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Snerp Purchased

The Featured images for my products are cutoff due to the height. At the moment the image appear 250×300. My product images are all 550×550 so the image should be square. I would like the product featured image to appear as 250×250. Where can I adjust that?


asakhai Purchased

I was wondering if there is a way i can bring more attention to the “instock quantity” maybe have it bold or colored ? Is there a plugin i can use or some simple html code that can be applied ?

Try add this to custom CSS: .in-stock{color:green!important; font-weight:bold} :)

Hey, this is a great theme, we even featured your theme here on Best Premium Responsive WordPress Themes in 2015.

Keep up the great work! :)

Wow, thanks! :)


I want to install another product page in my web, can i do that?, I already have one, but i want another.

Thank You

Do you want to setup another product? Take a look here: http://docs.woothemes.com/document/managing-products/


sgreshn Purchased

Hi, I found the problem. After the upgrade, the slider can not boot, the same way I watched a demo on your website.


Hi there, for support please go to the support tab or send an email to support@uxthemes.com. That’s the correct way to get help :) Try also search the Flatsome documentation

Hi there,

I need to be able to display more information via a modal or tooltip – I can’t see any way of currently doing this?

I know you can have tooltips in Foundation 5 (are you on 5 or still on 4?) but it doesn’t seem to work very well when you use it on Flatsome – it loses any styling.

A while ago it was suggested that there could be an option to include all foundation options – would it be possible to pick and choose from various features it offers, I don’t like the idea of having to allow everything just for one small piece of functionality!

Thanks :)

Hi there, try use our built-in tooltip function: <a href="#" title="Tooltip text" class="tip-top">Tooltip</a>

eib82 Purchased

Hello, my site menu bar disappears on mobile devices. How can I fix this?

Hi there, for support please go to the support tab or send an email to support@uxthemes.com. That’s the correct way to get help :) Try also search the Flatsome documentation

How do I disable the Custom Account page?

Hi there, you can just delete the page to disable it :)


We are using flatsome for our store.

We have a problem with our variable products image hoover, every attribute has a different image for the product. When we chose an attribute we see the correct image, but when we hoover over it another image apears (the featured one)

And ther is a small grey line on all our product images, how can we remove this with css?

What is the sollution to this?



celenco Purchased

How can I hide the top right menu links on each product page in a particular category?

I was able to do this easily in my last theme, but my CSS code isn’t working in Flat, it only hides the menu in the Category page but the product pages under that category does not inherit it.

Here is the css code I am using.

.term-121 .right-links {display: none !important; }


Does this theme allow the customer to ship items in orders to multiple addresses when checking out? Thank for your time :)


sepivip Purchased

Hi, there is deleted translation plugin “Codestyling Localization”. Please help me to choose me another compatible plugin to translate the theme.

Hi i would like to add pagination to a category page of products only, not on the shop but on the category of some products i have like 100


misaifan Purchased

Hi, can I disable an element for mobile version already? I tried mobile=”false” with a [gap], no luck though.

Hi there! I am very curious about the next update :) Just one request – Sensei Integration would be awesome :)

Sorry, don’t know why it is crossed out…Sensei Integration would be awesome!

How do we activate the transparent header? I went through the options and did not find it.

I submitted a support request a few days ago about products not filtering properly on pages other than the first page for a given category. Any ETA on a reply?

Hi UX-themes,

Please see ticket ID # 17383

I wanted to follow up, as I haven’t heard back from your Support.

Maybe someone on here can help?

I am trying to reduce the padding size of the “boxed” 3 column rows on my front page.

Please see screenshot for reference: http://cubeupload.com/im/veden/Homeboxedcolumnpaddi.png

Can you please help me find the CSS properties to set the padding to 15px.

Thank you, looking forward to hearing back from you.


We are using the Flatsome theme and would like to be able to have different custom templates for different product categories. The reason is because we would like to add unique category related images to the top of the category pages that will be specific to the category depending on which category is being visited.

1. So I am guessing I would replicate the default category template, create a new templates to call in, and the new template choices would appear as options to assign to a category in the “Display Type” drop down? Is this possible, and do I have the correct line of thinking for this?

2. I actually am not clear on what the file is for the default category template at all, so I don’t know where to start. Can please let me know what file/files I need to work with to do what I have described above?

Thank you so much!