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Hi, I have a questions before purchase:

It’s possible to display a fullscreen video background on frontpage? And can I hidde the menu at the first load of the frontpage?

thx Christian

Hi there!

We are using your amazing theme with Woocommerce as you suggest, and it’s really easy to set up. But we were wondering if it’s possible to create a page where to display all products’ categories, as links to the products page.. don’t know if it’s clear enough, let us know ;) Thanks!!

This theme is BY FAR the best theme I have ever purchased. It is so incredibly easy to work with and the admin area is as good as it gets! Highly recommend this theme… GREAT WORK !

One of the best files on TF just got even better i see! AWESOME work!

migcosta Purchased

Hey kriesi, nice work :) but I’m kind of a noob at wordpress ( I’m more a joolma! guy :) ) could you please tell me the best way to add multiple languages to this theme? cheers :)

Does this theme support fullscreen vimeo background videos on pages ?

Brilliant theme!! Flashlight has made my day with it’s easy of use and final product. Thanks Kriesi!!

Awesome Template. Two questions:

1) Have a few producst setup with some gallery photos for each product. Looking to have a unique fullscreen background for each product, which works great with the first image of the the gallery setup for that product. However, I’m looking to have more of a unique, different background static picture rather than the first gallery photo. In other words, I still want to have a gallery of product photos showing up above the product description, yet a different, single static background photo that is not one of the gallery photos.

2) Hopefully a simpler question, can I change the font of the text that goes in the text widget, it seems a bit small. Wondering if the would be in the style.css file.


Is there anyway to have a breadcrumb menu or even just a menu for the portfolio? I have a range/portfolio of clothing I would like to display but once you click on that range/portfolio there is no way to go back without clicking the browser back button or clicking on the menu item.

I can’t install the theme because the style.css file is missing ! Thanks for your help…

I can’t install the theme because the style.css file is missing ! how do I fix this?

On the main left navigation bar, is there a way to move the logo up to fill the inch-long space at the top left? tks

BURAOT Purchased

hello, I recently purchased this theme a week ago. my site is now ok, except that there seems to be broken links. homepage worrks as well as other pages. but after a few clicks on some pages and content and you wanted to go back using the hyperlinks on the sidebar, it wouldn’t work, only shows blank page. sometimes it would, but without the sidebars at all. please help.

also, i tried registering with the support forum but also won’t let me, i don;t know why it won’t accept my purchase code.

Why no one ever replies my question> Poor support?

Hey, So I used this theme with woocommerce and it seems like there is a “show details” and “select options” button that hovers over the product thumbnail. Wondering if there’s a way to get rid of that, so the user can just click on the thumbnail and takes them to the page.

Also, when I visit the product page, it always goes to tab-description first when it first loads.

BURAOT Purchased

cmon guys, it had been five days, and still, no one answers. can i just get a refund?

Hi, I bought Flashlight version 1.3 some times ago. How can I download Version 1.6? I discovered some problems with Wordpress 3.4 and Flashlight 1.3.

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Is there any chance that this theme will get updated to be more mobile-friendly? Right now some crazy stuff happens when a user tries to zoom in on a mobile browser.

the fade function isn’t working in Chrome

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Please, can someone help me make the sidebar main navigation fixed when scrolling pages? I’d like the sidebar main navigation to work exactly as it does in the DEMO … when browsing my site, http://www.offthegridlive.com , in I.E & Chrome my navigation is disappearing when scrolling, like an internal memory issue with a hard drive when icons just disappear. I scroll down, there’s a delay, the navigation (sometimes) finally follows my lead, then I scroll back up & the nav starts glitching & bits & pieces go missing! Please test this error @ http://offthegridlive.com/?page_id=13 (blog) : scroll down & up, fast & slow.

Please help resolve this issue. Thank you!