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Hi there, your theme looks great. Pre-Sales question: I want to use the theme with a static homepage. I would imagine that shouldn´t be a problem although I prefer to ask first instead of realizing later, that I was wrong. Best Michael

No problem at all :)

Hi there, already purchased and installed the theme on http://folsä . Although the comments are activated, they do not show on the site. Is this meant to be this way and do you have a solution?

Hi there, comments are only for posts, not pages on Fixy. You can add comment functionality into pages, but it is a customisation you need to make via PHP using the Child Theme, we can guide you through this if you need help at

Pre sales question. Can Fixy be modified to display full-width at all times?


Are you talking about placing that code in the Fixy plugin and hitting save or through the WP Dashboard?

If you buy it you’ll see what I mean, the theme comes with a custom css block you can add custom css too

pre sales question. Your theme hasn’t been updated for a long time, not that it’s functionality would require, but are you planning any updates to assure compliance with wordpress versions and/or (future, possible) security concerns? would be pity to buy this theme and face problems in a year or so…

Hello we check all our themes as each WordPress version is released and fix any critical bugs. Our themes are built to best practice so it’s rare to have security concerns unless best practice turns to a security issue. Fixy is so simple it hasn’t required an update in this time. Having said that we cannot guarantee any of our themes will be around forever so if you are worried about longevity you may want to purchase a newer theme. You’ll also want to buy an extended support package as themeforest only provides 6 months cover on all of its WP items.

thank you very much for quick reply. brings confidence in your long term commitment to project. I will definitely look around for your themes.

No problem

Hi, i really would appreciate if you would tell me what is google font service code. I really like to use google web fonts. And it is possible to make use of fonts that are installed on the system (server).

Hi there, I’ll reply via the support ticket you’ve just added.