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Hello, Great theme. Rain home page isn’t working correctly. the main image gets cut off at the bottom. If you change the class to “single_image” it works fine and the Rain effect covers the whole area.

<!-HOME SECTION STARTS-> <section id=”home” class=”single_image”> <!-ANIMATED TEXT->


Thanks for letting me know, I will make an update soon.

Hi! Is there any way to change the fa-incos in the “about” section to custom made png icons? Thanks!


the graphic should be

<img src="http://tamtamstudio.ro/graphics/muzica.png" />

you had it as a link that’s why it isn’t showing.

thank you very much for your patience and for your advice. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work either. Maybe you can have another solution for this…? Thanks!

It does work as |I’ve tried it, you are only adding an image on to of the circle. I’m not sure what you did but the code was really messed up! You even had the html pre in there.. Here’s an example of what it would look like:
<div class="service">
<a href="linkhereifyouwant.html">
<img src="graphics/muzica.png" class="pic" /></a>
<h6><strong>Productie muzicala</strong></h6>
<p>Compozitie piese muzicale<br />
(linii melodice, versuri, orchestratie)<br />
Compozitie piese instrumentale<br />
Negative si remix-uri<br />
Coloane sonore pentru filme<br />
Muzica pentru jocuri si meniuri DVD</p>

Then to center the graphic in the circle I have add the class ’.pic’ and then added it to the css. .pic { padding-top:5px; }

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hi there…

was wondering … on the demo “image” ... the red pulsing heart icon is using the bootstrap glyph icon right? how can I change that to use the music note instead?

I duplicated the heart css defines and swapped heart with the word music … but it doesn’t show the glyphicon for the music note.

am I missing something?



Hi, the heart is actually created using css however you can do something like the following:
<div class="wow bounceInDown text-center" data-wow-delay="8s">
<i class="fa fa-rocket fa-3x wow pulse colour" data-wow-iteration="infinite" />
Change ‘rocket’ to your icon choice, ‘fa-3x’ is the icon size, ‘pulse’ gives it the pulsing effect, ‘colour’ gives the template’s colour. data-wow-delay, sets the time before it appears. Hope this helps.