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Hi Craig!

I need to remove the slider functionality altogether AND remove slider functionality for feature images. Just plain images would be enough for my site.

Could you, please, help me to edit HTML/ CSS/ JS for this purposes?

All the best, Alexander

Hello mate, just delete the slider div altogether the one title ’#home-slider’ to get rid of it :)

Hi Craig,

I bought your template. I love it and want to build our new website with it. I could use some help though. Are you available to work with me on this?

Contact me on

Cheers, Mark

Replied via email :)

Hi Craig, I send you an email but I’m not sure if you got it.

Hi, Is there a way of getting the nav menu to automatically collapse once a user taps a link in the mobile-sized layout? Currently menu remains open, and it hides the content until the hamburger menu is tapped.

Thanks for the theme!

Hi Craig,

Great work! I just wanna say, that a lot of people buy this theme, cause they think that this is a WP theme. I almost do the same mistake.

For some reason when I search for WP themes for my clients, this theme shows up as well!

Just letting you know… ;)

Kind Regards, George

Thanks mate, not sure why that is.. I haven’t mentioned the word theme in the title or anything..

How can i add a simple contact form?

Thanks and good job!

Hi, For the icons like: – Do you get these from Graphic River or what are my options to adjust / switch out to be more relevant with my text?

Hello – they came from (where there are tons of great resources :) )

Hi, i just buyed this theme and its Awesome :D I’ll be using it for my Company… but is it somehow possible to create Su-Menus ?

Like -> Click on About Us – Dropdown opens with other stuff which you can choose

Sincerely, -Synter Games

Hi, thanks for purchasing, but unfortunately sub-menus are not supported in flat landing as it is intended to be a single page website.

You may be interested in our newer templates that support sub-menus and have a very easy-to-use page builder to save you time!

Check out Pivot and Machine.


Well i want an Single-Page website but i have many “Menu Pages” So i would like to create something like:

iOS - Game 1 - Game 2 - Game 3

Computer - Game 1 - Game 2

And the Sub-Menu thingy still just scrolls down to the anchor ( is my website (We’re creating Games and yeah that would be helpfull with not getting an too big Navigation)

Sincerely, - Synter Games