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Hi, I have 3 open tickets which are not answered, Please please please answer them quicker. #714985 – #716703 #716708 + Please create a separate link for downloading just the updated files. for example when you release update 3.8, please let us download a rar file including just updating files because it’s too hard to download ~400 MB for every update for slower internet connection like me. I’ve tried 2 times to download new update package which is about ~400 MB and because of slow internet speed, it got disconnected and i couldn’t finish it while i just need a ~20 mb rar file to update my template. Thanks for your great support.

See, I can upload now and provide link, but I can’t do that in each update

thanks, But i think it would be better for other 976 purchased ones to download just update files instead of ~400Mb file, too. I think it’s really nice to have update files in available for those who have purchased your templates.

See, I can’t change themeforest rules

Is there an SSL option in the template? I enabled it in Joomla Config however I still get a browser warning since some URLs are not HTTPS. Thank you.

Hi, your server must have SSL sertificate

HI, yes an SSL Certificate has been installed for the domain on the server. However I still get browser warning that says some URL’s are not HTTPS

Switch on here also If you have questions – open a ticket please. Comments is not support area

I tried to submit a ticket but it says:

Whoops, something went wrong ...
Sorry, that purchase code doesn't seem to be valid.

Why ?! I have submitted 11 tickets with this code, i check it to make sure if it’s correct in Themeforest, but still it says the code is invalid !

Hi, I guess you chose wrong category

I tried again, it still shows the problem.

Strange. I tempopary switched off this option at Ticksy

here it is ( as i couldn’t submit a ticket ) : ?Hi Hi can i show my logo in sticky menu like this: live demo: This template uses T3 framework, too. Thanks.

I see, you have to edit css by yourself to make another header. If you want to order customization I can provide link to some service

Can you please give me some advise and instruction to do it or tell me how much it costs if you edit it? thanks

No, we don’t provide custom service, but it’s not difficult. You can order here or


I followed your instruction:

but it didn’t work. Then i created a folder named fa-IR in templates\t3_bs3_blank\language? and copied and renamed en-GB.tpl_t3_bs3_blank(.sys).ini? to fa-IR.tpl_t3_bs3_blank(.sys).ini? and renamed COM_VIRTUEMART_SIDEBAR=”???? ?????? ??????”? but still it didn’t work . so i had to rename it in php files in templates\t3_bs3_blank\tpls\blocks?\off-canvas.php ?it worked.

<?php echo JText::_('???? ?????? ??????');?>

<button type=”button” class=”close” data-dismiss=”modal” aria-hidden=”true”>×</button>

But is there anyway to make it alright in both english and persian (farsi) ? Because in this way in both English and persian language, it shows ???? ?????? ??????


i wrote ???? ?????? ?????? but it shows some question marks. If it still shows some question marks, consider it as a persian word. thanks

I wish i could delete this comment, i found the solution. It was a mistake in your answer to that ticket. the file which should be renamed is in this path: \language\en-GB\en-GB.tpl_t3_bs3_blank.ini, but you’d said it’s in \\templates\\t3_bs3_blank\\language\\en-GB\\en-GB.tpl_t3_bs3_blank.ini By the way, thanks for your solution to say which part should be renamed.

You are welcome

Would you please check this ticket a little quicker? #686177 so much thanks

Hi mate. I’m out of office now. i will reply in the morning. Sorry for delay

Hi, I just wanted to remind if you may please check it a little sooner. Thanks

not update Joomla 3.5

Hi! I can not upgrade to Joomla 3.5 of Main_v3.8? here see the error: Thanks!

I mean that the problem is not mine but yours because you haven’t given the correct joomla v3.5 update as you see in the link below Please find out the mistakes in this link because I can not update. I must not pay for support when you make these mistakes.

Update via admin panel

I’ve done. It works now.

Hi :) I have noticed that the template has a map included in the contact form. My version does not seem to have this, can you advise how i can implement it? Regards Donna

Hi, open a ticket please

Hi, Can you tell me how i can assign HomePage2 to the entire site please?

Hi, open a ticket please


I need update to joomla 3.5 and flatastic 3.8 but I can´t update to 3.5.0 with your package \VM2_Flatastic_theme_Joomla3\sources\up_3.8\

Joomla show me this error:


JInstaller: :Install: Can’t find XML setup file.


Unable to find install package

Please, help me!

Update J3 via admin panel

In admin panel, only update to joomla 3.5.1 and this versión dont work in your theme. Please, tell me step by step to update your theme to versión 3.8 or the theme is not worth me at all


I opened a ticket on your support page and the ticket number is:#749284 I didn’t get a suitable solution for my issue yet. The problem was, this template is not supporting with Joomla 3.5. So can you help me to install this template for Joomla 3.5? You can find the url and administrator access in the ticket number: #749284 unfortunately I should say that if I will not get a suitable solution for this issue, I have to ask refund from you.

Thank you!

If you can’t install record the video and show me. I will show your mistake


l_kuma Purchased

The issue was because i installed it in wrong mode. With the fullpackege it work. Thank You Sergii!

Sounds good

i have send some tickets since 2 days ago, please answer my tickets a little quicker. thanks. #725267 #747480 #756991 #757464 #725267

Hi mate. I’m on vacation, but I will check your tickets as soon as possible

HI, I am interested in purchasing. Could you let me know how to add Product Filter such as SKU Search? Thanks!

Hi, you wrote comment to VirtueMart. I guess you need Wordpress?

Yes i m going to use this theme for Wordpress. Does the wordpress theme have this SKU search functions?


atpgtr Purchased

?Hello, I am having issues with being PCI complaint because the checkout page is not secure. It is http:// and not https:// Why is this? How can this be secured and encrypted?

You are welcome:)


atpgtr Purchased

Hello, I am now having an issue with my checkout and the developer of the plug-in I use for offline credit cards said its because of the One Page Checkout, but it is not enabled in virtuemart. They said there is one in the template. How can I disable it?


atpgtr Purchased

I have found it, Thank you!

Hi. It’s really a virtuemart theme or only can work with your template? I would like this virtuemart theme with my rocktheme template. Is it possible? Thanks.

Hi, can you explain what you meant please?

Ok. I need a virtuemart theme, but not a full Joomla template with a virtuemart theme. In another words, I’ve a site with Rocktheme tamplate, and Yagendoo virtuemart theme, and I’m thinking about quit yagendoo theme and put your flatastic theme. Could I install only the virtuemart theme or Is it a full template?

This is full template, but we provide theme only also. i don’t recomend to use only theme, because VM is not as Wordpress. To install just VM theme with components and all modules is very difficult process. 99,98% of our customers use fullpackage

I am trying to update my theme, and support is worst! Rarely replies and even replying what I have done without even realizing that this was already done, and mentioned. I was reading previous comments and this is the story of every other person. Worst support! Hello Theme Developer, go and ready my comments in thread of ticket #771734 then you will see you are just repeating things without providing a proper solution to bugs your theme has!

Hi, your problem is that you didn’t read my documentation. How should I help you if you didn’t follow instructions?

I followed your complete documentation but you didn’t read my comments on ticket! I mentioned several times that I followed changelog and did exactly what you asked for and after that some isuses were fixed but some new issues arise. You asked to restore what I did (hours of work), when I did that you asked agian to do what changelog mentioned, is this a joke or you have issues understanding English correctly?