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I just purchased the FIT wordpress theme. I installed it like I have installed previous themes however nothing from the demo is visible?

I installed the proper .zip folder and thiis is all I got.

Site: http://s496905897.onlinehome.us/


From the looks of it you just activated the theme. You’ll need to import the XML ( demo content ) and the theme settings.

Check the documentation ( it’s in the package you downloaded from Themeforest ), the installation instructions are in there.


Hi I bought this theme and it is great, on the mobile though, the contact top bar with the form it is not responding, it shows up in full size not responding at all, do you know how I can fix this?

thank you,



Give this CSS code a try:

@media only screen and (max-width: 479px) {
    .topBarSearch form, 
    .topBarSearch input {
        width: 300px;

You can add it using a plugin like Simple Custom CSS, no need to alter any files.

Hi Dany, no luck :( see these images here: Mobile contact not responding: http://www.andreaoggiano.com/screens/cjj01.png Image inside content box not responding: http://www.andreaoggiano.com/screens/cjj02.png


Can you please send over your WP admin info via the contact form on our profile page and I’ll get in there and figure out what’s going on and fix it.

Include this in the message:


Dany, Love the Fit theme, but for the life of me can’t seem to find the installation info in any of the packages or folders. Guide me?


Just answered on the other comment.

Well. Found the WP FitWP zip in with documentation. Uploaded via WP theme uploader. Success…but no theme or style sheet content.

Why would you put the style sheet and theme separate?

Nothing in your documentation to fix it.


They aren’t separate.

At first I thought perhaps you used the zip file you downloaded from ThemeForest to install it, in which case you’d get a “Stylesheet missing” error, but you mentioned you used FitWP zip that is located in the WP folder, so that’s not the case here.

Maybe something went wrong during the installation, can you try installing again? If it doesn’t work out please send over WP admin info via the contact form on our profile page and I’ll check out what’s going.

Include this in the message as well, for reference:


The home page is not looking like the demo – I’m sure it’s an easy fix but I am stuck. Can you help me?


I flagged your comment for review because it had your WP admin information. This is a public comments section, everyone can see the comments, do not share information like that on public places.

As for the content not being like in the demo, please check the documentation, it goes step by step on how to install the theme and the demo content.

If that doesn’t help out, let us know.

Thanks Dany! Sorry for being a pain. All good now. – N

Happy to hear it’s sorted out.

Hi. Is it or will it be soon compatibile with wordpress 4.5 ?

All should be fine on 4.5, if you do run into any problems just let us know and it’ll be fixed ASAP.

hi there, really happy with this theme i think its great but I’m stuck on one last bit…. i cannot get this optimised for mobile – not showing menus in iPhone – please check out website and help!!! www. one small step . fit


Just tried it out and the mobile navigation shows up for me ( just below the logo, a dropdown with the text “GO TO” in it ). Does that not show up for you?

I tried on iPhone 4s, which one are you experiencing the issue with?

Hi dany i think it was an issue as i had 2 menus, deleted one, now it populates. thanks for the awesome theme.


Happy to hear it’s sorted out. If there’s anything else let me know.

Hey, I am using your FIT – Fitness/Gym Responsive WordPress Theme on WordPress and want to add a widget to one page. How is this done without html?

Okay yes that worked in order to get the sidebar on the page. That being said, it appears as that, a sidebar. Is there a way for the sidebar to occupy the entire width of the page?

Never mind. My stupidity lol

Happy to hear it’s sorted out :) If there’s anything else just let me know.

i Dany

for some reason I cant send images anymore to optiontree

we had the website up and running without problems for a while www.kingofpaws.com but I cant anymore add pictures anymore. is there a way for you to see?

thanks ALex


Try updating the theme to the latest version, there were changes to OptionTree in that latest version.

hello i buy this template, i have a question, how can change classes category slug? because if i change the slug on classes i get an error in classes-cat url. thanks in advance.


When you change it in the Theme Options you get an error? Try going to WP admin > Settings > Permalinks ( after changing the slug ), that will make WordPress rerfresh the permalinks structure and in most cases fixes such issues.

One thing to keep in mind, all the slug options need to be different, because otherwise WordPress won’t know if it’s supposed to show a category or a single class and it could show errors.

Hello sir. Do I need to make any changes to support responsive images in the latest version of WP. I tried adding a large image in a blog post and it did not resize as expected. Thanks.


Can you contact us via the contact form on our profile page with WP admin and FTP info and we’ll check out what’s going on.


odiesel1 Purchased

Hello! When I go to my jfitnessclub.com website, it states that the site is temporarily unavailable. I need assistance with making it available to viewers again. My web designer who had access has been hospitalized since the end of last year. I hope you can assist with this issue. Thanks


This is unrelated to the theme. You should contact the hosting provider and ask them what’s going on, as it says on the page itself, to contact technical support.


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I purchased your theme and wanted to know how to I insert a link into your html button code?

Small Red Button

If I want the above to link to my site how to you insert the site URL into the html above?


The URL goes in the href attribute.

<a class="button-small-theme rounded3" href="URL_GOES_HERE">Small Red Button</a>

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Hi, i have translate in french your them. But only one work are still in english. in class page or temap page, we see home ->Class in my_breadcrum I dont find where i can translate HOME ??? Can you help me please


In functions.php on line 33 you will see the part that outputs HOME, it can be changed there.


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is there a way to add 2nd footer? I need to have one full width footer with contact form, I want to add another one with site map etc etc.


It would require some code modifications. If you’re not familiar with web development and WordPress theme development I’d suggest hiring someone to do the modification for you.

Hello! I want to ask you something, in the first instance, sorry for my bad english, I’m spanish and I have a very low level of english.

I have a website with your fit wp theme for 1 year, and wordpress version 4.5.2 (last version) but I see that your theme is only compatible with software version 4.2 (the last update was last year). I think this is the reason I have a lot of problems when I try to install any plugin.

Is there any solution for that? are you working in a new update? if not, What can I do to fix It?

I only want to improve my website, for example, It’s to slow. My problem is when I install any plugin, always have some issue.

Thank you!!

There are no known issue with latest version of WordPress.

If you are experiencing issues with the theme please contact us while being logged in with the account you purchased the theme with so we can confirm the purchase and that you are eligible for support.


kapuran Purchased

Hi Danny, Can you please let me know how to fix a problem I have on my website – blog page? I now have a range of articles, but for some reason, when I go on page 2, the page doesn’t load (PAGE NOT FOUND). How do I ensure that the blog articles appear on the page 2? Here is the link: http://dynamicfitnesstraining.co.uk/blog Thanks Aleksandra


Unfortunately, it seems your support period has expired ( the “supported” badge missing ).

I’m sorry about that, it is against the Themeforest rules for authors to offer support to customers with expired support. We could get in trouble if we did which would be bad for both customers and us.

If you need support please purchase a support pack and we’d be happy to help out.

Again, I’m sorry, but we have to follow the Themeforest rules.


I imported the dummy content but it doesn’t look at all like your demo site. I had hoped to edit from within the demo.

Can you assist?


I should note, I tried all the fixes in the documentation. Still no luck. Theme is quite difficult to navigate.


If you followed the documentation it should be all good, but send over your WP admin info via the contact form on our profile page and I’ll check it out and figure out whas’t going on.

Include this in the message as well, for reference: