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I DO NOT known when the amazing update will come, but release a bugfix version first, please… good for everyone who purchased this template a month ago.

Hi oimken,

Keep an eye for tomorrow as we are releasing the bug fix version along with new elements and features.


Agree with the posters here… the last thing I want is a bootstrap 3 version. Please just fix the existing version first and make it modular. Such a nightmare picking over all the code to work out which bits need what css/less/js.

[P.S. But for $21 it’s still a good deal!]

Thanks but those changes are for 19/02… what about the 10/2 update?

Hi adreno,

There has been a mistake in the dates. It is actually the latest update.

Regarding the per element modularization that you are requesting, it will occur with bootstrap 3.0 version.

Regards, mosaicpro

Ok cool. Any estimate on the date for that? Been holding off going live since I thought the new version might help streamline some of my code…

Pre-purchase question,

Reading the last two comments..I would like to know when the update for bug fixes intends on being released?

Thank you as I’m looking forward to work with FlatKit


We will release an update tomorrow with the expected bug fixes and new elements.


“We are holding back a few days for bootstrap 3.0”

So should we be expecting a massive update including Bootstrap 3.0 in a couple days, or did I read that incorrectly? If not, when is a realistic timeline?

Hi Ploobers,

Yes, the Bootstrap 3.0 update will come in a few days.



Can you please tell me which jQuery version is used in this theme


Hi kjawaid,

The JQuery version is 1.10.1

I’ve downloaded, but in archive don’t see PHP Version!?

no php-files in archive (v1.2.1)

Hi mixmode,

From version 1.2.1 onwards we are not providing php files anymore just pure html files.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Regards, mosaicpro

sorry, but why don’t you update the item details? there’s no info about the fact of “no more php”

4. General info “Released in two independent versions: HTML and PHP (both included in the download package)”

Hi mixmode,

We’ve updated the presentation but missed the line under general info.

Thanks for spotting that.

I’ve also included a line in the change log that states Removed:

Thanks, mosaicpro

I’ve just purchased this template because I believe you made a really good job, but…

  • I think it needs more in-depth docs.
  • PHP version is missing!! (1.2.1).
  • I really want bootstrap version 3.0!!!
  • Directory structure is kind of messy.
  • Is there a LESS on-the-fly compilation version (with less.js or less-php)? Is it in the missing PHP files?
  • Lot of css and js files for a static html, would you build a concatenated/minified version of the assets? SEO gods will thank you gratefully the effort.

Anyway I’ve bought this item betting you’ll work all this things out in next versions, turning this “messy” newborn into a top grade template.

Another way to go is to create a .htaccess on your server that is located at your root folder with this:

RewriteEngine ON
RewriteBase /html/front/style-default-menus-dark/

This will load your desired files on your root.

Thanks for your double response, but the problem is with the template, I already know both methods. I expect you to provide a clean folder structure and good documentation, none is present right now. I’m a little upset with this, but gonna wait till you update to bootstrap 3, then work from there as more updates come.

Hi jaimarte,

Flat KIT being so extensive in elements it’s hard to match the documentation to describe each element.

However with bootstrap 3.0 there will be a new documentation that will be complete.

I might be repeating ourselves but regarding the folders … consider each folder as different views for example:

There is a folder with html’s for sidebar+fullwidth+animations and other folder with no-sidebar+fixedwidth and so on… and they all load css/scripts + bootstrap from the folder common this because having common in each folder would create a huge download package.

Sorry for the inconvenience but soon this folder structuring will be solved as well.

Regards, mosaicpro

I spend lots of time to figure out the “messy” js and css in every html useful or not, and that was really exhausted.

I think we using template for speed up our dev jobs, and fat-kit is not good at it (but it is still a great template after all ).

please make it be really modular, and make the doc really helpful for dev.

It seems 1.2.1 is not ready for dev yet. Waiting for your next release.

The most important thing: Is there exact date for new release? “a few days” make me come here everyday and disappoint everday.

Hi oimken,

Thank you for your feedback.

As discussed above with jaimarte the folder structure has it’s purpose but seems like it’s not useful enough.

Will have it modular with BS 3.0

Regarding exact date we think by 25 October we should be ready with a modularized Bootstrap 3.0 version plus completely new documentation.


thanks for your reply! that’s a great news! looking forward for your new release, great job!

Can you notify me once BS3 version is up? I’ll purchase right away. diego at customscriptz dot com Thanks

Hi d13g0v,

Will post a comment here when BS3 is up.


Hi by when are you planning a new update? and any sneak peak about new features?



Why did you remove PHP version in last release of FLAT KIT?

BR, Me

Hi webvdengi,

We removed the PHP version for preparing it to be compatible on bootstrap 3.0 and modularisation of all elements.

Thanks, mosaicpro

After waiting over two weeks for an update, I’m really disappointed. It looks 99% the same… in your screenshot you promise “highly modular” but I don’t see this when I look at the code. Every page still has all the css/js for the whole template, no sign of cutting it down to just what the page needs to run.

Quote: “Regarding the per element modularization that you are requesting, it will occur with bootstrap 3.0 version.” Where is this? Do have to wait another 2 weeks? I’ve checked the docs too, a minor update there, but no sign of anything substantive.

Where’s the “surprise” you promised too? In summary, looks like you over promised and under delivered… I guess everything is in the next version instead right?

Hi adreno,

It is the same admin just now it’s fully wrapped to support bootstrap 3.0

About modularisation it will happen in the next version (2.1)

Regarding the surprize we have it 70% there and we’ve been focusing on that for the past 5 weeks non-stop.

We don’t want to launch a minimal feature as opose to getting the feature(surprise) complete to its maximum capabilities.

That is as much as I can say about it.

Regards, mosaicpro

could you add mail page , and some good dropdown design for notifications

editable table wiil look greate too :p

Hi, I’m a big fan of your work. But I have to say the code is not optimized. As a short example, the blank page code seems to load a lot of not use javacript and css. Why ? There is a lot of code and the code is jumbled.

Anyway, +1 for the design and functionnalities, -1 for the coding and heavy pages



I have bought all mosiac templates. i am disappointed the php version with zend translation is not available for admin flat kit.

Any help will be appreciated greatly.

1. How do you disable the sidebar auto-toggle in the html version?
2. How do you keep the frontend header and footer same for the admin area?
3. Where do you change the primary theme color in the html version?
4. Where can i download the old php version?

Thanks for all your help.

On your website, the version of the theme is 2.0.0. But the downloadable version seems like its still the old version.

Hi globalia,

We checked and the download version is 2.0 as well.

Please download your latest version from your Account > Downloads.

Thanks, mosaicpro

I do my testing and developing in Firefox and used the template to make a table with some data however when I click on one of the rows with a selectable class firebug says e.SrcElement is undefined but it works in IE for the notifications but not in Firefox. Any ideas why?

Hi xtremer360,

Will check why firefox doesn’t work and come back to you with a solution as soon as we can.


Anything to respond back to or an update on the theme?

It’s now a week past your original October 25 deadline for the modular version. What is a realistic release date?