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What’s the funtion of jquery-ui-1.9.2.custom.min.js in this template?

Amazing theme, nice work!

Nice template. I tried to open it on a smartphone but were not able not navigate, as es the menu can not be used if the viewport is smaller than about 450px.

Are you going to fix this?

I am not seeing how I can set it to be fluid, with menus top and left, and not have the menu move in and out. I am not sure where i am making the settings for the layout. I do not want that left menu moving in and out.


please tell me i don’t need to add url variables to every link in order to set the way the layout works?

Hi mosaicpro.

I really love your theme and is my intention to buy it, but I’ve some doubts. I’ve looked at your css file and it have 10.738 lines of code! this looks too big for me and it will be too difficult to maintain and manage this code. You think you could create a css file with the functionalists splitted by sections? Like: /** Header */ all the code related to the header

/ buttons / all the code related to buttons

/ widgets */ all the code related to widgets

and so on? With this way you will allow us the ability to choose each component we wanna use without that huge css file with all that components together that makes your live much more harder to manage. You think you could do that?

Kind regards, rubsilva

Are you still actively working on and supporting this theme?


Hi Ploobers,

Thanks for reaching out. Yes, we’ll be starting to publish more updates in just a few days for FLAT KIT, as well as for other of our products.

Are you available through Skype for a quick chat about Flat Kit? If yes, please contact me at “mydigitera”

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Autocomplete would be nice feature to have. Nice template btw :)


Really enjoying your theme. I am having trouble with skin css files in IE8. Seems my skin css is not being used, and it defaults to the colours specified in style-default-menus-dark.css

Do I have to go change all those colours as well, or is there some other fix I need to implement for IE8? Seems ok in other browsers, although I have not done an exhaustive test.




Thank you for purchasing and for your appreciation. The best way to do it without even loading a skin file, is to open variables.less, change the @primaryColor variable and recompile the main less file (style-default-menus-dark.less) so you’ll get a new css file with the custom colors directly, without having to use another skin file.

If we may be of any further assistance, please let us know. Thank you.


Thank you. I will give that a try. Another problem I’m having is layout in IE8. The column styles don’t control the layout as per other browsers. I’m implementing columns using classes like col-md-3 to handle a side column, and widget-stats for dashboard stats widgets. They end up wrapping under the main column, or spanning the whole browser width respectively. Any suggestions on better support for IE8? IE8 is a requirement I have to comply with.


If you could provide us with some screenshots or better yet, access to to your implementation, would help us to better understand what you’re experiencing, rule our miss use and so, there’s a better chance we can fix it. You can use the contact form on our TF profile to privately send us the URL.

Thank you.

Changelog has been changed, but we couldn’t download new version.


Hi Alisko, the update is pending approval and it will be available to download soon. Thank you for you patience.


Php version is available?



Hi Menta23,

Unfortunately, this is an HTML template and we don’t have a PHP version included.

Sorry for any inconvenience. Thank you.

How do you download the changes or the full new version 2.2.0?


Hi douganderson11,

The update is pending approval and it should be available for download later today (you should get an email notification form TF at that time).

Thank you.


The update is live. You can download your copy.

Regards, mosaicpro


is there a google_analytics.html file or was that just for show?

btw super job love this template



Hi Maurice,

Thank you for purchasing and for your appreciation. About the Google Analytics API page, yes .. there was one, but unfortunately we had to remove it when we decided not to offer the PHP version any more. We’ll try figure a way to include it back in the next releases.

Looking forward for more feedback and suggestions! Thank you.


Oke would be great thnx 4 the feedback

I’m using this template as my primary template for my codeigniter application and I’m trying to dissect it apart because there are things that I will not be needing. Does it not come with a version that is not separated out like you have it now?


Hi xtremer360,

Unfortunately, the latest version is the only version available and it’s modular. We’d be glad to try offer some useful suggestions to help you out with your task, but we need to know more details about how you’re trying to use the template, how exactly you’re trying to “dissect” it and what should be the final outcome.

You should seriously consider to take up on our latest offer: one hour of free one to one session with one of our developers (on Skype, etc), because it will make it much easier for us to understand what you need if we could have a direct conversation.

If you’re interested, there’s a banner on the item description page, click it, and there’s info there on how to book your free hour. After that, we’ll contact you as soon as we can.

Thank you.


How are we able to download 2.0 because its just not working for me and I’d rather go back to 2.0. I’m just not very happy with the product anymore.

Hello! I’m migrating from old version pre-bootstrap-3 to the new and I couldn’t find the buttons.less. Can you please advise where’s that?


Hi ginsent,

You can find the file in assets/components/modules/admin/ui/buttons/assets/buttons.less

When you’re in doubt, you can try the docs (even the online demo version), first look in the core packages or look for the component if its something more specific, like buttons

e.g. on http://demo.mosaicpro.biz/flatkit/php/docs/component.buttons.html even though the HTML (source) example is not that great, you’ll see all the files required and exactly where they’re loaded from in the Styles tab.

Thank you.


Also, I recommend using the Sublime Text 2 editor. It’s really the best option out there, there are great tutorials on how to use it (there’s a nice one even on Tuts+) and it will make your development life better. It has among many many many cool features, an instant search through all the projects files, so you can find anything in a second without even touching your mouse.

Hi All,

We need the css for desired color(i.e. #F37021), so we tried to generate the css using theme but we found a js error (see below) on the live site too. Hence request you to kindly check it and provide a fix.

Uncaught Error: Please specify a message bootbox.min.js:6 h bootbox.min.js:6 r.dialog bootbox.min.js:6 r.alert bootbox.min.js:6 themerGetCode themer.js:307 (anonymous function) themer.js:611 x.event.dispatch jquery.min.js:4 v.handle

Thanks Yogesh


Hi Yogesh,

It’s a bootbox modal error, we think pre-bootstrap 3. We’ll have it fixed with the next update (most probably this week).

Thank you.


Thanks for responding.


Hi MosaicPro, any updates on this issue

Hi, breadcrumbs doesn’t show font-awesome icons. . I have seen that new class name have to be fa-caret-right


Hi capocha_79,

When we updated the font awesome icons we might of missed replacing “icon-iconname” to “fa fa-iconname”

And 5-10 icons have changed their name. Will definitely fix those within the next update.

In the meantime you can do it yourself by replacing the icon name to the desired icon … from http://fontawesome.io/icons/

Thank you.

Awesome work !


Thank you.

Great theme but the bloat is out of control. I really wish you had separated the features into different pages with their own dependencies instead of combining them all together. I spent way to long trimming off over 3mb of stuff I did not need.


Hi c_huntley,

Have you downloaded the latest version? The Modular Versison?

Where all elements are well documented and to load your minimal stuff you need the core minimal and the elements style and scripts.

See: http://demo.mosaicpro.biz/flatkit/php/docs/component.core.minimal.html

Wow that is much better!

I just downloaded the latest version and the light menus are not working. They don’t even appear to be working on the live demo now. Please help as I want the light menus not dark menus.


Awesome thanks. I keep hitting refresh waiting for it! :)


Any update?


Hi sdsheeks,

We’re working hard to get everything right.

As an ETA to when we will be finished would very soon(1-2 days)