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Hey Thanks, I got the disqus and facebook comments to work on my site


what i am wondering is, is there anyway to have the front page display random posts? instead of always the same ones based on the tags?

could i have one of the sections show different ones each time?

Dear. Blogger has some limits, so your requests can not be applied.


dsm63 Purchased

Thank you.. i found a widget that would do what i am looking for! appreciate it


fromdev Purchased

Hi, It seems there is a bug in this template that makes it not work with buysellads widget. CAn you please fix it. Below are details from my conversation with buysellads folks.

Thanks for reaching out. I checked your Advertise page, but could not see the inventory listed. So after looking over at the code on your site, it looks like some Javascript you have running is preventing our widget from executing/loading.

There is code on your page for a “ticker”, which seems to break your site in Firefox as well as prevent our widget from loading. The code in questions is:

var TICKER_SPEED = 0.05; //speed of Break section, lower is slower, 0 is stop, -1 is disapear. Value is not hight then 1

This is around line 2958 in your source code. This code seems to make your website unusable in Firefox (works fine in Chrome) too. I would suggest looking into what this “ticker” code is executing and see if it can be safely removed from your site and/or if there’s a way to fix the issue or look into your theme’s documentation.

I wish I could be more of help, but at least we have a better idea of what is causing the issues.

Let me know if there’s anything. Cheers,

Dear. Can you send me your URL and your Code to: http://themeforest.net/user/tiennguyenvan#contact


Am total new in blogging and i just bought this theme hope i made the right choice? Also i dont understand somethings because am a newbie

Pls explain better you mean i should put the adsene code below and above this code


i.e <script>adsense code</script>
<script>adsense code</script>? Am a newbie kindly explain better thanks a lot.

Yes. That’s right.

Thanks all done

This is an awesome template.. After installing the template, my page views and income got doubled.. This is the best template I have ever installed. But there are few issues:

1. Post Paginate doesn’t work with [next] code.

2. There is no recent post in the home page (the one in the slide bar is not very attractive). So, there should be a recent posts with load more or page number options. This is an issue for blogs with so many contents and labels like mine (http://www.spicytec.com/)

3. Recent post, popular posts and random posts are very cheap when compare to the template design. It should be with larger images.

4. Stumble upon is not supported in the social media list.

5. Related posts number should be able to increased. Is there a way?

6. Older posts and never post should be with larger letters. if you can add an image to it would be great.

7. What about a attractive sharing buttons in line with the template? isnt it lacking?

I need all these changes to be applied to my blog. if can do them, let me know. we can talk

template was purchased using another account. So, please reply..


But your profile is showing that you did not purchase this template. Where did you get it and install it?

Hi there. I’m trying to optimize my blog for SEO. Can you please tell me, what h tag (H1 or H2 or H3 or H4) has post titles? And how to change them? Thank you

my blog: http://www.moterisirnamai.com

In home and index pages, blog title will be H1, other post titles will be H2. In posts and pages, blog title will be H2, post / page title will be H1. Search in template code if you want to change, but that’s the best optimization follow Google SEO notes at this time.

Thank you so much for explaining me. Have a good evening.

Sir I Purchase these Templetes But His Photo not Fit in Box Please solve my Problem these is my website – http://www.mafiapaidapps.com/

sir my old templete i use in my other site http://www.dothisdude.com/ please see that i will use these site

sir what happen please reply

Yes. I am here. So what do you need me reply? I am still waiting your site screenshots.

my flat news blogger template dosent work disqus comment sistem i am look only google+ comment i read document but i dont work comment sistem i need realy help. i writing disqus shortname in gadget and writing blog system disqus but dosent work

Dear. Please purchase the template first. After that, submit your ticket here: http://themeforest.net/user/tiennguyenvan#contact


mizkis Purchased

Good afternoon! Write through “translate.google.” Buy this template by mistake. What was needed was “Flat News” for “WordPress”. Help, please. How do I get this template?

So sorry to heard that, please contact Envato team to refund: https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/202821460-Can-I-Get-A-Refund-

HI there The sections on this template for example “Business” “Science” and “health” How do you flag blog posts into these?

Thank you

Just select category for them.

not sure I get this… you mean in blogger when I create/write the blog?

No. Those sections are simple Label (category) widgets. Just edit those widgets and check a label you like to show post from.


please, can u tell me how to centre/shrink/fit pictures – images( .thumbnail (i don’t know how to tell u this :) ) look site please >> http://myfreerollpokerpasswords.blogspot.com/

P.S. When I RIGHT click on picture >> inspect element (on slider or ’’dark’’ widget – down pictures or side pictures – ’’latest passwords’’ ) and go to e.g. >>


I remove this margin-left: -46.5px or/and margin-left: -442px; and pictures are centre/fit/shrink but i don’t know how to code it in editor.

Canu help me pls!??

big TY


Each item-thumbnail has a window size. The template will crop image in side each item-thumbnail to fix with the widow size. We can not display full image because the size of image and window size of thumbnail have not the same ratio.

Ty mate! Can u tell me does i need to insert purchase code or licence code in template or something else?

Dear. No, you don’t need to do that. The license was agreed by yourself after you purchased the template.

This is an awesome template. but got poor response on google devloper tools https://developers.google.com/structured-data/testing-tool/ and https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/ pls do the needful.

Hello, I would like to know if this template works if my site is in Chinese language?

Yes. Blogger supported Chinese.

hi, I purchased this template. 1. Please let me know how to remove “Powered by Blogger” attribution from footer. 2. How to change post date format.

Great. Thanks dear for support. one more help. I want to remove description from Businessthree widget. Want only image and no snippet.

Hi. Add below css to advance CSS:

#home-layout .label-layout.three .excerpt {
    display: none;

About advance CSS: http://www.sneeit.com/2014/05/add-custom-css-into-blogger-template.html

Thank You for your excellent support.

Hello, sir.

I have some poblem. Your template not show full screen in landscape size in every devices.

My early blog use this template too but it display full screen in every devices and every sizes.

How to set full screen in every sizes and every device?

Hi, this looks like an awesome template which i am considering buying i have just 1 Question regarding Pagination

If i break my page into 5 pages how will the ads display in my posts as they are on top and bottom of the content

If your ads are placed inside content, they will be hidden depend on what page that they are in. If you insert ads directly in your template code, post pagination will not affect.

I Buy these templete its awesome

Hello, tiennguyenvan.. I am Jonathan from Philippines , I am planning to check out my cart w/ this template. However, I have a question before I do that…

This is regarding on the “REGULAR LISENCe – Use, by you or one client, in a single end product which end users are not charged for. The total price includes the item price and a buyer fee.”

What do you mean by this? Because I have three blogs to maintain. Im gonna use this templates mailny to www.cutepinoyportal.blogspot.com…But I still have 2 remaining blogs which is www.ilovetansyong.blogspot.com … and www.jonathanorbuda.blogspot.com and www.speakcarabao.blogspot.com… Can i still use this template to my other blog since i have the xml code already .. or i need to purchase each one for those blogs..

Hope that you will give me a transparent answer..

More power..

Dear Jonathan. You must purchase 1 license for 1 single domain. In your case, you will purchase three.

thanks for your reply