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Version 2.1 with Bootstrap v3.1 finally done!

  • Updated bootstrap to v3.1
  • Updated most of JS plugins
  • Updated FontAwesome to 4.03
  • Fixed icons (FontAwesome) in all pages
  • Many bugfixes regarding Bootstrap v3.1
  • Updated documentation

I will try to reproduce and fix all bugs from the comments as fast as possible. Priority was on BS 3.x! If you find any new or old bugs please report them through the contact form on my profile page!

FLAT – Responsive Admin Template

FLAT is a responsive admin template powered by Twitter Bootstrap 2.3.0 for administration and backend applications. FLAT has a very fast and clean UI and design. It provides a very user-friendly design which results in a great user-experience. FLAT is the admin template you want to use for your next project – your clients will love you for this admin template! Once you bought this template you will be able to download upcoming features / updates for free!


  • Responsive layout
  • Retina support
  • Fixed/Fluid Layout
  • Fixed/Static Topbar
  • Fixed/Static Sidebar
  • HTML5 / CSS3
  • Based on Twitter Bootstrap 2.3.0
  • Tables
    • Supports large tables (dynamically loads data)
    • Scrollable tables
    • Fixed first column table
    • Reorder table columns
    • Show/hide columns
  • Forms
    • Multi file upload
    • WYSIWYG editor
    • Select with search
    • Multiple select
    • Validation
    • Wizard
    • Tags input
    • Datepicker/Timepicker/Colorpicker
    • Spinner
  • Custom pages
    • Messages inbox
    • Chat
    • Invoice
    • Search result page
    • User profile
    • Gallery
    • Login page
    • Locked screen page
  • Calendar with events
  • File management
  • Custom error pages
  • Line/Bar/Pie charts
  • Custom icons & buttons
  • Bootstrap plugins
  • Font icon set
  • Notifications
  • Tooltips & popovers
  • Dynamically editable elememnts (inline)
  • File trees
  • Google Maps
  • Metro UI tiles


Version 2.1 – 20.03.2014
-Updated bootstrap to v3.1
-Updated most of JS plugins
-Updated FontAwesome to 4.03
-Fixed icons (FontAwesome) in all pages
-Many bugfixes regarding Bootstrap v3.1
-Updated documentation
Version 2.0 – 11.07.2013
-Added condensed boxes
-Added small boxes
-Added more column filter options and examples
-Added table column resize
-Added table grouping
-Added table pagination when not using dataTables
-Added daterange input
-Added spider/radar charts
-Added username available input form
-Added option to change sidebar to right side
-Added new accordion style (widget box style)
-Added blog pages
-Added language-switch button
-Added more layout example pages
-Fixed bugs with column filter
-Fixed bug with select2
-Fixed bug with sidebar
-And many more bugfixes..
-Updated font-awesome icons
-Updated documentation
Version 1.9 – 31.05.2013
-Added custom datatable configuration option
-Many bugfixes
Version 1.8 – 02.05.2013
-Added 7 predefined layouts
-Added Glyphicons Pro Package ($59 value)
-Added FAQ page
-Added Timeline page
-Added password strength input plugin
-Fixed many bugs
Version 1.7 – 25.04.2013
-Dynamic table with checkboxes
-Page with footer
-Mobile button to toggle sidebar
-Dynamic gallery positioning (like pinterest)
-IE9 Placeholder support
-Predefined font-colors
Version 1.6 – 15.04.2013
- Added 19 email templates (newsletter, new products, special offers, different colors)
- Added shopping pages (list, detail) 
- Added pricing tables 
- Added address book user popup 
- Added better mobile navigation 
- Added scrolling for mobile when navigation is too long 
- Added 16 colors for buttons 
- Added the feature to open navigation with hover instead of click 
- Added the sidebar for mobile devices (slide from left to right to show) 
- Added the feature to sort tasks (drag&drop) 
- Added autocomplete input in extended forms 
- Added new elements to documentation 
- Redesigned user profile page 
- Fixed MANY bugs
Version 1.5 – 12.04.2013
- Added Sidebar Multi level 
- Added default hidden Sidebar Menu 
- Added remember me checkbox for login 
- Added "All" button to address book 
- Optimized sidebar scrolling 
- Fixed bugs
Version 1.4 – 04.04.2013
- Added multi-level navigation (unlimited levels) 
- Added ToDo/Task list 
- Added Email Template 
- Added vertical wizard 
- Added iCheck plugin (styled checkboxes/radios) 
- Added select2 plugin 
- Redesigned horizontal wizard 
- Redesigned dashboard 
- Fixed bugs
Version 1.3 – 01.04.2013
- Added Topbar icon notification label 
- Added Topbar message dropdown 
- Added more page statistics 
- Added non-minified style.css 
- Added non-minified themes.css  
- Included SASS files 
- Fixed Bugs 
- CSS Code improvements 
- JS Code improvements
Version 1.2 – 29.03.2013
- Added horizontal tags 
- Added vertical tabs 
- Added column filter 
- Added Message-Center 
- Added Page-Statistics 
- Added Sidebar widgets 
- Added scrollable sidebar when sidebar is fixed 
- Fixed IE table bug 
- Fixed wizard bug 
- Fixed other bugs
Version 1.1 – 26.03.2013
- Added vertical form
- Added striped form
- Fixed navigation bug
- Fixed color-change bug
- Fixed inline-scroll bug
Version 1.0 – 23.03.2013
- Initial release