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can this easily be updated through envato plugin now ?

Hi – We do not use any proprietary plugins for updates. It’s a simple matter of replacing files and takes just a few minutes.


got it – thanks :)

there any way to take away the drop shadow in the text throughout the site? is it done with easy – customization of colors – etc.

Hi – we only have a drop shadow on the homepage area under the slider – that’s the only place and that single line can be edited out in the style sheet or custom css box in the admin panel :)


cool deal – thanks :)

No problem – if you need help with anything like that if you decide to purchase then just drop a support ticket.


Hi, i tried to change the header colours via Customise option but unable to get it working. The colour remains as red. Please advise.

You have to use the color picker from the theme options panel. If you are changing this and it’s not working, then please go to and open a ticket for support as detailed in your documentation.

I could not put the map on top of the contact page. I followed the procedures by copying the code from google map widget putting in contact, but nothing appears on the page. What might be happening?

Hi – can you please open a ticket at as instructed in your documentation with a link to your site.

ok. I did.

thanks! :)


stel72 Purchased


Great theme. I was having issues with getting our header and background image to show. I turned off all the plugins to see if there was any conflict between them and it still didn’t show up. Any ideas on how we can get the header and background images up?


Hi – as long as you have them set as per the instructions no there should not be any issues however as this is a support related question could you please post a ticket on the support center as outlined in your help documentation etc. Here’s a link for you also:



Just to let you know – I updated to Wordpress 4.0 and lost most of my menu items? I have restored a back up of my site as I guess it is a bug?

Will re-update once fixed… still loving the theme.

Many thanks.

Hi – we had no issues when we updated and haven’t had any reports from any other users either. Not sure what caused that, perhaps a plugin you have maybe?

OK – I’ll look into it… cheers for speedy reply.


kkopf1 Purchased

I have a simple question – I just want to change the margin at the top to move the logo up slightly. I didn’t see this in the style sheet. Can you help?

Hi and thanks for the purchase and comment.

Please open a ticket at support for assistance – the link for support is in the following locations: Your documentation, the support tab for the product, the item description page and also my profile page.

Your best bet is to use firebug plugin in firefox browser to find CSS and alter in the browser before committing your change – as a note before making changes you should really use a child theme so when you update you don’t lose your changes, alternatively for a small change you would add to the custom css panel in the theme options.

Again please open a ticket and offer a link to your site and we can assist :)


My text has shadow throughout the site – any way to remove that –

Hi and thanks for the purchase – as outlined in your documentation, the support tab of the item, the item preview description page and also my profile page please direct all support questions through the support center.

I do not see text shadow throughout your site when visiting the link but I know we have some on some items (images) which you can edit via the style.css to remove text shadow if you don’t want it.

I recommend you do this via a child theme as when you update you’ll get the text shadow right back again :)


I have a problem, I think… I’m not sure if it’s a problem but the display of the admin mentioned in the documentation that is provided by you are different from view after installation, and it seems that I am unable to get the same result. Documentation: My result:

Did anyone reporting issues, does not mean that there is not a problem right? I get it, I’ll try again to open ticket.

No problems with support or the theme is what I am saying – that’s why I recommend you reinstall the theme, looks like maybe you are missing something in your FTP / install process.

At this point I would even via a support ticket suggest reinstalling the theme.


OK. I’ll try again to open ticket. I’ll try again to transfer the theme files.

Does this theme compatible with WooCommerce?

No it is not. If a theme is then it will be stated in the compatibility list on the right of the description area, also the description would mention something and also the live demo would show a store.


Not all of the… Just didnt know if the CSS was accommodating but you seem jerkish. I hope I’m reading your response wrong

Hi no I wasn’t being a jerk at all :) I was simply explaining (in case you didn’t know) that if an item is compatible with or supports a particular ecommerce product then it will be listed by the author on the right of the item details under the compatible with section that is all – just trying to help you out and explain things. Sorry if you took it the wrong way.



abcsrl Purchased

Hi, it is ok to update to 4.1? thank you

Yes you shouldn’t have any issues :)

Hi there just bought the theme and so far so good. Just curious, is there a way to make the scroller on the home page full width? and potentially slightly taller?

Would be great if you can give me some insight into that.

Thanks again and keep up the great work!

Greetings, in theory you could but it would take quite the customization to make it like that unfortunately.

Do you know if I can add BuddyPress to this theme?

Hi, you can add BuddPress to any WP theme however we do not have any specific styling for it.

Hi, Really want to buy this theme but after a darker site (want the white main panel to be darker grey). Checking the CSS via firebug and cant see where you would change the white main panels color. Im assuming it would be via the admin>theme customization panel? Or do you include a darker template? Thanks Jon

Hi, the only color picker provided in this theme is the red that you see on the live preview. Everything else is in the style.css. For example that white that yo mentioned is (from firebug) is set on the #bdywrapper as a repeatable background img. If you want it darker, you would just need to create a repeatable image (if you wanted texture to it) and upload it to the img directory of the theme and call it bground.jpg and it would take over. If you didn’t want the image, you could just over ride the CSS using the Custom CSS box under theme options by targeting #bdywrapper. Hope that helps.


I am looking at purchasing your theme to create a similar website – website is

Does your theme comes with filterable portfolio plugin, sidebar widgets and are we able to create the buttons “Tell Us Your Story”, “Online Training”, “Book Consultation” in the section under the sliding images? Thank you.

Please also do update me if I can leave my portfolio summary on the Home page (as seen on through using of the shortcodes. Thank you.

Hi – the portfolio is a stand along plugin and can be used with any theme, it just won’t be exactly styled for that theme unless we specifically mention it in the item description (which we don’t for Fitness). You can use the plugin out of the box and see what you get and then apply extra styling to beef it up some if you would prefer. For the homepage we provide 3 different homepage templates. You can read more about them here: So to answer your questions, yes, you can do what you want, but it would be based on your content and the additional porftfolio plugin.

I really love this theme, thank you.

However, when I downloaded the file, the help file was blank and there was no PDF. Can you help with that?


Hi and thanks for the purchase!

As an author we don’t supply the files for download, Envato does, however we have all documentation online so I can offer you a link :)

I will download the files myself and check but haven’t had any reports that the help doc isn’t working correctly – in the meantime the online docs are always best anyway because they are live and we can update on-the-fly:


Thank you so much for the fast reply. You’re awesome!!

No,,, you’re awesome! :)


kkopf1 Purchased

can the search bar be removed in the top navigation? if so please tell me how

You can hide via editing the styling of the ID #searchbox and tell it display none – that would be your easiest way or edit the header file of the theme. Obviously you should make any customizations to a WP theme by using a child theme so your customizations are not lost when updating the theme.

Please note that support is offered via the support center which is listed in your documentation, the item description, the item support tab and also my profile page.

Many thanks


I just purchased this theme yesterday and began working on it today however the plugin Creativ Shortcuts did not come with the theme and all searches I’ve done to find it outside of the themes package have come up empty. Where can I get the plugin in order to make the shortcodes work properly?

Thank you!

No worries, we’re happy that you are happy with it! :)

Ok, one more questions! Is there a good way to add text above and below this page: I have info that applies to all of these sections, but it makes the pages run longer than I’d like and become redundant if it’s repeated on each page.

Thank you!

Hi – not without hard coding it into the template, unfortunately.

Hi there!

Is everything ok with this theme in regards to this issue?

Also, is it compatible and safe to upgrade to WordPress 4.2?


Yes, we are currently going through and updating each theme item description as we release an update to option tree (with regard to the security risk). Everything is ok. Just option tree directory needs to be replaced. This theme is on the schedule today to be updated and placed in the review queue. You will get notification from TF about when the update is ready to download. The only files that will change is style.css (version # only) and the entire option tree directory.

my navigation is not showing my drop down menu items

Hi – this is the comment area and not the support area which is listed in your documentation, also on the item description, the support tab of the item and finally, also on my profile page – here also is a link for you to open a ticket:

As a thought, are your sub pages actually indented in your WordPress Menu which is what is required to make your menu items drop down? As there are no issues ever reported with the menu, it’s about all I can possibly think of I’m afraid.