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It says: “Compatible Browsers: IE8” but I’ve got: Compilation error[Parse error. IE8 (and below) will parse trailing commas in array and object literals incorrectly. If you are targeting newer versions of JS, set the appropriate language_in option. in assets/components/modules/admin/charts/flot/assets/custom/js/flotchart-simple-bars.init.js at line 75.

72            this.plot = $.plot(
73                $(this.placeholder),
74                   [{
75                    label: "Data 1", 
76                    data: this.data.d1,
77                    // bars: { lineWidth: 0 }
78                }, 
79                {    
80                    label: "Data 2",
so it’s extra coma there the same extra coma at app/assets/components/modules/admin/forms/editors/ckeditor/build-config.js as well as app/assets/components/modules/admin/forms/elements/select2/assets/lib/js/select2_locale_nl.js Parse error. missing } after property list app/assets/components/modules/admin/forms/file_manager/plupload/assets/lib/i18n/fa.js at line 32.
29   'Close': '????',
30   '%d files queued': '%d ???? ?? ??',
31   'Using runtime: ': '??????? ?????? ?? : ',
32   'File: %f, size: %s, max file size: %m': ????: %f, ????: %s, ???????? ???? ????: %m',
33   'Upload element accepts only %d file(s) at a time. Extra files were stripped.': '???? ??????? ??? %d ???? ?? ?? ?? ????  ?? ?????. ???? ???? ?? ???? ?? ??? ????? ?????.',
34   'Upload URL might be wrong or doesn\'t exist': '???? ????? ?????? ?? ???? ?? ???? ?????',
35   'Error: File too large: ': '???: ???? ???? ??? :: ',
36   'Error: Invalid file extension: ': '??? ????? ???? ????? ??? ???? : '
missing ' at line 32 And so so on…

It’s only me who has this issues? I’m on Version 1.2.3 – 20.01.2014

Are there any new updates coming?


Hi cwellsaz,

Yes there will be soon enough.

Thank you for your patience.



Are there still plans on providing any new updates to this template?

jskates Purchased

Hi there… I can not figure out, for the life of me how to leverage the glyphicons regular in the sidebar nav… I’m trying something like this, and I don’t get anything… all of the other icons work fine. Here’s what I’m using…

<i class="glyphicons pie_chart" />

Any ideas?


Hi jskates,

You need to add the class to the containing the i like this:

<a href="" class="glyphicons pie_chart">
<i /><span>Filterable Gallery</span>

Than you need to give it a style (color white and position to match the other icons.

I can help out with that just send me an email with your details contact@mosaicpro.biz to see how you setup your app.


mcassim Purchased

don’t see android green in the assets folder. please send it

Hi, I’m new with less, I have a color for each user, can I just use the code below to change the colors? how to do it from there and not creating one file for each color, please help :).

<script data-id=”App.Config”> var basePath = ’’, commonPath = ’../assets/’, rootPath = ’../’, DEV = false, componentsPath = ’../assets/components/’, layoutApp = false, module = ‘admin’;

var primaryColor = '#424242',
    dangerColor = '#424242',
    successColor = '#424242',
    infoColor = '#424242',
    warningColor = '#424242',
    inverseColor = '#424242';
var themerPrimaryColor = primaryColor;    

Hi matalia85,

Those variables are for javascript files loading proper colors.

At the moment there is no built in feature to switch the colors.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


loeownz Purchased

don’t see android green in the assets folder. please send it

diz Purchased

Hello, its possible to write a function that whne user focus a input text, the fixed top bar hide, and on blur the bar appear? this because in smartphones height of the topbar and keyboard height cover entirely the screen. thanks

I have purchased this on 7-Jul-2014. Then set this in IIS with default folder as root of website. >> navigate to http://localhost:88/admin/index.html >> try to change the theme color from left-top square image option. but nothing happens

asset folder is around 38 MB and I don’t think should included in website. Need to have simple document which explains about customization. There are docs folder, but hard to understand for me.

dejori Purchased

Hi, how can we switch to black/grey skin? I looked through the CSS but couldn’t find the one for this color. Any idea? Thanks in advance

edonets Purchased

Dear mosaicpro, Your servise is really stuck. I can’t get answer already for 2 weeks from you not by email and not in your forum.


my question is easy. Is it allowed to change the copy mark in footer of the design? And how can i change the color?


Hi teller23,

Yes you are allowed to change that. Regarding the colors you will need to generate it from the LESS files within (assets/less).


Simua Purchased

This Template does not work with IE8. Why the deceit?

Simua Purchased

My apologies to MosaicPro, I found out that the Template does in deed support IE8. My error was because I built an Intranet application with it and the client computer was not connected to the internet when I tested, hence “html5shiv” and “respond.js” needed to style the template were not downloaded.

A workaround was to copy the 2 JS files to a local folder and modify your link to point to them.

This worked for me as shown below:

<!-- HTML5 shim and Respond.js IE8 support of HTML5 elements and media queries --> <!--[if lt IE 9]> <script src="../../assets/components/library/html5shiv/3.7.0/html5shiv.js"></script> <script src="../../assets/components/library/respond/1.3.0/respond.min.js"></script> <![endif]-->

Hi Simua,

Glad you found the answer :D


I didnt see the black and white skin in the assets folder (as well as several others listed on the demo)

how can i get them? thanks

edonets Purchased

Sorry, but I can rank this item only as 2 out of 5! Tried to get any support from the team and never got any answer.

How can I change the main colors, for example colors of top bar and some widgets? I’m changing the parameters:

<script> var basePath = ’’, commonPath = ’../assets/’, rootPath = ’../’, DEV = false, componentsPath = ’../assets/components/’;

var primaryColor = ’#466BAF’, dangerColor = ’#b55151’, infoColor = ’#466baf’, successColor = ’#8baf46’, warningColor = ’#ab7a4b’, inverseColor = ’#45484d’;

var themerPrimaryColor = primaryColor; </script>

After changing the parameters .less’m trying to compile the files in windows, but I get some errors and the main colors only change to either widget.

Is there an HTML template or PHP template?


Hi annonceplus

We haven’t included PHP in Flat Plus.


Hey in IE8 and on some Handys the number from the Icon Messages in the top bar don’t work correctly. Please help.

An4k1n Purchased

Hi MosaicPro, your template is great! Unfortunately we are totally stuck with a file that is transmitted by the demo server, but we can’t find it: serveStyles.css The file seems to be generated dynamically, but how? JS is, as we know, not able to generated browser downloaded content, so less.js is out. Is there a php file that generates the contents? Also we can’t figure out how the parameters to the file are generated. Would you be so kind to enlighten us?

Best regards, D


Hi An4k1n,

I think you are trying to reproduce the demo server as serveStyles.css is used only there which is not ok (we are using Node).

The template doesn’t include server-side config it includes the styling and files as per the demo.


I have some developers building an application for me, and one thing that really bothers me, and I am not sure if this is the Admin skin or something else, is that everytime I enter a new screen, everything takes a little while to load (about 3 – 5 seconds) and in that time, the fonts and size of everything looks default, then the page kinda flickers and it then looks as it should.

Anyone else getting this?


I can provide login details for mosaicpro if you have a minute to look at what I am talking about.


Hi discosourcedjs,

Send the link to contact@mosaicpro.biz



Email Sent

hi there is any RTL version of this? thank you