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Hi, in Google Chrome the portfolio pages (e.g. proj-slider.html) are not being loaded into the pageloader div. The div expands slightly, but nothing appears. It is working correctly in Firefox. When is this going to be solved?

It is impossible to join your support forum on http://support.designarethemes.com – I always end up on an error 404 page.

Thank you.

Hi witchcraft,

Like we said in previous comments, the template have no erros and it’s working well in all browsers. Please check the next links, they are server versions, of the versions in the download package.

http://designarethemes.com/themes/flash/light-s/ http://designarethemes.com/themes/flash/dark-s/ http://designarethemes.com/themes/flash/blue-s/ http://designarethemes.com/themes/flash/fsimage-light-s/ http://designarethemes.com/themes/flash/fsimage-dark-s/ http://designarethemes.com/themes/flash/fsimage-blue-s/ http://designarethemes.com/themes/flash/fsslider-light-s/ http://designarethemes.com/themes/flash/fsslider-dark-s/ http://designarethemes.com/themes/flash/fsslider-blue-s/

A few things that you can check to find where is the problem:

1 – Gives a sneak peek at the documentation http://designarethemes.com/docs/flash-doc/

2 – Check if you are running the site in a server. The template requires web server with PHP 4+ installed.

3 – Check if you put spaces in the “rel” tags.

If the problem persists we only can help you if you pass us the link site :)

Hope that’s help!

Best Regards

Thanks – it must be the PHP version. I didn´t think of that cause I deleted your contact form. Anyway: it works fine with PHP 5 – also in Chrome ;-)

I’m new to this, when I bought this theme I was thinking it was for wordpress but I have found out other wise. What exactly is this template used for. Is there another cms that it works with?

Hi inlaydesign,

This is a html template. In order to edit template files you will need a code editor (e.g. you can use CODA for Mac or NotePad++ for Windows). You can use any cms, but you need to code it.

You can always check the documentation, she give you some tips.

We will release the wp version on july, if you want you can follow us to find out when the theme is out.

Best Regards

HA! I thought it was something that I was doing wrong in regard to the proj-slider.html not loading….. Witchcraft is 100% correct.

this DOES NOT work in chrome at all.

but it Does load in Firefox?

I asked about this two weeks ago!

Please fix asap guys,

Running on Mamp PHP version 5.3.5…

Hi, glad to say I got it working… for some reason the site does not show correctly in chrome on my local server, but does show up on chrome on my live server, kinda strange, this has never really happened before… BUT just wanted to say sorry for the confusion and thanks your help.

Nice, no problem punkyman ;)

looks nice! any plans to make a wordpress version?

Hi benzrecordings,

Yes we will make the wordpress version. If all goes well it will be available on themeforest on July. Best Regards

Hi Guys, I notice that the twitter feed you have used has been discontinued by twitters API and therefore no longer works. do you have any plans to implement an alternative twitter feed in future updates? many thanks W.

Hi willchidlow,

Yes the twitter API has changed, let’s fix it and make an update. Thanks for your patience.

Hi, Can you tell me which files I have to change to DISABLE responsiveness? My site involves some fixed width content which results into the breaking of the other elements when resized.


Hi sirhamster,

Many thanks for your purchase, we truly appreciate it.

To disable the responsive mode is not so easy as it seems, because the template has build with the skeleton grid, that is a grid that allow you to make responsive websites.

Anyway you can try to remove the media queries for other resolutions. You can find it on skeleton.css line 71 -> 204. You also need to delete the file resize.css.

If you need more help please create a account on our Support Page and post your question there, our support team will be happy to help you ;)

Best Regards

The IE version of the portfolio is broken on both local and live versions. I checked the live version Designare is running and the portfiolio is broken on IE as well.

We will check it tylerblakesd, thanks for pointing that out. Regards

Any update on the Twitter API fix?

Hi torster,

Many thanks for your purchase, we truly appreciate it!

We have find the solution to the twitter feed. We’re just waiting for the approval of ThemeForest, to launch the update.

Best Regards

OK—great. My client is asking about this every day. Thank you!

Done, please update your template ;)

Hi Designare, I love, love your template. So modern, colorful and really smooth. Before I purchase it, i need to know if I can showcase swfs in my portfolio as they represent 90% of my work. Thanks in advance, Cloe

Hi cloejaz,

Many thanks for your comment ;)

We think that swf’s work perfectly on this theme but we will confirme that and give you feedback.


Thank you so much. I have been looking for weeks and I always get nebulous answers. I have so many swfs to showcase I don’t want to have to add solid backgrounds or masks to each of them as i have read in some threads. I sense I’m in good hands with Designare and eagerly await your reply. Cheers,


Hi again cloe,

We can confirm now, swfs work perfectly on this theme on both sides, index.html and on ajax projects.

Best Regards ;)

EDIT You need to use the following embed code

<object type="application/x-shockwave-flash" data="/dir/application.swf" id="applicationID" style="margin:0 10px;width:auto;height:auto;">

<param name="movie" value="/dir/application.swf" />
<param name="wmode" value="transparent" /> <!-- Or opaque, etc. -->

<!-- ? Required paramter or not, depends on application -->
<param name="FlashVars" value="" />

<param name="quality" value="high" />
<param name="menu" value="false" />


Hi guys, Thanks for your prompt and stellar support. It’s the first clear answer I’m getting :). I’m still redoing my whole brand and I think I should wait for your Wordpress version (soon, right?) unless you tell me it will not support swfs.



Yes we will release the wordpress version in August ;) Regards

Hi 3 questions: 1 how to update without deleting my css changes? 2 How add a captcha. 3 How add a “up” arrow.

Thanks in advance…

Hi cabesoul,

Many thanks for your purchase.

Please create a account on our Support Page and post your question there, our support team will be happy to help you ;)

Best regards

hello, I have a problem to get it the email with the password to enter the support forum….

Hi cabesoul,

Please send us a email to designarethemes@gmail.com with your desired login details and we will setup a account for you.


Hi, I’m using this template for my personal portfolio but I have a big problem which I need to solve ASAP. If I open the site on Firefox it displays correctly but when I open it on Chrome sometimes the css won’t load correctly and the “intro-text” section words appear overlapped, also the small span of work’s thumbnails and the h4 at Contact section are displaced. But as I said sometimes the CSS is loaded correctly and the website is displayed fine. This only hapens with Chrome. I tried using CSS Hacks for Chrome but id didn’t work neither.

Please, any idea what is happening? I love this theme and I wouldn’t like to start my site again from 0 using another one.

Hi grobari,

Please create a account on our Support Page and post your question there, our support team will be happy to help you.

Best Regards

Where is update theme?I can’t find bug fixed version in download version?

Maybe we have uploaded the wrong zip, we will check it. Thanks for your understanding. Regards

Yes Please upload new zip file. Thanks

I am still waiting for updated zip file for download?

Hi, thaught the wordpress version is coming in july as u said ? now im reading its only in august ? :(

Hi Geckogroup,

We are sorry but due to the new WordPress submission requirements, we need to change a lot of things and this of course retarded the launch of flash wp.

Thanks for your understanding.

Best Regards

I am still waiting for updated zip file for download?

Hi rkalish,

We check the download zip and it is the last version, we forget to update the version of the template in the <head>.

What is the problem are you talking about in you latest comments?

Best Regards

I can’t see Twitter Feed in new template actually…

Please check the documentation rkalish, we actually update the twitter api to 1.1 ;)

the html subpages appear as the html itself, not with the style of the page. I mean. When google index subpages (portfolios) and people click, instead of going to the site itself and open that porfolio, it opens the html with white background, etc. Not the site. How can I solve that? Thank you.

Hi mpik0n,

We have testing the template and it seems to work well.

Please post your question on our Support Forum and our support team will try to help you ;)

Best Regards

Can the portfolio pages be on the index page instead of pages them self?

Can they be called with a anchor tag or something. Do you have any examples would be great.

Thank you

Hi loudadvertising,

Many thanks for your purchase.

We are sorry but this is not possible to do, the portfolios items should be external pages.


Hi! Can you tell me how to add the google maps (as shown on the sample) to the contact area? THANKS!!!

Oh no! I thought I purchased the Flash Theme, but the link to preview the flash theme goes to “ZAP”, which is what I previewed and liked. I assumed the theme I was previewing was “Flash” but now that I am working in the files, I realize it’s a totally different theme.

Here is the url I am directed to when I click the “LIVE PREVIEW” option over the flash theme image: http://designarethemes.com/theme/?theme=flash/intro – it shows Zap. How can we resolve this. Also, this would solve the above inquiry about the google maps – Flash does not have google maps on the contact page, “Zap” does.

THANK YOU! Love your themes, I just really need the google map on the contact page.

Hi DandylineDesigns,

What situation that we have here, yes the link is pointing to the wrong place :/

Please send us a email to designarethemes@gmail.com and we will discuss what we can do here.


Hi Designare,

Truly admire the creativity of this design. However, before I purchase this design, is there a way to add a center button (arrow) at the bottom of the page that will take me to the top page without pressing “home”? I have big thumbs and it’s hard to hit the home link, when navigating on my mobile device. This will also make it more convenient when browsing on a computer.

Thank you and I’m truly looking forward to this design. Keep up the great work!

Couldn’t contain myself, I purchased the template. Can I add a center arrow to take the user back to the top? Thanks again. You’re the BEST!

Hi ajsandov,

Sorry for the long time to answer your question.

Yes we can help you with this, please post your question on our Support Forum (http://support.designarethemes.com) and our support team will be happy to help you.

Best Regards and thanks for your purchase ;)

Hey There,

Been using the template for a while now, and everything is epic, just wondering whether there was any chance of inserting a simple captcha math box, or something similar, as starting to get a huge amount of spam and tricky to insert using existing form!



also, having trouble removing the annoying drop down menu to puchase the different themes…. and of course, the twitter isn’t working after following the instructions and setting up the token

Hi Nick,

Many thanks for your purchase, we truly appreciate it!

Please post your question on our Support Forum and our support team will be happy to help you ;)

Best Regards

I don’t really want to have to register for another site if thats ok with you, my query is above your comment. please can you reply here (or via email) Thanks for your understanding.