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trocity Purchased

When I try to update via WP admin I get this message ’’An error occurred while updating Flashlight: Could not remove the old theme.’’. I’ve set chmod on themes folder to 777.

Hey! If you are trying to upload the new theme folder via wordpress you need to delete the old theme folder first. If you want to directly overwrite your old theme folder you would need to use FTP upload

Is your theme mobile-friendly?

Hey! Flashlight is not optimized for mobile devices if thats what you are asking. If you got a large amount of visitors from mobile devices I would recommend to use a theme like enfold:

When will this be updated to responsive mobile? Selling a theme that costs $58 and it being outdated for mobile isnt acceptable. This directly influences any website’s google ranking based n their new algorithms.


Please do open a support comment, and our team will give a look at your issue.

Thanks a lot for your patience and understanding.

This theme is Great ! but it’s not responsive…

If you upgrade the theme adding the responsive design I will buy it immediately.


Hey! I am afraid that would require changes to the theme that would require way to much time. We got a theme that allows you to build something similar to flashlight though, called enfold:

I have a problem with the products image in WooCommerce, it is not saved!, I can only save the gallery images but not the main image.

Thanks for your help.


kong84 Purchased

Hello, I have a problem with the template that doesn’t work in Safari 9 anymore (all latest plugins and template are all up to date). And is only on Safari, not chrome or firefox. I tested this also on other mac safari 9, and appears only on version 9 of safari. Could u have a look? Tx

Loved the theme but not good in mobile. Waiting for mobile responsive version.