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Hi we are last time talk about (second yours template) ok I still waiting for your included PSD (i would like bay yours two template)

i waiting for your feedback Thank you



Hi marcinsipowicz,

I don’t know if you saw but FLAT KIT provides the PSD’s as freebies.

Check the item description for PSD freebies.


lastcow Purchased

How I can easily disable the sidebar collapsible?


Hi lastcow,

A solution is to delete the html markup.

We will try to provide blank pages with various options as soon as possible.


Any update coming soon dear author?


Hi jonbotelho,

We will release an update some stage next week. Are there any features/sections you would like to see?


3tachyons Purchased

Thanks for the amazing theme. I was checking out the template and found that a page has bug.


This page opens up when we click on User Name at right top menu.

Any Details of what’s coming in the next update?


Hi 3tachyons,

We will get that fixed with the upcoming update.

As far as what is coming we will add a list of things upcoming on the item page early next week.


Hi MosaicPro:

I really liked this template. We are planning to use it for building a large admin application with this template. However, we are using RAILS/Jquery/SASS framework for development.

I have purchased this template. However I noticed that for some components you have only provided LESS files. We prefer to use CSS/SASS instead. Is there any way you can provide SASS version of the template files?

Thanks in advance.

Prakash Teli email: pteli@firstfuel.com


Hi prakash0450,

At the moment we only provide LESS files but we will think about extending and adding SASS to it.


Hi mosaicpro. I want to essentially remove the left nav, use only top navigation, make the top nav collapse into the resposnive menu on smaller devices. Do I need to go with a different template in order to have top-only navigation?

Also, I noticed a bug when using buttons in the top nav bar. When viewing on smaller devices only the currently highlighted nav button is visible and all of the other buttons disappear from view.

Hi, this looks like an incredible theme! We absolutely love it :) However, we would need SCSS files instead of LESS. Are these available in the purchase? Thank you and we hope to be able to purchase your wonderful theme!

Hi I purchased this .. but cant find any docs on – sidebar menu configuration – any docs on this?

Diinz Purchased

I am having issues with css caching. In my application I have to refresh on a new page to trigger css and also when I move to a new page through a link the page remains blank for a while before it loads – is that due to some settings i can turn off?

Hey there,

just wanted to let you know that the current live preview (24.04.2014) has a bug here.

/persistent/var/www/html/shared/library/loader/class.Loader.php complains about missing file js.fuelux-checkbox


Shame on me. And just ignore the comment. I promise I checked the comments before; but somehow just missed 3tachyons’s.

koiraider Purchased

Hi Guys!

I bought the theme and i love it, but i’m starting to edit it, and i’m a little lost.

I would like to be shown just the top navbar menu in desktop and phone devices, and just the left menu(collapsed) in tablets.

I started to edit for get it in the index page, and i got it with the hidden label in their menu classes, but the template still leaves the empty space in each case. Can you tell me how to solve this??

Another problem i found, exist with the sidebar menu for phones. It is hidden with the class sidebar-hidden-phone, but when you press the menu button, it the not collapsed sidebar appears (the think i don’t want) and besides it’s not possible to use the top menu (addapted to phone view).

Can you help me with these subjects?

I’ll be very thanked.

My best regads,

talkwaqar Purchased


I want to set this color #0033CC as primary color in our theme without use theme selector control …. can you please help us where should I hardcode this color so it works fine?


no reply yet from developer


Hi talkwaqar,

Sorry for the delay.

Here is a guide on how to get a specific color set: http://www.mosaicpro.biz/blog/coral-how-to-change-the-skin-12.html .

Let us know if it helped.
Thank you for your patience.

it seems like it is not working …. we have this url where site is hosted.

from source view can you please tell me which file need to updated? http://patho.cloudapp.net/

Hi mosaicpro. I have a question about the license. I have purchased the regular license for this theme. We are building a prototype of a product using a combination of bootstrap components and UI widgets from FLATKIT theme. This product demo will be hosted on a SaaS platform (Amazon) and user will be given free access to use the product for a limited period.

For this configuration, do I need to buy the extended license?

In future, when we start charging customers with subscription fee, will I need to upgrade the license?

What are the restrictions on using the regular license in a SaaS hosted application? We are not selling the end product to any customers.


Prakash Teli

Hi, why the input validations at forms does not work on Chrome for Android devices ?

The inputmask for data does not work. I can even type alphabetic chars at number textboxes.

Thanks. Moshe


Hi moshecombr,

We will check it and come back with a fix.


koiraider Purchased


i’m building my templeate using the theme. I’m starting from made pages, and doing changes.

I’m working whit the employees page, and i added some form elements as input fields, and timepickers, but i’ve got they are working, but the field borders have disappear or aren’t using correctly the css.

I’ve checked thousand times the css/js routes and they looks like fine. Have you had this same problem before? Is it possible that can be an incompatibility problem when is being build the style.less?



Hi koiraider,

We haven’t seen a problem with that… can you provide a demo link contact@mosaicpro.biz .


Hello – I’ve just purchased this item, and I’m not able to figure out how i can make the left menu always in wide mode and not collapse again.

This is a specfiic problem, but really I don’t see the documentation around the overall menu management. /docs only has documentation on the widgets and not overall quick start type of guidance.


I’m looking for documentation to control the following features mentioned -

2. Menu options

Menu positioning: top menu & left or right sidebar in any combination Ability to disable sidebars and have only top menu Sidebar types: mini and wide sidebars or both with auto-switch on hover Ability to turn on/off the auto-switch from mini to wide when hovering the mini sidebar Sidebar sub-menus types: drop down or collapsible (accordion) Unlimited submenus: use any levels of submenus Menu Stickiness: ability to have sticky top and sidebar menus (menus follows on page scroll) Sidebar Size: configurable mini/wide sidebar by default Sidebar Auto-Toggle: enable/disable auto-toggle on hover Menu Style: dark or light menus Touch optimized: swipe from left to right to show the menus or from right to left to hide the menus on touch-enabled tablets and phones (eg. iPad, iPhone)

I’ve seen a lot of themes the last couple of hours, this one stands out for its beautiful, clean and consistent design. I experienced one big problem though. On my Firefox 28.0 part of the page is invisible. The pages are all shifted to the left and disappear partly behind the menu. Any idea what the problem could be? Thanks!


Hello, are you guys still actively supporting this theme? I want to buy the theme, but am a little bit afraid the theme has problems on Firefox. I tested the theme at home on FF, and there I didn’t had the problem though. Also we need good support with swift responses, which I seem to be missing a bit here. Thanks!


Hi mwouters,

Yes we are fully supporting FLAT KIT as per all our other Admin Templates.


reige Purchased

Great Template. Some questions though. In the form_elements.html page, should there be a script that works for the LINK and IMAGE buttons in the WYSIHTML5 Editor element? When I click either of the two, the page seems to hang.


Hi reige,

Indeed there is a bug with the WYSIHTML5 editor… will fix it as soon as possible.



We had implemented an older version of the theme. Now we want to upgrade to the latest version. Is there a recommended upgrade path/documentation ?


Hello, how can I remove menu animations?