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Why have you not replied to any of my attempts to contact you?

Why hasn’t this bug not been fixed? I’ve manged to fix this issue for the buttons for their none hover state but not for their hover state!


No Hover http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v307/Lochwill/nohover.png

Hover http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v307/Lochwill/hover.png

Why is the search box out of alignment in the mobile version of Firefox?

Firefox http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v307/Lochwill/FirefoxPNG.png

Chrome http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v307/Lochwill/chrome.png

How am I supposed to add background images CSS if the colours set through options tree over ride them? Secondly, how am I meant to make changes to the CSS for the header or the footer if there is no explanation how they were designed?

Why is the footer PNG transparent, how is the colour gradient applied, where do the appropriate changes need to be made, do they need to be done in styles.css, dark.css or one of the php files?

Why does the template look nothing like the live demo, the appearance of the demo being the reason my client choose your template, until the demo content is loaded?

I purchased this template as the coding for it was already done allowing me deliver it, to my client, as a budget website. If making more than just very minor superficial changes would require a developer why was that not stated on the theme forest page for the fit theme?

As a result the quote that I provided to my client was based on the fact that the coding for this template had already been done so there is no budget for a developer.

I implore you to find a solution to these issues.


Ok, I just read your post on the forum and I understand now that you tried to contact me via twitter etc .. like I said, I do not answer any kind of request except on the forum. We have thousands of customers so I am sure you understand that keeping track of everybody’s questions is a lot more effective when we only use 1 place to do it. Also, the answer I give you on the forum will be really helpful for other customers who have the same problem as you have.

So, about the theme .. You don’t need to be a developer to install it and make it look exactly like the demo .. more than 3000 customers did it.

I must admit, I really have a hard time helping someone when they hav that kind of attitude and blame it all on the theme’s fault. Like I said, more than 3000 customers bought it and the rating is really really good so there’s a slight chance you are doing something wrong here.

So, I agree to help you but I would really appreciate it if we can keep it on the forum from now on. Let me know is you are willing to cooperate with me and I will try to do my best to help you.

I would like you to also be more descriptive when you ask something .. Like when you say “Why hasn’t this bug not been fixed?” .. I have NO idea what bug you are talking about .. also .. when you say “No Hover” with a screenshot attached of a mobile menu .. I have also no idea what’s going on .. So just log in the forum and please reformulate each of your problems and I will try to help you out.

Thank you.


Firstly, I did not blame anything on the theme. My complaint was that there was no mention anywhere prior to purchasing the theme that to do beyond very basic changes I would need a developer.

Secondly, you may not be aware that Australia is 15 hours ahead of Canada. When I made my initial post on Friday Afternoon it would have been the yearly hours of Friday morning, not the weekend, your time. I only attempted to contact you via other means when I didn’t receive a reply to my forum post.

Thirdly, if I came across as frustrated in any of my communications it might have something to do with the fact that, there were a number of issue in the template that prevented it from displaying correctly. When I purchased the theme I was expecting it to be in working order. I’ve since hired a developer, as I didn’t think I was going to a reply from you, who has resolved these issue for me.

I am also somewhat perturbed by the fact that a $48 theme has now cost me significantly more than that. I admit that not expecting to run in to these issue may be due to some naivety on my part but, I’m also willing to admit that I was expecting better when it came to support.


Hey, glad everything is ok now but I will repeat, you didn’t need a developer to install and modify the theme and the theme is “in working order” .. Also, there is a full documentation with videos on how to install the theme exactly like the demo.

Let me know if you need more help. I will be there to assist you, but please post it on the forum. Thanks!

How can I columnize images across on the “home horizontal widget” just like this site http://www.crossfitmaxeffort.com/ when I add more to the horizontal widget they lay out vertical not horizontally?


Please visit the support forum, I will help you there : http://www.danyduchaine.com/forum