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Great, clean design! Excellent work – bookmarked for my next projects

I sure you will have good sales :-)

best wishes

mike from berlin


Thanks Mike! :)

Looks very neat man


Thanks man ;)

Yay its done! It’s freaking awesome man. You can just tell how much attention was put into every little detail. I wish you the best of luck Dany!


Thanks AJ :) Congrats on your beautiful paaaww! :)

Beautiful Theme Dany! Great work.

It has social buttons ?


No but there is a lot of social plugin you can install and display anywhere you want, here’s a good one for example : http://www.themezilla.com/plugins/zillasocial/

Or you can always add a menu item named “Follow” or “Social” and then dropdown items for your social presence.


I just was Asking couse almost themes have it, it´s not real problem at all, working like a charm.

Hi Dany,

I’m having trouble uploading the theme to WP. It reads “stylesheet” is missing. I know your forum is closed due to migration but need you help and thanks. The theme looks awesome.


Hey, the forum is back online, you can go there I will help you :)


Yeah. I’m trying to get on your site but can’t access the forum or any other part of it. I just can’t see the sliders and the pages don’t work like the demo does. We’ll talk soon i suppose.


Hey, the forum is up now :) I migrate hosting during the weekend and we had to fix some problems.

Beautiful! I think I have an upcoming project that will work very nicely with this theme. Awesome work and love your attention to detail, as usual!

Great job Dany, as always! :winktongue:

Very nice theme ! :)

Awesome theme DanyDuchaine, good luck mate! ;)

Great theme! Good luck with it :)

Thanks everyone! I really appreciate it.

Sweet theme Dany! It’s really great to see great designed niche themes on ThemeForest. I’m sure it’ll sell well! Good luck! :)


Yes and so much fun to do! :) Thanks man.

I really like this one !


Thanks man :)

Great piece of art , congrats !
Wish you the best with sales. :)



Awesome work as always man, love the attention to detail!


Thanks Chris ;)

Such an amazing design!

Ya man, vraiment nice. Je vais le presenter a un ami qui se cherche un theme pour un projet de gym/entraineur! :)


Ah! Thanks Phil :)

Firstly, I love this theme! :-) Fantastic job! I was just wondering if there was a weekly class schedule widget of some sort in a grid formate. Where you could have a complete weekly overview with timings that you can then link to the individual classes for more information.


Hey, thanks for the comment.

No there is no such thing right now but I am pretty sure there’s plugin available for that kind of task.

Hi, I have a question about the slide on the home. In your sample there are 4 posts/news, what happens if we have more than 5 posts/news on that slide? Can I see a sample of it?



Hey, it is not coded to have more than 4. The slides are created trough the admin panel, you choose the number of slides you want, the images, and the text but you can’t put more than 4.