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Very nice admin theme! :)

Congratulations Great work, Good Luck With Sales :)

Congrats., great work again.

Fantastic work. I assume the flying menus can be turned off very easily because they kill usability?

Please ignore my last comment I missed all the configuration options you have provided. This Template rocks and I’ll be buying for sure. Great work.

Hi broomm,

No worries. It actually helped us confirm what we already thought of, that the options are not visible enough. We’ll make the options available within all the template’s pages as soon as possible.

Thank you for your feedback and appreciation.

Nice work! Very beautiful.

Hello, really like your theme.

But don’t understand the purpose, of the theme, what can it achieve?


Great Job man GLWS :)


Nice work!

However I aspect from documentation a bit more information regarding layout and custom script. I found only a bit docs on twitter bootstrap.

I hope you can extend it soon.


Love it… take my comments/requests from the previous theme and apply them here.

Not sure I like the animation on the quick action bar… too jerky and distracting. Also the slide up on the navigation is bothersome.

Hi Toratheus,

We’re glad you like it. About your suggestions, that’s exactly what we’re doing, in fact we just submitted for review v1.1.0 that has a new mega menu along with other options. Feel free to try the updated live preview.

About the animations, not sure if you missed it, but because of usability issues, we already offer a configurable option to disable animations. The option is available in the first screen of the live demo.

Thank you.

You guys rock!... Love the animations for everything but navigation. The quick action bar should act like Have a look at Off Screen Nav, left push.

A click should bring it in vs. just a roll over.

Flyin navigation… maybe just a Fadein rather than a flyin.

Looking forward to the Chat and Messaging similar to facebook. Also the activity stream page will really be helpful.

Outside of that maybe showing animation to allow a user to filter, show and hide a div that has various options. Could do the same with a mega menu.

is there any way to keep the sidebar locked into one position instead of popping in and out every time you hover over it?

We’ll make an easy configurable option for this within the next 1-2 updates.

Just letting you know the sidebar SIZE (mini/wide) and auto-toggle on hover options are available to download. Feel free to check out the live demo, the options are available in the 1st screen.

Thank you.

Non IE compatible (8,9,10) on my side. Graph are not displayed and left navigation bar stay closed.


Fixes are currently work in progress. We’ll let you know as soon as any updates are available.

Thank you.

Another non IE compatible screens are on the FRONT pages : HomePage, SignIn and SignUp. Items are not well boxed.

Hi stephane,

The two pages in front (login & signup) were fixed today and will be available with the next update very soon. We’ll let you know as soon as it’s released.

Thank you.

I’m having the same problems as Stephane. As soon as this is fixed will be purchasing for sure :)

Hi getphotos,

Thank you for your interest and appreciation. The fixes are currently work in progress. We’ll let you know as soon as any updates are available.

Thank you.

Just letting you know the update addressing the IE8, IE9, IE10 issues is available for download.

Thank you.

A simple design, but so cleverly into account all the little details, fantastic

Thank you Lesya.

I also will purchase once the IE issues are sorted.. it’s just great to have site + admin with such a flexible design.. nice work!

Hi davmac,

Thank you for your interest and appreciation. The fixes are currently work in progress. We’ll let you know as soon as any updates are available.

Thank you.

Hi davmac,

Just letting you know that the update addressing the IE issues is now available for download.

Thank you.


I’m a big fan but I have to say I’m disapointed. Log out on the admin side go to your previous theme “Quick Admin” On the front side, Sign in and Sign up pages have a lot of display wrong alignement. + a lot of issues….. It’s like you put this theme out there without checking basic stuff.

I’m going to buy it but not like this !!!



Hi JP,

Thanks for letting us know. We really appreciate your feedback!

The login and sign up issues on front are already fixed and will be available in the next update very soon. The issue was caused by a JS error only when ajax navigation is enabled (go to front -> login and try refresh the page).

A new login page for the admin will also be included with the next updates among other new components, refinements and new sections on an ongoing basis.

We’re sorry to disappoint you, but unfortunately .. we’re not perfect! So, while now and then we might make a mistake, we’re more than willing to fix it and learn from it.

If there’s anything else you’d like to see added with the following updates, please let us know.

Thank you for your patience, appreciation and feedback.

PS. We’ll let you know as soon as any updates are available.

Hi JP,

Just letting you know there’s an update available addressing lots of issues. The next update, due next week, will also contain a new login section for the admin module.

Thank you.


Its very nice theme.

Few points of observation.

1. In Google Map Filtering isn’t Working. 2. Google Map loading with JSON isn’t working. 3. On Home Page : – Can i have Google Map with Multiple markers for directory listing? – Are you planning to have landing page with sliders?

Hi bhavinshah,

Just letting you know that an update addressing the google maps errors is now available. The next update, due next week will also include amongst other features, a new Home page layout with a tabbed slider component.

Thank you.

Check this site it might help you give some idea!! HousingDOTcoDOTin

Did not heard back from you. I am planning to buy Admin Template. Can you please share your plans for front end?

Thanks for your replies. Do you have an approximate ETA on the fixes? I want to get this theme :)

Monday or Tuesday.

I cannot create new account on to post a message to the support forum. The error message says: “The email address you provided is not correct.”. My mail server is in ”” zone, maybe this is an issue? Also when I post a message to the forum without being signed in, I get an exception with the full PHP stack trace. Think this is not too secure to expose such info to regular site visitors :)

Hi phmaster,

Thank you for letting us know. We’ll have it fixed ASAP.

And I am also waiting for the “locked sidebar” option, although I have already bought the template. Is there any estimated release date for this feature?

Can’t give an exact time but its definitely going to be sometime during this upcoming week, so it’s a matter of days.

If there’s anything else you’d like to see added with the following updates, please let us know.

Thank you.

Well, except the fact that theme is not working under IE, I faced another issue: when I place a form tag around a modal content/footer divs, it adds a small margin to the bottom of the modal dialog, right after the footer. It’s because form has margin-bottom somewhere in bootstrap CSS.

You can add the class margin-none or margin-bottom-none to any element.