Best Regards!

Still 404.php is missing :)

Hi ubaidullahbutt! Thanks a lot for the feedback. I’ll check it out asap.

Best Regards!

Just wondering if you were really planning an update soon or not? I must say I’m very suspicious now when a creator is talking about it without delivering, I had this kind of problem with another creator on themeforest who kept saying this for nearly 2 years (3 years soon) even if it is a top theme with excellent marks, I felt a bit betrayed by a lot of promises that never appear in the end.

Hi Yanavuth! In the short term there is no upcoming update planned for this theme.

Best Regards.

Hello! The backend becomes very slow at times, especially when a page or post. Why may be edited? By the way, great job on the theme, the rest is great ;)

Hi javipas! I have added this report to the checklist, I will investigate this and if there’s a misfuncion on theme’s side it’ll be corrected with the next update. There may be a plugin on your side which is causing this delay, maybe you check it on your side too.

Best Regards.

Are you working into future updates?

is it possible to define different menus for different pages ?

I am having issues with the pagination? On my site if you go to a specific category and try to scroll to the next pages in that category they all keep getting redirected to page 2.

The links look like this: Page 2 code is: category/yoga/?page=2 Page 3 code is: Page 4 code is:

Can you please provide help with this issue?

Thanks Jermaine

I have resolved my issue. I had to hire a coder on Elance to take care of the problem. I’m not exactly sure what it was but he fixed it fairly quickly.

does this theme have only one layout?

When I click on the page numbers below “more posts” it won’t return to the previous page or go to the next page even after clicking on the arrows and numbers. Any idea what may be the issue?

website is


I have used the rating system for the first time, and it works fine! However, on the homepage where all new postings appear, the “stars” isn’t aligned with the date, author?

Is there anywhere I can fix this little issue? Link: (Look at this post “ anmelder iPhone 6 Plus snart!”)


Best, Bo

Anyone? :-)

Hi i like your theme, but i the wordpress compatibility was stopped to 3.6… and update to one year ago… Do you have a date of next update?


Hello, I added ticket on Your support system some days ago. It is written that You are going to send answer in 24-48h. Thanks for Your respond.

how to hide secontary menu?


mustari Purchased


The second menu is hidden in the iPhone and android system. How can I get to appear in the second menu.


Comments button has not style. Smartphone i cant see ticker and some dropdown in navigation doesnt work, if it could have fixed i could have bought..