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Hi all, I bought Flat Plus admin template few weeks ago, first of all let me thank you for the awesome template you provide.

I’m using Flat Plus admin template and got into a problem of displaying the tabsbar tabsbar-2 control as vertical tabs, so I wander if there is an easy way to accomplish that, I don’t want to use the widget-tabs available in the template coz I have already created some wrappers over it (for example to add/close/select the tab problematically) and don’t wan’t to change the control under it. So my question is if you could suggest an easy way to change the tabsbar tabsbar-2 so it could display the tabs on the left side as vertical tab items and the tab-content on the right.

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I am trying to add on Advanced Select controls to each row in a table, but get an ID problem. As I understand it, the Advanced select control gets its function from the ID. i would like to have eash rown in a table to have a Advanced Select control, Is this possible? the reason for advanced select is that this has the search function.

Hello, i have a particular question to you, could you give me your email or addme to skype please? my skype id it’s pasvic70, I bougth Flat plus template. Thanks

Hi where are other skins, I’ve downloaded the template but only wine color is there?

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How this template full with. left bar none

I am trying to open the files up in Dreamweaver CS5 but it doesn’t open. Instead it stalls and takes several minutes to open or else DW just crashes.

I can see from a Google search that other purchasers/users are experiencing the same problem and that you have been aware of this issue for at least two months. However, you have not made potential buyers aware of this issue at the detail page for this template. Consequently I have purchased this template and only found out about this issue afterwards by doing a Google search.

Have you created a fix for this issue? If not, I would like a full refund please. Many thanks for your help : )



1. We provide rather complex products with many files and many lines of code. The code editor you’re using strictly represents your personal preference. It shouldn’t be our business to provide support for any of the many 3rd party text editors and IDEs out there – it’s the code editor’s business to properly handle the projects you’re working with.

You should use a more professional code editor that can handle complexity. In our opinion, DW is not a professional code editor (again, this represents our personal preference). Such editors are Sublime and PHPStorm (we’ve used both for much more complex projects and can seamlessly handle working with thousands of files).

2. We’re not in the position to offer any refunds on the Envato Market. Feel free to contact Envato Support, but you should know that generally refunds are not possible AFTER you’ve downloaded a digital copy.

Thank you for your understanding.


Many thanks for your reply. I am since using the latest version of Dreamweaver and all is working fine. : )


Glad to hear that.

Hi, first of all I congratulate you for the theme is complete and well done. Before proceeding to the full use I would like to ask a few questions:

1) I have seen that many js are not updated to the latest version and the bootstrap. You can update them?

2) Some js point to external links instead of being embedded within. Is there a particular reason?

Thanks and best regards

Mosaicpro, I said that you will give updates for his template. There are no updates for one year. I agree with Fabriziolerose that updates are required for this templates.

Hi there,

I have purchased Mosaicpro…

But having uploaded the files to the server the skin selector is not working.

Please visit this link to see the problem: http://www.therapytrainingschool.com/students/admin/indexmaster.html

Your help and advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you : )


I can see from a number of posts in the comment section that users have found that the skins do not work.

I am also experiencing the very same issues.

I have downlaoded the latest version (date modified on your files state 20th Jan 2015).

However, when I compare the rewrite reference on ThemeForest it says:


but on my own page it says: module=admin&page=index&url_rewrite=&build=&v=v1.2.3&skin=atomic-tangerine

So there are a number of issues.

Firstly, myself and other users have for some months not been able to get the skins to work.

Secondly, it appears that the files uploaded to teh demo on themeforest are using a different version for the rewrite function.

It would be very much appreciated if you could reply to my message ASAP as this is an issue that is being experienced not only by myself, but my several other purchasers… but you have not replied to their (or my) request for assistance.


I may have discovered a bug.

When viewing the index page on an iPhone using ios8 the left menu is open by default, and it should be closed.

Could you fix this for ios8 please?


Yes, an update will be available soon. Thanks


Great… please let me know once the update is available : )


Hi… any idea of the new release date?

Do you have a date in mind for the latest update? There are several bug fixes required before this template is usable with ios8

Hi there again… any news regarding an update for this template?

The menu still isnt working correctly in ios8 :(


Should be available in a few days. Thanks


That’s fantastic news… the template is awesome!


Update available now?

Where are the dummy files stored that contain the content for the alert notifications? Specifically, the text that is used in the messages here: http://cdn.mosaicpro.biz/flatplus/php/admin/notifications.html?lang=en&sidebar_style=default&skin=blue-gray&v=v1.2.4-rc1

Great theme!


Any reply??? Also, how to change text color of form inputs. The grey is too light.

Hello, Great work you have here. I have been having troubles changing the color theme. Please can you put me through on this?

Any update regarding the release date of the new version on FlatPlus?

I am eager to get the bugs ironed out of the version that I purchased more than 2 months ago!

Hi there

When opening the index page on a smartphone the menu is already open.

What code do I need to amend/change in order to have the menu closed when the page is opened?


My advice to anyone wishing to purchase this template… please check it using your mobile devices are there are many bugs such as those listed in my many comments and requests above. Also, the developer does not provide good support and very slow replies if at all.

I have purchase a theme named “FLAT PLUS – Web App & Admin Panel Template”. On request I will send u purchase code.

I am using above mentioned theme in my project and facing a issue regarding master page menu layout when website open in responsive layout. Scenario is as follow:
As I run my website in mobile or tablet (with theme's responsive behaviour) by  default navigation menu is open .
When Navigate to any page (page's post back event) by default navigation menu is open.

Every time user have to click Menu Icon to close menu.It’s quite problematic for website user to close menu every time on any navigation.

Kindly guide us or do needful in this issue as it is very urgent for project release.


Atleast reply me for this.