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Dear author

This template is really nice and well coding. I need to change all directions to Right To Left actually I need set it for Persian language is there a way to change all directions to rtl ? also I need change sidebar position to right . how can I do that?

Hi zafarzadeh, thank you very much for your purchase, I’m glad you like it!

With some small changes, you can move the sidebar to the right as well as some other elements (eg on the header). Just sent me a message through my profile’s contact form and I will do my best to assist asap :-)

I was wondering if this is possible to create in codeigniter ?

Hi janvier123 :-)

Yes, FlatApp can be integrated with Codeigniter (and with any other php framework) but unfortunately, I don’t have plans for doing such an integration at the moment.

is it possible for you to create it in codeigniter? ill pay you for it ofc if the price is right :)

Thanks janvier123, please check your inbox, I just sent you an email :-)

datepicker with auto close select has problem. When the class use .input-datepicker-close for input, It will be close when i select month or year section.

Hi christe58 and thank you very much for your purchase :-)

I’m using the changeDate event from datepicker plugin (the only available that can be used for closing the popup when the date changes). Unfortunately, I can’t close it only when the day changes, because it also triggers when you select month or year (since the date changes).

you have changed the css on the new version :o ?

version 1.3
<div class="control-group"><div class="controls"><div class="input-prepend" /></div></div>

version 1.4
<div class="form-group"><div class="col-xs-12"><div class="input-group" /></div></div>

why :crying: ?

With 1.4, FlatApp has been updated to support the newest version of Bootstrap (v3)!

This version brings many many new changes and the HTML markup had to be updated to reflect them (I mention this change in the docs – changelog).

If you decide to upgrade your project, you will have to update your codebase with care because of the many changes! Otherwise, if you need a new feature of 1.4, but don’t want to go with BS3, let me know if I can assist!

Hi Pixelcave! Just got around to downloading your updates and implemented. I really have to say, you’ve really outdone yourself! Excellent, excellent, implementations and thank you for considering my request! You know, there is an old saying were I come from and that is; “if a person truly wants to be king, you must find out what the peoples needs are.” It looks like you’ve taken the high road in following this old saying. If there was a way to spank a 100 star rating on this, consider it done!

Again, fantastic job and keep up the great work!!!!

Hi Keith and once again, thank you so much for your incredible comment!! I really don’t know what to say!! I will keep trying for the best, thank you again so much!!

Is there a way to get the .dropzone in one of the tabs of the form wizard?

Hi rustinlewis, thank you very much for your purchase!

Unfortunately it is not compatible with the form wizard :-( There is a tutorial at https://github.com/enyo/dropzone/wiki/Combine-normal-form-with-Dropzone for using dropzone inside a normal form but I believe that you may come accross issues if you try to use it along with the wizard.

I’m interested in this theme but before I purchase it I would like to know if the sidebar (the left one) can be recolored without a lot of troubles and !important around CSS code.

I’m not sure if I should buy this or the other: FreshUI, this has more “things” as it looks like, the other has very nice feature and design but I prefer colors from this one.

Thanks for answer.

Hi and thank you very much for your interest in FlatApp and FreshUI, I’m happy you like them!

If you decide to go with FlatApp, it will be easy to change the color of the sidebar to your own preference. You can also send me an email from my profile’s contact form and I will guide through the CSS lines you will have to change.

If you can’t make up your mind and need further info about the templates, just let me know :-)

Thanks a lot for your fast answer! Anyway, I appreciate your support but I don’t want to “overcharge” you with that type of job, you provided already the template and I’m ok with that (and in any case I managed to change sidebar color with devtools in the demo, it looks quite easy).

I received the theme as a Christmas present from a friend that helped me choosing it (sounds weird but true) so I’m going to test it today!

Thank you very much, you and your friend! I’m glad you like it! As you have figured it out it’s relative simple to change sidebar’s color but if you need assistance don’t hesitate to contact me – it’s a quick modification :-)

Happy coding!

I am new on PHP and this template help me a lot to practice. I love it. Excelent work!

I have issues to use Pie Chart, can you explain how the function works? Im try to get info from mySQL and using php variables.

Hi and thank you very much for your purchase! I’m glad you like it! :-)

Before the init of pie chart, random data is created and passed to the chart. If you would like to directly add your data, you could for example instead of using pieData (holds the random data)...

$.plot(chartPie, pieData,...

...pass specific data to the init of the pie chart:

$.plot(chartPie, [{label: 'Data 1', data: 20},{label: 'Data 2', data: 20},{label: 'Data 3', data: 10},{label: 'Data 4', data: 10},{label: 'Data 5', data: 40}],...

If you would like any further info don’t hesitate to contact me through my profile’s contact form! Happy coding ;-)

It work’s ! Now my charts get info from mySQL ! Thank you very much !

Ridiculous CSS question for you..

Rather than have a logo image in the centre of the top bar (in the brand and search section) I want to have a single line of text in white (not even a link) – is there an existing class I could apply to H1-6 tags or similar which will do this?

Hi Les :-)

You can replace the original image link..
<a href="index.html" class="navbar-brand">
    <img src="img/template/logo.png" alt="logo" />
..with a heading tag..
<h1 class="navbar-brand">
and also update the line-height of the following CSS class from ‘normal’ to ‘40px’ to align vertical the text (in main.css – line 2340):
.navbar .navbar-brand {
    line-height: 40px;

Hope that helps ;-)

Why are you always changing the whole code? Everytime you update, I have to work for hours to change CSS, Icons, classes … this is really bad and I am loosing my happiness on this template!!!

For instance:


is now:

class=”gi gi-cogwheel”


Hi AMBID and thank you very much for your purchase :-)

I’m not always changing the whole code. I’m only changing the parts I have to, in order to improve the template, enhance it and keep up to date the icon fonts and frameworks behind FlatApp.

The class change from ‘glyphicon-’ to ‘gi gi-’ was made to further improve the rendering (make it faster) of the font icons. Using the search & replace functionality of your editor/IDE, you can apply a change like that really fast to all your files at once.

I’m sorry to hear that keeping the template up to date and improving it by providing updates makes you feel that way with FlatApp.

Hey dude ! it’s me again..

I want to know how can I set auto data-toggle, when I load a page. I want that in order to ask the user change his password on his first log in.

Thank you in advance !

Hey nahuelFrega :-)

Can you give me more info about what you would like to achieve because I did not fully understand? Also, if you like, you could send me a message through my profile’s contact form with an example, so I can assist further ;-)

Hey, We get an “Object Expected” error in Internet explorer. Can you please help. I have pasted details of the error for you to refer to…

Webpage error details

User Agent: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 8.0; Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; Trident/4.0; BTRS63689; SIMBAR={8ABE360E-BF0F-11E2-9FC6-B44828A761FB}; SLCC2; .NET CLR 2.0.50727; .NET CLR 3.5.30729; .NET CLR 3.0.30729; Media Center PC 6.0; InfoPath.2; .NET4.0C; .NET4.0E) Timestamp: Fri, 11 Jul 2014 15:09:03 UTC

Message: Object expected Line: 728 Char: 1300 Code: 0 URI: http://localhost/01%20-%20FlatApp%20Template%20(PHP)/js/plugins.js

Hi Nicky and thank you very much for your purchase :-)

FlatApp 2.0 update is in the review queue and will soon be available. I have solved this issue in the new version. If you would like a quick fix, please send me a message through my profile’s contact form (with info about which version you are currently using), from the account the purchase was made and I will send you back the fixed plugins.js file ;-)

Hi is it possible to connect ckfinder with this template ? if yes please send me guidelines to do the same

Hi and thank you very much for your purchase :-)

I haven’t use it before (it’s a commercial plugin for CKEditor) but I don’t think there is any reason why it shouldn’t work fine with FlatApp and CKEditor. You can find the official documentation with installation instructions for many server-side languages at http://docs.cksource.com/CKFinder_2.x/Developers_Guide

Happy coding ;-)

Thank you for this incredible product. You’ve made me look better than I am. I do have a question if you can answer it here. I need some direction on where to look to add some filter fields to the datatable header area. I want to be able to search by date range.I can add the fields above the table, but it takes up too much room. I just need someone to point me to the area where I can inspect the code and insert the date range fields.

Thanks for any help. Again, I LOVE this theme. It’s the perfect toolkit to quickly build killer back-end apps for my customers.

Hi and thank you very much for your purchase and your kind comments! I’m really glad you like FlatApp :-)

Please have a look at your inbox, I just replied to your email ;-)

Thanks John! I was able to use your blocks and bootstrap formatting and get exactly what I needed by adding the fields in a block above the datatable. Your example pages have been incredible in helping me quickly learn your framework and get an app built. 5 STARS, no question!

Thanks so much for your rating Jason, I appreciate it and I’m very glad you found the example pages helpful! Happy coding and wish you all the best with your project ;-)

Does it come with PSDs?


Thank you for your interest in FlatApp but unfortunately there are no PSDs available!


I purchased your theme and love it. I am getting ready to create a contact manager and was wondering, since your designs are so brilliant, if you have anything that would be robust and could plug easily into this theme. I will program the php portion, I just need something that is very user friendly and ports well to mobile.

thanks, Shawn

Hi Shawn and thank you very much for your purchase and for your kind comments, I’m very glad you like FlatApp :-)

I have something that may be useful for your project, please send me a message through my profile’s contact form and I will get back to you as soon as possible ;-)


can this be used as the UI for a Parse.com web app? Parse provide a Javascript (https://parse.com/products/javascript) and PHP SDK (https://parse.com/products/php)

Best wishes


Hi Avery, thanks a lot for your interest in FlatApp :-)

FlatApp is an abstract generic template, so you shouldn’t have any issues using it along with any third party JS or PHP framework!

Hope that helps but let me know if you need any further info ;-)