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Wow! Goood work friend! GLWS ;)

Nice work! Good luck, dude ! :)

Thanks AT :)

Looking good MT!

Not sure I could ride that bike tho ;)

Thanks, you’d definitely need a helmet! :)

The bike is looking better ;)

I bought your theme, Fixy, and just wanted to say that I’m very happy. No problems whatsoever. I love it.

Thanks for purchasing and your kind feedback :)

Great theme. One Question…. When is this coming out for Wordpress? :D

Hi there, we have had a few people ask this now :) The short answer is soon probably as if there is demand for it, we will build it. It may be too simple for the ThemeForest review team, but we can always try.

Great theme. One Question…. When is this coming out for Wordpress? :D

Nice looking theme. Does it utilize tags?

Thanks, tags are built in yes. At the moment with Ghost tags don’t link anywhere, they are effectively just text on a page.

another nice theme! would love a wp version of this :)

looks great! will buy later today :)

Cheers Nathan, we’ve worked really hard on this one to keep its simplicity :)

Hi there, I haven’t purchased yet, but I was wondering if the bike in the left column on the transparent area is permanent to the theme, or just part of your example preview. It’s cute, but don’t think it would go with the theme for my blog. ;) Thanks!

Hi there the bike doesn’t come with the theme it’s the logo we uploaded via ghost. You can add whatever logo you like via the ghost admin panel :)

Very nice work Good luck with Sales;

Cheers :)