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Can you show a preview of the purchased version?

I would like to make sure I understand before I purchase.

Sorry, after seeing so many complaints about the picture would just like to verify.

Thank you


Any images that you see in the preview are for demo purposes and don’t included in the downloadable item. Images are part of the content and i suppose that every buyer has his own content to use with his project.

Also, images have their own license (and price). Have copyrights and i cannot include them in the main file.

Thanks for interest.

Are all the icons included? Are all the includes that are used in the packages section included? I don’t mind the banner on the top or anything like that. Just want the icons to be there.


veenarm Purchased

I bought this for WHMCS, however the header/WHMCS template is non responsive – is there a quick way to achieve this? or do we need to copy the foundations.css across include it and then change the classes?

Customization is to change various things and create something that is custom to buyer needs.

So, this is not customization, it is a whole new custom WHMCS template. You asked for a quick way to achieve this. When create a new WHMCS template it is not a quick way.


veenarm Purchased

True, I did ask a quick way, or do I need to do stuff, your strait out response its not possible :) All good, keeping this and got the responsive as well :)

ah ok :-)

obviously, i wrote “it is not possible” because this is not a customization of “change this, change the other and voila”

of course, nothing is impossible :-)


Hello Thank you for this great template I have question please how i can put ( index.html ) to inside header and footer .tpl (WHMCS THEME) Thank you


thanks for the kind comments.

This is not possible, except if you have the knowledge by yourself to create a custom WHMCS template.

This is a HTML template with a basic WHMCS integration not a custom WHMCS template.

Thanks again!

Thank you :D I will try

Good luck :-)


omax Purchased

Great template. Thank you.

Thanks for the kind comment!


Felts Purchased


I have a very annoying problem.

use the column “small-12 large-9 medium-9 columns”


but when i integration with whmcs and change the styles page is out of places!!!

How to integrate the whmcs using column “small-12 large-6 medium-6 columns” ??

await response

i answered via e-mail to this.

There are no PSDs in the file. How do I edit the datacenter page (to change the pins)?


send your message via item support tab ( to assist you.


Hi Dear, I like your template but i needed right to left version of your template but here just i can see left to right version! can i see rtl version demo before buy ?


The HTML template it is based on Zurb Foundation so it supports all components that this framework has.

Of course, you need to be familiar with HTML/CSS to integrate it.

Please for any other question send an e-mail to support[at]

Thanks. Have not any pre provided css and html5 elements in your template that we can using them later ?

No, personally i do not find this useful.

Dear, Are support this template for cms wordpress? thanks


no, this is a HTML template, not a WordPress theme.

Thanks for interest.

so, this only for cms blogspot only ?

This is a HTML template, you cannot use it as theme to any CMS.

You need to have knowledge of HTML/CSS to open the files via a code editor and make changes according to your needs.


Hi There,

Sticky header did not work according to your mailed instructon. I’ve tried below;

replaced: <div class="top"> with: <div class="top topsticky"> and replaced : <div class="bigline" /> with: <div class="bigline-top-is-sticky" /> define the margin-top in style.css of .bigline-top-is-sticky (change the 154px according to your needs). .bigline-top-is-sticky {height:3px; background: url(images/line.png) repeat-x; padding:0; margin:154px 0 0;} I've tried this on my contact form and still there's about 30% hidden from the page top. on a related note, how can I populate another column under shared hosting pricing table.. when I add one, its goes to the bottom thank you!</div></div>


send me your url via to take a look and help you out.



Sure, I’ll send you the details once I’m done with the necessary edit.


Hi! Just bought this template but can’t find the PSD file. Can you help me with this?


it is a HTML template, not PSD. The downloaded zip does not inlcude any PSD file.

Is there any plan to update this template in the near future?


I do not have ETA, but sure after the release of WHMCS 6 for production use.

Do you want a specific feature that missing? Or you just ask an update?

I realize that the WHMCS template files do not fit very well to the rest of the theme. Also, there are another good thing that other of your themes have, like sliders and ccs animations.


All templates are not the same and this specific template has two sliders (one vertical, one horizontal). For CSS animations i’m not sure that i want to add them in this template.

For the WHMCS template, for sure i will make something better when the whmcs 6 released.

Do not forget, that it is a HTML template and for WHMCS there is no extra cost. Only tones of support.

Thanks for the suggestions.


pabl0 Purchased

Hi Audemedia,

great theme – I really like it! One question though.. When I add my own logo it displays fine on a desktop or laptop device but on a mobile device the logo is overlapped by the top bar. Is there a way to resolve this easily?



please send your url via to take a look and i will inform you.



pabl0 Purchased

I found a workaround was to remove the padding for the mobile menu.. it looks okay like that. I do have another question regarding WHMCS template so will submit a ticket for that. Thanks for your fast response and for a terrific theme.


i replied via e-mail.