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Hello, Great theme. Rain home page isn’t working correctly. the main image gets cut off at the bottom. If you change the class to “single_image” it works fine and the Rain effect covers the whole area.

<!-HOME SECTION STARTS-> <section id=”home” class=”single_image”> <!-ANIMATED TEXT->


Thanks for letting me know, I will make an update soon.

Hi! Is there any way to change the fa-incos in the “about” section to custom made png icons? Thanks!


the graphic should be

<img src="http://tamtamstudio.ro/graphics/muzica.png" />

you had it as a link that’s why it isn’t showing.

thank you very much for your patience and for your advice. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work either. Maybe you can have another solution for this…? Thanks!

It does work as |I’ve tried it, you are only adding an image on to of the circle. I’m not sure what you did but the code was really messed up! You even had the html pre in there.. Here’s an example of what it would look like:
<div class="service">
<a href="linkhereifyouwant.html">
<img src="graphics/muzica.png" class="pic" /></a>
<h6><strong>Productie muzicala</strong></h6>
<p>Compozitie piese muzicale<br />
(linii melodice, versuri, orchestratie)<br />
Compozitie piese instrumentale<br />
Negative si remix-uri<br />
Coloane sonore pentru filme<br />
Muzica pentru jocuri si meniuri DVD</p>

Then to center the graphic in the circle I have add the class ’.pic’ and then added it to the css. .pic { padding-top:5px; }

gwerner Purchased

hi there…

was wondering … on the demo “image” ... the red pulsing heart icon is using the bootstrap glyph icon right? how can I change that to use the music note instead?

I duplicated the heart css defines and swapped heart with the word music … but it doesn’t show the glyphicon for the music note.

am I missing something?



Hi, the heart is actually created using css however you can do something like the following:
<div class="wow bounceInDown text-center" data-wow-delay="8s">
<i class="fa fa-rocket fa-3x wow pulse colour" data-wow-iteration="infinite" />
Change ‘rocket’ to your icon choice, ‘fa-3x’ is the icon size, ‘pulse’ gives it the pulsing effect, ‘colour’ gives the template’s colour. data-wow-delay, sets the time before it appears. Hope this helps.

Hi !

Thanks for the theme :)

I want to choose the Image template, is it possible to remove the filter on the photo and is it possible to remove the down carret?

Also, i want to put the menu only on the footer section, is it possible?

Thanks a lot for your help


Hi, I cant see that you have purchased the template?

Heyo I would like to rename the section ID’s but when I do this, it destroys the section. Is there a way to do it without destroying ? Would I need to change the names in style.css to ? Is there any easy way?


I cant really tell without seeing, do you have it online?


just change for example <section id=”work”> to <section id=”random”> this will break the design of the section. My question is how to prevent this ? :)


You will have to find the id that you have changed in the css.

sggir Purchased

i have not purchased yet, but love theme, wondering if a version has the menu at the top on the homepage, i saw in the comments section about moving the menu down

“To make to nav start at a lower position you can edit it in scripts.js > SCROLL & RESPONSIVE MENU if ($(window).scrollTop() > 1) {

giving ‘1’ a higher number that suits your layout”

If i purchase and give the value 0 will it place at top of main screen, thanks in advance.


Is your question answered as I’m not sure…

sggir Purchased

ive been trying to make the menu system show on main screen and always be on top, but i havnt figured it out yet, i played around with the scrolltop value, but no luck so far, any suggestions, thanks.


I’m not sure that I understand you sorry. The menu is at the top of the page? The scroll-top value sets the distance that the page sections scroll to.

How can I replace the heart or the text on start with an image ? When I just put an image in, its not centered.

Hi you can add the class = “center” e.g <div class="wow bounceInDown" data-wow-duration="3s" data-wow-delay="6s"> <img src="img/logo.png" alt="" class="wow pulse center" data-wow-iteration="infinite" /></div>
Nutley Purchased

Love your temple and really appreciate the amount of effort you have made to mark everything up for HTML numpties like me :)

I’m trying to create my portfolio section and am using the slideshow variety (where you click the left or right arrows and flick through your work) but is there a way to ONLY see the work from that thumbnail (so if I click on thumbnail one I only see (say) the five images relevant to that section)

At the moment the slideshow cycles through all sixty images that make up the entire body of work.

I hope I’ve made sense and thanks for the great template :)


Hi, do you have it online as I’m not sure where you mean.

Nutley Purchased

Yup, you can go to http://www.hpstoragemedia.com/nutleys/index.html

It’s inthe ‘work’ section.

Also, I currently have (e.g.) five circles in the click section and would like just one.

Hopefully when you see it, it’ll make more sense :)


You can only have one image per thumbnail hence all of the circles. In regards to the slideshow showing only the ones you require per category I will have to check for you.


Just checked – the lightbox image for each thumb is confined to each category. e.g if you have 5 images in a category called ‘motion’ it will show 5 larger images.

Nutley Purchased

Okay, thank you very much for the insight. I might have to go for a ‘Plan B’ regarding the portfolio section. :)


Could you please update plugins which used in Theme?
  • Bootstrap – v3.3.2
  • Font Awesome Icons – v4.2.0
  • Royal Preloader – v2.03
  • Cube Portfolio – v2.0.0
  • Any other if any.

All this new release will fix-up many bugs related to browsers.

Actually I want to make something on top of using this theme. I don’t want to work again on same pages. Else please release just small update like maintenance release with no extra add-on. I will appreciate if you do this.


Hi there, it is something I intend to do soon. I am catching up after the Christmas break and will be updating.


Hello Josweb, I tried to manually updating all free plugins. However it break the theme design and not functioning properly. So I have to wait for your update only. Can you please let me know when you can do this update?


The theme is not broken at the moment, I will get to it. Please bear with me, hopefully it should be ready around the end of the month.

Im in tears. I bought this template on 1st Jan from Envato and can’t get help or support because the designer thinks I stole it! I have proof of payment and all.

Have spent hours and hours and hours customising getting ready for the launch for my new studio and BAM NO SUPPORT! Devastated. Will be pursuing this through Envato for sure.


no sorry because its not ready. I can’t find where to make the rollover effect more opaque so you can still see the pic. Thanks


Less opaque? For the work section?


Hi, I’ve just had a play and I’m not sure that this is possible as the colour is the background behind the image.

Please provide the support promised when I purchased this template.


Hi, the background colours for the hovers can be edited in > css/cubeportfolio.min.css
You can see them if you scroll down to > CSS3 ANIMATIONS >
pushTop caption ( this is the work section) and
> zoom caption ( this is the team section)
You will then need to edit the css to add your preferred colour and opacity. I hope this helps.