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So clean and elegant one page i have ever seen. Goodluck.

Thanks themewaves, we appreciate your words ;)

Extraordinary work !

Thanks :D

Elegant work, wish you the best with sales :)

Thanks Bedros ;)

Beautiful work!!! ;)

Thanks juanmita ;)

Hello, could you please tell me if I will have any conflict if I install other plugins?

Many thanks :)

Sweet thanks, not sure about these things as I’m just a beginner.

Also Designare, could you please tell me if I can add sub navigation to the top navigation as there are some less important pages I would like to add as a drop down menu?

Thank you!

Hi MitziMarissa,

We are sorry but the template don’t support drop down menu. Maybe in a future update we can add this feature. Regards

Thanks Designare, that would be wonderful as I will have so many pages on my top navigation!

I like the animations! Well done!

Luck! :)

Thanks :D

WP theme coming soon? But either way amazing theme!

Hi srggamer, thanks for your comment! yes we will make the wordpress version ;)

Is there an eta on the wordpress version?

Hi tylerblakesd,

Thanks for your interest on our work ;) If all goes as planned, we will launch the Wordpress version on June.

Best Regards

Thanks, bought the template. Is there somewhere I can download the original photo of the businessman opening his shirt? I don’t see an editable image in the template nor the original. Thanks

Hi tylerblakesd,

Many thanks for your purchase, we truly appreciate it ;)

Here is the photo http://photodune.net/item/super-office-worker/3835120

Best Regards

Great theme!

How can I make the fullscreen flexslider auto play?

Hi praytell,

Many thanks for your purchase! ;)

To set a auto play to the slider, open the flash.js and on line 16 add this line
play: 5000,

Best Regards

Hello. Awesome theme! I love it! <3 Just a before buy question, is it possible to have a gallery like the one that that theme has: bit.ly/10LG0im

I will LOVE to see that implemented.

Designare, do you receive emails when I write a answer on your ticket support page? I don’t know if you have read it or u’re working on it or you aren’t aware about my opinion. Thank you! :)

We are working on it, a little of patience friend :)

Yeahh! I just entered to your site! I saw the changes! Looking really sexyyy! Congrats bro! Of course, take your time man. I think this is hard work, even for the developers. :) Keep up the awesome work and support! People who read that and future buyers: Rate 5 starts to that awesome team and don’t think twice and buy this theme! U’ll not regret! Best support I have had ever! PS: I fixed the svg icon “bug” you have the solution on my other ticket in case you want to include it on the documentation for future buyers :p

WOW!!! having bought something similar this blows it out the water! What an epic single page!!

the ONLY thing that would be cool, would be able to insert sharing buttons on the enlarged images on the gallery…. Is this do able??? The it would tick every single little box!!! ;-)

Hi nicklloydio,

Thanks for your purchase and comment ;)

We have a update to launch, maybe we will add the social shares on it.

Best Regards

Thank you for your reply!! I will keep my fingers crossed as this would make it perfect!!!! Such an easy template to work with – so good

Done. Update v1.0.1 has already the sharing buttons on the prettyphoto overlay ;)

Hi designare,

is there an issue with side scroll when viewing on iPhone that you are aware of? im getting this:

Hi willchidlow,

We already fixed that issue in the latest update. You can check our flash preview on your iphone http://designarethemes.com/themes/flash/light/ Please update your site ;)

Regarding the question that you have posted on our support page, we will try to see what is happening today.

Best Regards

could you please advise what the fix was so i can implement without having to start editing from scratch again. many thanks

I can see actually that it looks like you have done an update to fix this and the parallax issue. could you advise me of the changes you have made so i can just implement the fixes instead of downloading again. many thanks, your support so far has been fantastic!

All right, like to see happy customers! ;)

will these changes also address the parallax issue on mobile/tablet?

Yes, we fix that issue too


In the About Who We Are section, where do I add the URL to socials? I add it where there is onclick=”#” and put the URL there instead of ”#” sign but didn’t work.


Hi davidhalim,

Many thanks for your purchase.

Can not really function well, is missing the window.open, we apologize for this error. You need to put your url like this


We will fix that issue and do a update.

Best Regards

Greetings, Love the theme, thanks! great Job. hoping you can help….. I seem to be having a bit of trouble geting proj-slider.html to load inside the portfolio, am I missing something I need to do to set it up correctly?


Hi punkyman,

Many thanks for your purchase, we truly appreciate it.

Please check in the documentation section “Ajax Portfolio” to learn how it works.

Either way, if you can not handle it and still need our help, please create a account on our Support Page and post your question there, our support team will be happy to help you ;)

Best Regards

Hi I have a couple questions that need a screen shot… where I can write you?... thanks

Hi cabesoul,

Many thanks for your purchase.

You can send the screen shot to designarethemes@gmail.com

Best Regards

I cannot get my new logo to show up. I saved it as an svg. Any idea what I could’ve done wrong?

Hi texasoccer09,

Many thanks for your purchase, we truly appreciate it!

Please create a account on our Support Page and post your question there, our support team will be happy to help you ;)

Best Regards

Also I am trying to use icon-terminal and nothing will show up. It says it is a tag in http://fortawesome.github.io/Font-Awesome/icons/. Please help.

The same thing texasoccer09, please put your question in our support. Provide us the link o your site.


Elegant, I like very much, but am waiting for something like this delightful template in a wordpress version that will employ the latest 3.6 with multiple post types including self-hosted video and audio, multiple pages would be fine, high resolution, widget ready and some cool galleries where one’s artwork can be seen full screen, captcha on the contact page, private galleries that are password protected, a Woocommerce plugin… have I forgotten anything?

I would gladly buy your theme if you can do all that.

Hi Yazis,

Many thanks for your interest on our work.

Yes we will make the wordpress version and we will take in account your suggestions.

Best Regards

I have signed up for notification and eagerly look forward to your release of a wordpress version. I need all kinds of functionality sans corporate look… thanks for your reply!