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Great Theme ! Is it possible to re-use the angle property for an image in the main content ? like this : http://img15.hostingpics.net/pics/470200PAGEmipim.jpg

Thanks :)


if you mean to put the content block you show me in this screenshot in the same area like the angled border, yes. You can do this using some CSS special classes included. But you can adjust this classes as you could need.

Basically, you can add different custom CSS classes for each content block that would allow you to put upper or lower any block or element. So just adding such classes, you could move those elements to the same position like the angled part, as you can see with the mobile graphic within the demo.

Anyway, thank you very much about your interest in Flamingo. It is really appreciated! :)

Hi, thanks ! I need to add a class in custom.js to use the same angle as top and bottom angle ? Is-it possible to you to help me to find where i add the code ? (sorry for my bad english)

Thanks :)


Please, make sure you are signing in here with the account you used to do your purchase. This is the only way we have to check a valid user.

Anyway, the top angle and the bottom one use the same angle and the same functions in js and CSS : )

Just wanted to say I love this theme. Even more importantly, I love the way that the authors support their theme and their customers!

Russel, we really appreciate your support. It is a pleasure to work with folks like you :)

can’t get location field working on contact page. Downloaded latest package, style.css == Version: 1.4.5

changelog saying latest is 1.5

Am I missed something?

Hi Fransz,

please, read changelog.txt if you have updated from a late version. This is what is written there:

IMPORTANT update: Improved support for location map within contact pages. This means that now the code is simplified to work as usual. Just in case of updating the theme from an older version, you could need to disable/delete the “Location Field” plugin in order to get work correctly your map in your contact page template.
In case you have any related doubt, open a support ticket and provide there more info and we´ll help with.


of course I saw, and did the changes, as i see you replaced the location field to the New Advanced Custom fields which is already contains location field. As i can edit the location on the page, its saving also.

but on frontent, the theme activated is just gray background for the map. I also see the custom marker.

In the latest theme download -> style.css -> Version: 1.4.5 Changelog says latest version is 1.5

What do i miss? thanks


as you can see within changelog.txt, the current theme version is -> v1.4.5 // updated: 08/31/15

Anyway, as I suggest you before, please, open a support ticket and provide there more info about this issue and I´ll try to help closer in order to understand better your particular case.

Cheers! : )

Hi there! great theme! I have a question 4u…Why can I not change the color of the separator?vc_sep_holder vc_sep_holder thanks!

Hi Anna,

please check the official support area in order to know how to edit this element. Several threads talk about it.

In case you can´t find something useful, do not hesitate to open a support ticket and I´ll help closer :)

had to update via FTP , using childtheme and tested activating normal theme folder. But how do I now update the plugins? just by normal update under plugins? or will that make things break? the folder i downloaded have the zip files. but cant they be updated inside admin?

Make sure that you have cleaned your browser cache. After this, if you are still in troubles with it, just open a support ticket and I´ll try to help better.

Cheer! : )

Hello again! See there is an update. But the envato plugin shows to download but it says i dont have it installed. But i do. How does one update this theme without screw all settings? Really? Must i do it by manually FTP remove the folder and then reupload the new? Why isnt there a “update theme” like with plugins?


please, read this guidelines within our support area about how to handle updates. In case you could have any related doubt, do not hesitate to open a support ticket and we´ll try to help with it : )

Hi ! I’m very interested by your theme, but i want to know, before buy it, if it’s possible to add a part of portfolio on the home page. Thank you for your answer. Regards, Morgane.

Hi Morgane,

yes, you could create a default page and add there any content via the page builder. This system has a widget that would allow you to add your own portfolio/grid with your projects mixed with other contents. You don´t need to use the portfolio page only for this proposal if this is your question.

Anyway, thank you very much for your interest in Flamingo : )

Thank you for your answer :)


rwatt Purchased

I just wanted to say how much I love your theme. It’s clean, sophisticated, visitor friendly, with great features. I get so many compliments on my website, which is important since my industry is very visual. Thank you for always getting back to me when I have a question and genuinely caring about my website. Words cannot express my gratitude for your professionalism.

Hi Rachel,

thank you very much for your feedback. It is always a pleasure working with professionals like you.

We are very glad hearing you find Flamingo and our work useful. When you are happy with it this means that we are achieving our goal.

Satisfaction at your side & our side: mode -> on


Hi, Purchased your theme. It’s very beautiful and fast. I did not any option for remove header background from portfolio item. Can, you please tell me, How can, i remove the header from portfolio item

Hey makonline,

I´m not pretty sure about how you would like to handle the backgrounds. I mean, you just need to assign a background color, a single image or a slideshow or video for this area.

In case you would like to totally remove the hero area (the area with the background), please, open a support ticket and provide there more info like the layout you are using in your site. It is not the same running the angled layout or the straight one.

Anyway, if you open a private ticket, you can provide more info like your site URL and an admin user and password to your site in order to get help faster by our part.

I hope it will help you out! : )

Hello, I want to know is it possible to copy the theme text or not? because in your preview I can’t copy any text!

Hey Mahdi,

this behavior only happens when a header slider is enabled, as you can see in the demo in any other page different to the home.

The slider can be handled with touch events, with mouse and even with trackpads and the only way to achieve this functionality, due to the layout complexities (deep layers issue), is to control all the events via javascript and regrettably the regular selection does not work as usual in pages with a slider in the hero area enabled.

I hope it will clarify a little bit more this detail : )


I’m having an issue with the Contact Form 7 template. My entire site is now SSL secure and now the form won’t work. All I get is the spinning loader.

Can you provide a fix to make sure the form actually loads?

It was working perfectly before.

Look forward to a resolve.

apparently it breaks the customiser as well. I cannot install this on the site. Raises too many security risks. Have been in touch with CF 7 author and everything works with SSL apparently. So it’s a theme issue.

Please provide a solution so we can get this fixed.

Thanks Van Hash

Well, as WP does not implement a good contact form solution we use to add Contact Form 7 as tool to provide such functionality and offer more options. This plugin is one of the most popular and well supported as you know.

If you do a basic Google search, you will see how this is a common issue in a SSL scenario when Contact Form 7 is in use and it is not easy to handle without hardcoding or tweaking the plugin, what is not a recommended solution.

I have tested this plugin that I recommended to you and it seems to not break the customizer or any other theme feature. Maybe is out of date because has not support actually but it would work for particular cases like yours.

Just notice that Flamingo is a Wordpress Portfolio Theme and it was not designed to work in shop environments or similar where SSL could be required, but again. I don´t know your particular situation and I don´t know why you need to SSL your site, but maybe you could study to use some of those plugins to secure some pages instead securing the whole site. I´m just suggesting ideas in order to help to solve your particular situation.

And again, if you give us more details in our support forum we can help closer, providing your site URL and an admin user & password, we can check your configuration. Just have into account that we provide support via that system area and not here. Here we can´t share code snippets or sensitive data as passwords.

I hope it will be useful : )

Hi Van…thanks for the reply. I’ll add this to the open ticket on your support system.

Hello, great theme – two small questions.

1. Is it possible to create custom css – so that my portfolio thumbnails are a different size. eg 350 X 680.

2. is it possible to reduce the height of the header image [ page specific ] while using diagonal style layout.

thank you


in WP you can´t modify the thumbnails only tweaking the CSS or adding custom rules. Notice that the themes create any image size following some rules (functions) defined within a core file. The process to modify this is pretty easy, but in order to provide you a better & detailed explanation, I suggest you to open a support ticket and I´ll guide you to do this closer.

About the height, you can reduce the space between the content and the top part of the page in a very easy way with a single custom CSS rule, just add this rule to your custom styles (Flamingo options > General > Custom CSS):

.top-angle { margin-top: 275px; }

Just modify the value as you prefer.

I hope it will be useful! :)

Hi Developer, first of all, Thank you for such a beautiful theme and I am seriously considering to buy this theme as it serves all my purposes. I have some doubts which I request you to clear it out so that I can buy the theme without hesitation. 1) Is it possible to make header sticky? 2) Are shortcodes available for the progress bar, team and other entities so that I can place them as per my requirement? Awaiting your reply. Thank you in advance! :)

Hello! :)

first of all, thank you very much for your interest in Flamingo!

Regarding to your questions, yes & yes.

1. You have many different menu styles that you can check in this part of the documentation (video).

2. Most part of the content has being created using the page builder, so you just need to drag & drop the progress bar widget and add it to your content area, create different columns and a lot of different options for each case. I really encourage you to check the docs in order to know more about all the theme´s capabilities.

Again, thanks for putting attention to our work! It is really appreciated : )

Thank You for the prompt reply. Would like to confirm if the theme has Visual Composer?

Hi again,

yes, Flamingo implements VC as page/content builder to fast compose your own contents. As many other theme options for pages and menus configuration totally integrated with WP UI. Also, some options are implemented in a ACF basis : )

Hello again. Is it possible to disable the spinning page loader ? Thanks in advance


do you mean disable the whole feature or just get rid of the spinner?

In case you just want to remove the spinner when your page is loading, the easiest way to achieve this would be adding this custom CSS rule to your custom styles (Flamingo > General > Custom CSS):

#spinner { display: none; }

I hope it will be useful! : )


thevode Purchased

I have problems. I don’t know why, but when I do scroll down in protfolio, it shows the same projects repeated, not the rest of the projects uploaded.

thevode[dot]com to see what i’m talking about.

Looks so good, but one question: If that theme will get a sticky menu i also will buy it? You have an example with Sticky Menu? Thank you.

Hey saschahilke!

please, check this video in order to watch how to set up the different menu options, with a sticky version as well : )

I hope it will be interesting for you. Anyway thank you very much for about your interest in Flamingo, it is really appreciate it!

Hi there, I love this theme and just have one question before purchasing. Can I mix layouts? For example is it possible to use the angled layout on the homepage and the straight layout on other pages? Thanks!

Also – I am wondering if menu layout 4 can be closed? I want a standard menu (no hamburger menu) but I do not want all the pages to be open. Thanks!

Hi Anna!

unfortunately you can´t mix layouts, once you install the theme, within the options, you can select the layout you want to use in a very easy way, but once you have selected one (angled, straight or minimal) all your pages will display in this way. You could manage such escenario, but you should be able to deal with javascript and generate the scripts needed to use each kind of layout for every page.

In case of the menu, just notice that menu-03 & menu-04 are the same. The difference is just the first one is always closed and you need to click the trigger to open it and the menu-04 is always opened. In this sense I recommend you to watch this video in order to check how the menus work and how you need to configure them, it is really easy.

Anyway, thank you very much for your interest in Flamingo. It is very appreciate it! : )