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Very Disappointed in lack of response from these Guys!

I’ve asked twice on here, and emailed them on a number of occasions but still no reply?

If anyone can help me two little issues regarding this template then please get in touch. The thin red border has turned grey (on all but the homepage), and my galleries page do not line up!

Many Thanks Dave

We already answer your many questins , This ~File Is having around 250+ Sales there no issue with file Please check May be you have done somthing wrong when you was doing modification,,,

I have checked CS, its not happening on the Homepage, but every other one ?

Any suggestions?

I don’t know why I see complaints on this template. It’s set up nice and very easy to customize. Keep up the good work…

Very lovely theme!

Hi @ RaeShantael, Thanks for your positive feedback and comments.

A polite and friendly request for a little help (after hours of searching for the answer)

Why would all but 1 page (homepage) display a red thin border around the main container, when I all the (wrongly) show a grey one?

Many thanks in advance Dave

very lovely theme..

In the item details I read “Theme consists of 8 HTML Pages” but in the demo version there are some pages as blog,news that appear as dinamic page (with comments!). Pages contain only sample text?

I hope for your response thanks ;)

2 something and I wish you replay :

1- I need you send me wordpress integrate for this them.

2- problem with All IE and you can see this photo

I sent you email private and I wait you send me replay with Fixed Files

Thanks :)

Good That I see you flagged comments it’s better to contact you seller to respond to people better than you review comments , I see comments from 1 month and no replay to it you sold and I bought , so give me support to your product your support only replay , where is your seller replay ????!!!

What you doing is just wasting your time, You know that its not wordpress theme and you also know that you have brought that from xhtml tempaltes category so why you have that much complains..Files are tested in almost every new broswer and its dont have issue with anything.. if you will have anymore Question you can let me know

please Send me a Fresh Email i will send you IE9 Fixes..

1- Yes I know it’s not wordpress theme. 2- it have problem with internet explorer , and you sent bugs to one person when he asked you about this . 3- I asked you how to integrate it with wordpress , your design didn’t have header and footer , all your page is (1). 4- I think you have true , I waste my time here.

Thanks , I don’t need anything from you

I forget to tell you I Integrated this design with wordpress , with full integration and I added so much to this design

I offer to give any person help to integrate his design to wordpress or if he need anything related this design

I can help , I like to help people


Hello. How do I add this the blog page in this template to work?

hi @all we have released IE9 fixes regards, ChimpStudio

How we use this theme? with wordpress or not? Or manually? Help please. thank you.

Hi @ilyasdesign,

you cant use this template as wordpress theme until you develop it for wordpress.


Good solution, but when you do not know how to develop this theme for WP, things get complicated ..

yes dear you are right, write me if I can do anything for you.


This is one of 3 themes that I like the most. I was wondering if the designer (or anyone else) could tell me if the slide show at the top of this theme can easily be set to cross-fade AND it’s speed changed? And if so, how slow could I set the cross-fade?

Any info would be greatly appreciated!

Best, Dean

hi dear, yes you can easily set its animations and its speeds by editing js files and its on you how slow you want as you are free to enter numbers there. regards

Thanks man! MUCH appreciated.


I can’t believe to see so many complaints about an html (not wordpress) template sold at 12$, and expecting to have full 24/7 support, and custom addons/fixes/multi-plateform developments made .. for free maybe? ..

@Chimpstudio and all the authors : Keep up the good work!! I sympatize and cheer on ! :)

Hi @Allixria, thanks for your kind words, regards

I have a Question, I just Purchased This Template and I love it. But I am Confused On how to set up the Blog Page. Like Where Visitors can reply and post comments. How Can I set This up and also how can I post from there instead of going directly and posting from my file manager.

Hi @djkilo, sorry this is just an HTML template. you need to customize it in order to use it with wordpress blog.

Oh Ok Didnt Know That.. Thank You.. Is there any helpful links where it can show me how to customize it for wordpress

Hi @djkilo, sorry I will be not able to help you in that, maybe you can try searching at google, you will defiantly get help. regards