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rocoru Purchased

There doesn’t seem to be a coupon filed on the checkout page… Any idea why this might be and how to make it show up?


Hi, the coupon field is in Shopping Cart… It’s bad for conversion rate to have it in checkout. You could try to remove this line from function.php if you still want it there: remove_action( ‘woocommerce_before_checkout_form’, ‘woocommerce_checkout_coupon_form’, 10 );

please how do i change the $ at the header of the theme beside my account navigation menu to my country currency sign.


Email a support ticket to support@uxthemes.com. Include your purchase code.

Hi! I am looking for theme for my online business. I have a few concerns with this one because I really like it: 1. Can I change the font of the logo? 2. Can I add Instagram and Facebook logos? 3. Is it Possible to translate?4. Is it possible to upload a custom designed bakground? Please reply as soon as possible. Thank you!


1) Yes. 2) facebook is possible noe, instagram is coming tomorrow. 3) yes 4) yes :)


How do I get the version that can support the instagram icon_

ldeazy Purchased

Hey does the images come with the theme. I installed it and dont see the imagery.


Images are not included. The images on demo site is copyrighted and not included. You need to replace the gray dummy images with your own images :)

Pre-Purchase Question.

Is it currently possible to share blog post entries via social media?

If not, is this something you plan to include?




Can the parallax sliders/banner be used on other elements/pages other than just the header slider?


1) Yes, its possible with any share plugin. 2) Yes, take a look here: http://flatsome.uxthemes.com/shortcodes/shortcode-banners/

How can I get a slider on my homepage to go up UNDER the nav menu?

I need it to look like this: http://i44.tinypic.com/2hhj513.jpg

I have put a slider in the content area of the home page, and wrapped it in it’s own div. I can’t seem to control it’s positioning via z-index…and if I bring up the margin-top, it just throws the whole site out of alignment.


Could you email support@uxthemes.com? Do you have your site online somewhere?

Is there a way to add an Instagram icon along with the the facebook and twitter?


We have that option in next version. Hopefully up tonight, or at least this weekend.


wow…that’s fast. thanks.

kchul Purchased

I do not need google web font. I want to control a fonts that i use. What should i do for custom fonts.


We’ll have an option for disabling Google Fonts in the next version.

I’m thinking of buying this theme and I was wondering, can I disable the “quick view” when hovering the mouse over the product image?

Can I remove the “COMPLETE THE LOOK” panel that is on the right of the “single product” page and make the product image and description the full width of the page? see here what I mean: http://i.imgur.com/1Ud6JNd.png

Also can I modify the sticky header to show only the cart and login links?

thank you.


All of this is easy if you know a bit CSS and PHP. Custom development isn’t included in support, so make sure you have someone to help you do this modification before you buy the theme :)

Hello, I need a multilingual website: is it possible with your theme? Do I need additional plugin? Thanks


It’s possible to have a multilingual site with this plugin: http://wpml.org/ :)

Hello, good theme. I wonder if I can use the Brazilian currency in my sales.

- PagSeguro – Credit Card – paypal – Post

how they work?



Seems like there is a plugin for PagSeguro: http://wordpress.org/plugins/woocommerce-pagseguro/

Brazilian currency is built-in WooCommerce :)

j4ke90 Purchased

hi, How can I disable the e-commerce? Only blog


Go to Theme Option Panel > Catalog Mode.

j4ke90 Purchased

Thank You!!

Hi – what a fantastic theme. Definitely keen on buying, but a few pre-purchase questions:

1: can products be filtered by brands 2: is there a shortcode for a pop up / landing screen 3: is there a compare feature 4: is there a step by step guide to set up exactly like the demo with home page 1. Thank you and once again, a beautiful theme.


1) Yes, with a brand plugin (http://wpavengers.com/) 2) Coming soon 3) No, sorry, but this plugin should work: http://wordpress.org/plugins/yith-woocommerce-compare/ 4) Demo content is included so you get the exact setup as the demo homepage (images not included tho)

Can you make an html version please?


Sorry, we don’t plan to make that.

Pre Sales Q

Is it possible to have social icons in the header?


Hi, yes its possible with the Catalog Mode option: http://flatsome.uxthemes.com/?catalog-mode&social

One more Pre Purchase Question -

Is it possible to use the parallax slider/banner in other areas of the theme other than just the slider on the homepage?

Such as the following example in the theme below:


Thanks again for taking the time to respond.

Making decision on purchase today.


Yup. That should be possible with the [ux_banner] shortcode :)


Meaning, can I add it to a custom tab on a single product page or in a blog post, etc…?

I’m having some issues with the Homepage Grid style layout. On Chrome, the layout is fine. But on explorer, its off. Not sure if its an explorer settings issue or a theme styling issue. Can you please advise on what could be causing this. Please see attached screenshot of your homepage-4-grid-style page. Thanks

Screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/1R2pKUv.jpg

I like your theme and am considering purchasing it. I have a few questions:

1. Can you only have product viewing and ordering available to registered users that must be approved before they can access the site? 2. Can you order items, but the checkout does not contain a payment option? My client wants the orders, but will take payment in house.



1) This should be possible with this plugin: http://pippinsplugins.com/restrict-content-pro-premium-content-plugin/... 2) Could be possible with “Cash on delivery” option?

How can we make it so the search forms search the whole site and not just the WooCommerce content?


Got it, just removed: <?php if ( in_array( ‘woocommerce/woocommerce.php’, apply_filters( ‘active_plugins’, get_option( ‘active_plugins’ ) ) ) ) { ?> <input type=”hidden” name=”post_type” value=”product”> <?php } ?>

JRRI78 Purchased


Can you please tell me where I can install the demo content? I can’t find the xml file and I don’t see the way to install it in the back end.



Have you followed this guide? http://flatsome.uxthemes.com/docs/ XML should be in the Dummy data folder.