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Hello there! Do you have any plans to make it possible that the 404 page and the search results page can be customized? For example add product offers to them? Thanks a lot and have a wonderful christmas time!

Hi there!

I am running your latest version with WP 4.1. Since upgrading, the cart reverts back to zero after a couple of seconds of adding a product to cart (on the product page, not from category grid – which still works fine). Please can you take a look? My site is http://ottlite.direct/

Thanks so much!


Hi, just to update… I reverted back to WP4 and it works fine.


Another update! After a process of elimination, Taxonomy Metadata doesn’t work on a multisite environment on WP4.1. I hope there’s a fix for this soon, thank you


Hi there, thank for noticing these bugs. We’ll have these fixed soon. Have you try update WooCommerce also? Taxonomy Metadata is an third party plugin. We need to wait for them to update.

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Hi! Great theme. I have a problem with my featured images. They are blurred. I followed this advice but no results: http://uxthemes.helpscoutdocs.com/article/87-fixing-blurred-featured-item-thumbnails

A y other ideas? Even the parallax on the homepage is a blurred.

Is there a “best”-size in width in images?

Best regards, Peder.


Hi there, do you have a retina screen? Images will look a bit blurry on large screens, but good for most users.

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Hi! I have a MacBook Pro. It looks like, in the blogpost, that it pulls the picture. Onlye using a part of the hole picture. And its blurry.

Any idea?

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Hi, How can I add a Facebook “Like button” on the product page ? What is the exac code ? Thanks.


Hi there, sorry that would require custom development. We can’t help with that.

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Dear Support as you can see on this page: cafferenoir.it I have a slider with a girl drinking coffee when I see this on desktop, the slider is fine but when I see it from mobile, I cannot see the girl because she is too much on the left side and gets cut out. how can I see the girl also from mobile? is there a way to make image alignment for mobile? thank you very much for your quickest reply


Try set mob_height=”400px” f.ex to the [ux_banner]¬†shortcode. This will make the banner a bit smaller on mobile phones


You can use mob_height for mobile screens, and tablet_height for tablets

Merry Christmas from the Flatsome Team!

We’ll have limited support during Christmas. If you want support please use support@uxthemes.com. and we’ll get back you as soon as possible. Hope you all have had a great year and have a Happy New Year! We have a lot of cool new stuff and improvements coming for Flatsome in 2015.

We are delighted and proud to be able to provide an excellent theme with amazing customer service to all our users. Flatsome is our main and only focus and we intend to keep it that way. We want this theme to be perfect in every way possible. If you have any pre-sales questions, please post them here in the item comments and our team will answer them as soon as possible.

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Hi, Can you include size and quantity in the quickview?


How can I make it looks exactly like the live preview(demo)? I have to build each page as I want?


Hi there, have you purchased the theme?


No, but I want to know if I buy, will it come exactly as it is on demo, or will I have to build pages by myself?

I’d like to use this theme as a review theme, but turn off all the e-commerce parts (e.g. no prices, no cart). Is that possible? And if so, how hard would it be to do?


I like your shortcodes, however users with no further coding skills can’t easily change the look of their pages. Page builder gives me a little hope, however, it has some drawbacks: 1. Sometimes it places “Drop zone” in weird positions. 2. Image selector for backgrounds doesn’t work (which is a big drawback – imagine not skilled user copying image source and pasting it there instead of choosing from media). I use Wordpress 4.1 and Flatsome 2.1


Ok, little step ahead: commenting out line 36 in app.js helps with 2 ;)

Hi, is there a posibility to always show a thumbnail on the product page. Even if there is only one picture assigned? I’ve changed the design. And now when no thumbnail is shown there is a huge gap in the design. So it would be great if i could also show a thumbnail if there is only one picture selected for the product. Thanks for your help. Have a good time Michael

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I found an issue in the theme. It is about compatibility with Woocommerce 2.2

I get this error in my checkout page using “Woocommerce Table Rate Shipping Plugin”: Fatal error: Call to undefined method WC_Shipping::get_available_shipping_methods() in wp-content/themes/flatsome-child/woocommerce/checkout/review-order.php on line 14

The problem is solved when I remove that archive and Woocommerce is running with its own archive.

I hope you can solve this in the next update.

Some people talk about it here: https://wordpress.org/support/topic/checkout-page-error-2

Sorry about my English.

I have somehow lost my edit-shipping and edit-address pages with the newest woocommerce and wordpress updates. Checked comments and I don’t have the pages remaining in trash after end-point updates. Any thoughts?



hi it is mentioned that the theme supports RTL . does it also support persian calendar? p.s.it is supported by google calendar as an alternative calendar.