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I asked five questions to your support team (ticket ID 87) but because there was no reply for 19 hours I repost them here:

1. Why are social icons and search box not displayed at the top right?

2. Why are custom tags (1 and 2) not displayed?

3. What is the recommended size of text button background image (0405)?

4. How can I activate ASK module?

5. Why does my HelloBar script not work (http://www.hellobar.com/) (is not displayed) at the top?

My site: http://www.szkoleniamedialne.com.pl.


I’m sorry that it takes so long. We sent you the answer in our support website. According to our terms of support, turnaround time for support replies takes up to 24-48 hours.

Why are my posts showing up on the home page and is there a way to stop that? For example i tagged a post #Blog how can i make it only show on blog page and NOT also the homepage?


You have to uncheck option number 0017 which is responsible for showing posts on the home page.

Hello, Before buying your theme that I find very interesting, I wish I had some information please?

Is it possible to create a sidebar in the blog section?

Is this theme accept other widgets?

Thank you so much!




Sorry, we do not provide making a sidebar for this theme.

We’ve not tested any widgets on this theme. Please specify what widgets do you need and we will test them.

All the best, PT



Thank you very much for your reply and your attention. Alas, it is mainly a sidebar I needed. Your theme is still very beautiful!

Soon perhaps

Regards :-)

Hey there! I am seriously considering buying this theme, it looks just fantastic. I have a question though:

When I scroll the preview page down, the tumblr controls like follow and dashboard appear on the bottom right side of the window and at some point when I scroll down they disappear completely (then apear back when I scroll up). Is it a bug? Or is it a planned thing? If so, is there a possibility to keep the controls right where they should be (upper right corner) all the time? (just in case I’ll say that I’m using Firefox 25.0.1 and on the other tumblr blogs the controls appear just fine). I can’t wait for the answer, I imagine so many possibilities with this theme, it’s just can’t wait to try it! Take care!


Hi Kodamka!
Obviously this is a planned thing. We can restore default position of the controls. If you buy FLAT please contact with us in this case.
Have a nice day. :)

kodamka Purchased

Alright! I’m getting it right away then!

soo beatiful..I m in love with this theme and would love to see a Wordpress version of this one!

How do I stop my site from showing the mobile version ? example: someone goes to my site on a mobile device, i want them to see the desktop version.



Thanks for purchasing our theme.

Please open new ticket on our support system at http://passionthemes.com/support/ and attach a .txt or .html with your current theme code. We will make modifications for you.

Is it possible to have more than 3 photos (ideally 5 or 6) in the slider ? thx.


Hello cirem,

Yes, of course. But it requires some modifications in code. If you want to have more than 3 slides, please contact us (via support ticket system) after purchase.

Hello, let me ask you before I purchase. do you have any idea, this theme can be able to been used to Japanese language? I used one theme in wordpress before, but didn’t support with it. so I want to know if its possible or not.

best regards :)


The template supports the Japanese language. If you have a problem with that, you can count on our support.

Hi. I bought this template at v1.2. Is it possible to get the v1.3 as a free update, or must I purchase again?


The Passion THeme is now listed as v1.3 http://themeforest.net/user/PassionThemes


Unfortunately, in the case of a theme that was purchased along with the Bundle, the update you can get only through a new purchase.

Is there a way to lock the top menu banner so that it doesn’t move when scrolling down?


Yes, we can help you with this. Please go to our support website and open new ticket. www.passionthemes.com/support

Lovely theme! ;)


Thanks Alex :)

Hi, I’m sorry to leave this as a comment but Enviato seems to have changed their user interface and my license certificate is not where they said it would be and I don’t know where to find it—and therefore cannot file a support ticket. I have two questions about this theme: 1) I have mine set so that the homepage does not display posts. However there seems to be a bug where the text on the homepage does not appear when viewing with Google Chrome. Since most of my friends use Google Chrome this is a big issue for me. 2) The Icon Boxes section no longer seems to recognise the icons.

As this issues make this theme pretty much non-functioning, if there isn’t an imminent update planned then I would require a refund.

Thanks for your help!


Please try again to find purchase code. Look for it under Download tab, just like you can see here
You can find your purchase code if you click the big green “Download” button.
It would be great if you can submit a ticket.

Great theme design, but I am very unhappy. For some reason my site completely changed to a different theme after I had set it up. I have used Tumblr for a number of years, so it makes no sense why this happened.

I am SUPER PISSED because I can’t get all of my text back.



This is first situation where such things happened. None from our customers alerted with similar problem. It was probably caused by Tumblr’s server side problems.

We’re really sorry that this happened to you.

All the best, Passion Themes

One question, when I will buy this templete, I will have as well the grphic inside, with tha plane, and the other things?


The graphics you can see only in demos. They are not included with theme.

So far the theme is fantastic! I was wondering if there are shortcodes for accordion toggles if we want to expand and contract sections of text. Thanks!



Thanks for choosing our theme :)

We’re sorry, but FLAT do not contains elements such as toggles.


Hello! I’m loving this theme :)

I have two questions:

1. How can I change the width of the posts?

2. How can I center-align the menu?

Thank you!


Please check it now. Yesterday Envato’s API didn’t work properly.


Still not working :(


Ok. Please send us an e-mail via contact form on our profile page – http://themeforest.net/user/PassionThemes

I really like your theme and want to purchase but i have a few question because i have bought other themes and ran into issues.

1. Does the theme show the same on a mobile as it does on a desktop since its responsive.

2. Does every post type have a clickable title taking you further into the post?

3. How does the photoset for image post with multi pictures show in post, are the images or the slideshow clearly visible on desktop and mobile.

4. Where in this theme could google adsense be shown, is their a possibility for ad space at all

5. How are request for modifications handled? Is theme constantly updated



Hello creatore,

Sorry for late answer.

1. You can check this by browsing FLAT demos on any mobile device (you will see all differencies between desktop and mobile view).
2. Please check our demos (they contain all post types). Please notice that not every Tumblr’s post type contain a title.
3. Please check this URL: http://flat-business-theme.tumblr.com/post/49136969174/mothers-day-coasters-by-james-graves
4. There is no ad space implemented into theme. Maybe they can be added between modules or posts? It depends on you.
5. Please see support tab on item page. We do not plan any updates in the near future.


Hi, is it possible to provide a full length demo image (like this one : http://flatdsgn.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/Twish-Responsive-Business-Theme2.jpg) of the WHITE version for better visualization, maybe u have a link for it (?) Thanks for this great theme anyway, great work.


When i’m saying a demo image i mean a screenshot that shows the theme from top to bottom. Sorry i wasn’t clear.


awesome, thanks a lot.

Can I use it for blogger? If not, do you have someting similar for blogger? Thank you!


No, it’s only for Tumblr.