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I just bought the Flatastic template for Joomla/Virtuemart. I saw the demo, and the theme is so wonderful. Really it’s a great job about you/your team.

Somehow, i download it and there is a problem. I installed the folder “fullpackage” for Joomla 3 but when i’m going to the front/backend there is no template installed. Just the basic frontend. No Virtuemart, no component… What did i missed ?

I watched your video tutorial but it’s for Joomla 2.5. About Joomla 3, i don’t know what kind of example i must install before the installation is finished. Maybe it’s what i’m done wrong.

Can you help me please ? Thank you very much.

Kind regards.

My apologies, i didn’t watched below… Thank you.

Hi; did you add RTL ???

Hi, you can ontact to Envato support and ask them. I’m just author, not a seller

Oky….. from your experiences , for my own business , would you chose to use this template or using the complete platform from http://www.shopify.com ????!thanks for your advice …

I prefer VirtueMart, Opencart or Prestashop more, than Shopify

Hi, I’m interested in this template but I have a doubt. You can put a default currency without currency selector at the store? I’m interested in is only in Euros, not dollars, only in Euros.

Greetings and thanks.

?Hi I have really big problem with checkout? – after submit order your template show this: ? http://puu.sh/i7pEF/f4604c1f1c.png I did website from demo instalation.

This is really big problem I need quick answer.

I postet this problem to your system : https://velikorodnov.ticksy.com/ticket/447207 but as every my questions and problems is without answer from your side.

Hi, today is weekend. Tomorrow I will be in the office and answer you


Some questions after installed the theme. 1) How to hide the text “Login or Create and Account” at the top? 2) How to hide two “New Products” images in the front-page? 3) In front-page, how to hide the tabs for “Featured”, “New”, “Hit”, “Specials”... etc? 4) For products, how to hide “Add to wishlist” & “Add to Compare” two buttons?


Hi, open a ticket please. This isn’t support area


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pre sale question can i able to add unlimited tabs on product description page like description,review,specification,video,custom,rating etc

Hi, sure you can hide them. About unlimited custom tabs I need to ask developer

please ask developer and let me know i want to add 5-6 custom tabs

Hi, now it’s not possible, but if you buy we will add this option


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Hi, I am really interested in your theme, but before buying I have two questions: 1- Do you provide the support for virtuemart if any problems happen 2- Is the french language installed in the Quickstart package Thanks !

Hi. I provide support, but some customers confuse support and customization;) You can install french, but you have to translate ini file from eng to fr. Shortcodes are not included, but I can share with you for free.


HeyDee Purchased

Hi, thanks for your reply. Purchase has been done, I will wait for shortcodes sharing. (I will not ask for customization for free, only support !!) Thanks !

if you have questions- open a ticket please https://velikorodnov.ticksy.com

Very little information in the documentation about what the individual header styles are. also can’t seem to find how to re-order the main menu, as it’s not using a built in wordpress menu. Any suggestions on where to go for a more robust set of documentation on this theme?

Hi, You wrote into VirtueMart product. Have you bought VM template?

1) I’m getting an error message when I click the conform purchase in check out page it shows the the alert box that “Country code is missing”. 2) Another thing is I need currency value should be automatically converting from base INR to KWD when Kuwait users view the website.. We can do this by using ip address. Any plugins,Modules or components for this functionality?

Yes, I understand. Any how if my client don’t want Rupostel OPC in the sense. Can I use standard check out? Thats it. Simple,

Hi, sure you can use standard checkout for free

Thank you. I will purchase this template. I will shoot my queries latter on if any.

hi. i want buy this template but in demo, testimonial and gallery section dosen’t work for me and only show shortcodes!!!!

Hi, shortcodes are not included into the pack, but I provide it after purchase if you ask me

Pre-sales question – Are you able to have the whole page load and not have the modules “ease” in?

Hi, sure

I have two queries. I will explain one by one. Please help me out with out bypassing it

1) T3 Megamenu was not working. I have installed joomla3 full packed. Meganu was enabled in backend. Once I create. and move mega menu columns I’m saving it. When I refresh the front end. It show the same with sub menu. As per the video tutorial I have grouped it correctly but after refresh the backed the mega menu disappears it orders in backend also.

2) Domain is in demo url http://acchoos.com/store/. Now it is showing like http://acchoos.com/store/index.php/en/saree/saree-by-type. How can I make perfect url like http://acchoos.com/saree/saree-by-type

I’m not much sound in Joomla. So please help me. Give solution ASAP because it is very urgent work.

I have raised the ticket but no reply yet.

Hi, this is not support area, if you opened ticket- I will answer soon

Hi, I just downloaded the new uodated(26 June 15) but the content is as same as last file(Main_v2.9.1), only VM 3.0.9 inside, Do I miss anything?

Hi, read documentation change log 2.9.1 section


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Hi, can you tell me how to apply update, thanks.

Hi, read Documentation Changelog section

Hi mad_velikorodnov. May I have the shortcodes. Thank you in advance.

Hi, open a ticket please