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Hi! I´d like to know if there is a way on this theme that requires users to login to see the the ads.


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I’m following the tutorial at but:

1) I can’t find any demo-content.xml file in the folder I just downloaded here.

2) I don’t know if it’s related to point one, but I can’t create any login – my account – post your ad page.

3) Is it possible to have in the homepage the map already zoomed in a specific area (aka not showing the entire world).


Hello. I want to apologize first and foremost to my many questions, but before buying your theme, I need more answers to be able to adapt my project. Moreover, I am the founder of a website on the topics and I would like to present your own. So thank you to answer as precisely as possible. Thank you a lot! :)

General questions:

1) Responsive (fits all screens)?

2) IPhone and Android possible?

3) Is the website déclinable in multiple languages? Not to mention adding a plugin, is that this feature is planned (in “native” ie default)

4) The site does offer the functionality to display a map with ads on the home page? Is it possible to configure the card (this on the home page) so that, by default, it has for example only France and not the world?

Webmaster (Administrator):

5) I suppose that there are predefined fields for the ads (name, address …) but is it possible to customize 100% the fields ads?

6) I suppose that there are predefined categories for ads but is it possible to customize 100% the categories?

7) I suppose there are drawings (pellets) for categories but is it possible to customize these designs 100% (pellets)?

8) Is it possible that the ads are manually validated by the site administrator for verification before being visible on the site?

Professionals: who can create ads (advertisers):

9) When the seizure Professional (writes) its announcement, how it will be presented the categories? By combo?

10) When the seizure Professional (writes) his announcement with all fields (name, surname …), will he can choose whether he wants to make public (present on the ad or not)?

11) When the seizure Professional (writes) its announcement, is it possible for him, in addition to its specific address, you can enter a range (100 kilometers of my home? Entire France? ....). Why not imagine a slider from 5 to 1000km for example that the provider may set?

12) When the seizure Professional (writes) its announcement, how many pictures can put a professional on his announcement?

13) When the seizure Professional (writes) its announcement, is it possible for him to subscribe for paying options? If so, which: adding more photos? Before implementation on the home page and / or the card? Flashing sticker on the map? Other?

14) If however pay options are managed by the site, he will be possible for the professional to take them afterwards and not to the creation of its announcement (after posting his ad)? On the same principle, he may terminate them later from his account?

15) Is it possible for the professional to create and manage multiple ads?

Visitors (potential customers):

16) Is it possible to imagine a link on all ads to report abuse (ad should be removed as not complying with the conditions of use)

17) When a visitor searches on the home page, is it possible for him to view (on the map and / or a list under the map, for example) professionals able to meet his needs (even if the professional lives far from home but he agrees to move / related question 10 where the provider may return a radius of action that is how far he would be able to move)

18) Is it possible to remove the rating system?

19) Is there a geolocation system to open the home page the visitor allowing it to be immediately geolocated (localized) on the map when he arrived on the site?

20) Can visitors see ads or create an account?

21) Are there plans for visitors to create an account? If so, what is it for?

Again thank you in advance and sorry for all these questions … Being French, I did everything for the translation to be the best but I am at your disposal for any further information. Thank you a lot. Kind regards,

Hi! I want to buy it soon, but I have some pre-order questions:

1- Is there a way to restrict the ads visualization only to logged users?

2- Can users login with facebook account?

3- Can I have 2 kinds of users (2 atributtes), so only one kind can submit ads and the other not (only see ads)? i.e. a user “store” can choose a plan, pay for that and submit ads, a user “client” can only see the ads.

3- Can I distribute codes for free submitions of ads or allow free submitions on a certain period or only for the first submition of that user? And after that trial period, the user should buy a plan?

4- Can I configurate the princing plan to “number of clicks on the ad” instead of periods (i.e. U$ 100,00 for 200 clicks on the ad)? If yes, is it possible to limit the number of clicks? (i.e. a user´s click counts only once and it´s limited to 200 clicks – 200 users)

Thanks a lot!


1. It is not possible right now but it can be done with one code line.

2. Yes.

3. No, it is not possible.

4. No, it is not possible.


I would like know with I have to buy a LINUX HOST or WORDPRESS HOST for this website, and if this site has admin panel. and if possible can you guys send me the HOST LINK to buy a domine and host. tanks

And i would like know if possible i make simple ads for free and nice ads with FOTO – VIDEO etc but payed

hi is there any possibility to have totally payable ads. I mean there were no free ads.

Yes, just add price to regular ads too.