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HI,I have recently purchased flatastic theme and I am very much impressed with the design. Now I am looking to make my website using this template as a dynamic one and for which I am using opencart. But while uploading my the me on opencart, I am not able to see any changes and the site still remain a static one. I have changed the settings in open cart admin module as described in most of the tutorials.. Please advise for the same Regards Rohit Kala

Hi Rohit Kala. It’s not possible to instal the HTML template on the Opencart platform. You can convert HTML version into Opencart in case you are familiar with programing. OR you can hire someone on Envato Studio or Elance who can do that for you. As a variant, you can purchase the Flatastic design that is based on another ecommerce platforms such as Magento ( ) or Joomla Virtuemart ( )

Hi! Very nice theme. Can you tell me please, how can i reset the home page slider height? I set in my css file: .revolution_slider{ height: 580px }

Its work, but have a visual bug and mobile versions do not display correctly

Im not crazy about the drop down menus.

Are there any alternatives to these?

Hi, as I remember I answered you on ticket

No the ticket referred to header customization that you said you were not interested in. Im asking now if the sub-menu design can be changed?

Please write to the ticket. This is not support area

Hello, I’d like to activate the switch list/grid, but in the template not works (see the little icons after “View as”):

How can I enable them? Thanks.

Hi, this is just HTML template. If you need list – you have to create the new page like and make link from button to this page

Ok, thanks.

Right now the product caruosels display 3 products at a time.

How do I get them to display say 4 at a time?

Thanks that worked

Your ticket site is down please check

Hi, I know. I’m waiting Ticksy also

Hi Mad,

can you provide us with an suitable print.css?

Also I´am still interested in buy an associated:
  • Mail template, and also an
  • WordPress theme
Are there some news or official plans for the release?

Best regards Dominik

We will make it;) I will be appreciated if you support me with 5 stars here

I will do, if the WP-Theme runs smoothly. I do need to test it a few days.

Sure. If you find bugs- let me know

this is awesome template and i love it.

I want to purchase this theme but before purchasing it I found one issue in this template.

On product description page cloud zoom not working with desktops users those have (Monitors) i am saying this because i have CRT monitor.

When i view product description page on my laptop cloud zoom working.

I can’t understand whats the issue. I checked my browser versions it up to date.

Hello, I do see the back to top button on the desktop. Please specify the page name where it disappears.

I tested back to top button with 17inch LG CRT monitor and its not appearing on whole website.

back to top button and cloud zoom working only with wide screen monitors (LCD), Laptops, iPhone, iPad etc. I think its not supporting square shape CRT monitors.

It doesn’t depend on the monitor type. The visibility of cloud zoom and back to top button depends on the resolution. They are hidden on smaller resolution (1024 or less). It’s easy to make them visible by editing css.


I love this HTML template, but the top menu does not work on iPads (I’ve checked on 2 different tablets)

The full menu (incl. submenus) opens up on page load – and can not be closed.

Works fine on iPhones, so I guess it’s a tablet problem only.

Please help.

Best regards, Kim

you are welcome) I will be appreciated if you rate our item here ;)

Sure I will … :)

thanks, mate;)

On my product details page, the text on the right wraps around the image container to the left. How do I stop that from wrapping?

I would to purchase this theme, the design is nice and clean. But it is possible to disable animations on home page?

Hi, sure

Is there some setting for that?

You will have to remove one class from animation blocks.

Hi sir we have some problem related to menu.when we mouse open on menu open sub menu one side only.. in my website we have more menu so i want to open sub menu both direction according to web site(left or right). WHAT will i change in css file.

Hi, please submit a ticket on

HI, pre-sale question: is possible to have two pages shop completely separate? For example, in a section there will be dresses with subcategories man and woman and in the other section there will be cars with the category black and blue??


Hello. This is HTML template, so you’re free to make as many pages as you want.

Hi, i like this theme ,really amazing, i have to purchase this theme but i want to know when i purchase then i will get all files including home page all variants and rtl features. & what’s the difference between Regular license and Extended license. Please reply me urgent.


Hi, we provide all home pages at the stock file

Thanks, once i purchased theme, I have to pay on yearly basis,or it’s one time payment only.

it’s one time payment only


janwebdev Purchased

Thanks for the excellent template