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SLGSI Purchased

Hello, Erik,

I just now purchased the theme, and am carefully following your steps for installing it as per the demo. I am currently on step #3.) Check the Download and import file attachments checkbox and hit send.

This is the message I received after completing that step:

[removed by author request]

Before I go any further, what is needed for these failure messages?

Thank you for your consideration.


SLGSI Purchased

Hi Erik,

Thank you for responding step by step. Actually, I have set up two word press website before with success.

So, I would not be asking for your support if I didn’t do all the things listed in the set-up. This is a pretty simple set of 6 instructions.

So, that is where this has become a little confusing or frustrating. Despite being meticulous in following all 6 instructions, my site still is not appearing as per the demo. I did not miss setting my “Front Page Display” to “Home” (instead of the default wordpress “Blog”) as you mention in step 6 of the import demo content guide from in the docs. In fact, I double checked it and saved it again, EXACTLY as the screenshot says. So, I am at a loss.

If you would take a look, I would appreciate it. [removed by author request]

Thanks again, Najma


SLGSI Purchased

Hi Erik,

It turns out there were two “Home” pages to select, for some reason. So I simply selected the other, and it seems to work. Since I inadvertently published the site, password and your email, I will be changing it for security.

Best, Najma

Hi Najma, thanks for noticing me about your success. Cheers, Erik


When I click sign up with the contact form (which is integrated with mail chimp), I want the screen to scroll down so I can see the ‘email’ box.

Currently when I click ‘Sign up now’ – I have to scroll down to see the email box. This would be confusing for first time visitors.



Hello, thanks for your purchase!

I’m afraid i don’t understand what you would like to achieve exactly.. :( Can you show me your site / or explain with a few more details please.

Happy editing! Cheers, Erik


komi2 Purchased

Hi Erik, thank you for a great theme.

I just purchased one and I am almost finished with set up. But I have a few questions: 1) I have added the videos via youtube. On the website frontage appears also the blue text by the video picture: “Use left/right arrow keys to advance one second, Up/Down arrows to advance ten seconds.” Do not you know how to remove this text? 2) There is a button in the section of Overviews – “load more/show less” Where can I translate it? I found only where to translate “load more”. But after loading more the button is with the writing “show less” and after pressing it is visible button “load more” again – without already done translation. 3) Where can be translated the blog section: “The Blog” on the top of the page, “Type and hit enter” on the top right side, “by author, on date” under the headline of the post, “continue reading” under the post and “posted in” under the headline of the open post.

Thank you very much for your answer.

Have a nice day,


Hi Filip, thanks for your purchase and kind words, i’m happy that you like the theme and found the setup easy! :)

1.) Add this to the bottom of your styles.css file to remove it:
.mejs-offscreen { display: none !important; }
2.) You can rewrite it manually in your /js/custom.js file, on line 176:
$(this).text( 'show less' );
3.) Open up your index.php file (from your theme files) and on line 4:
 _e( 'The blog' , 'flatbook' ) 
Next, in searchform.php file, on line 3:
 _e( 'Type and hit enter...' , 'flatbook' )

And just do the same method with the rest of the words ;) Let me know how it worked out. Happy editing! Cheers, Erik

Hello Eric,

I’ve just sent you an email and not sure which way of communication is better. As I said, I’m stuck in the step where I need to import a file. I’m missing the file “Extras/Import/flatbook-demo-content.xml”. I did not find it in the Downloads folder. How can I get it?

Hello and thanks for your purchase! Both ways of communication are enabled, depends on your preferences :)

The reason you don’t see that folder, is you downloaded only the “installable wordpress files” instead of “all files & documentation”..

Log in to your themeforest account, hover on your username and select “Downloads” from the dropdown menu, and near “FlatBook….” click on the green “Download” button and choose “All files & documentation” to get the whole package.

Cheers, Erik

Eric, I did that now, but I received an error “Stylesheet Missing”.

Then I’ve read the article you’ve suggested:

I tried both types of uploads – directly in the wordpress and via FTP. Both options failed. There’s still an error “Stylesheet is missing”.

I’ve noticed that my wordpress version is 4.1.1 and you support the latest WordPress 4.0.

Can this be a problem? If so, how can I get the version for WordPress 4.1.1?

No way, ftp method always work.. I can’t tell what you did wrong because lack of details, but if that helps, i can offer you to send me over your wp and ftp login credentials in email, and i will set everything up for you in a couple of minutes. Cheers, Erik

Hi Erik. I’m having an issue getting videos to play properly on Internet Explorer. Per information from comments, I edited the video template with the following settings:

<video width=”640” height=”360” id=”<?php the_ID(); ?>” preload=”none”> <source type=”video/youtube” src=”<?php echo $background = get_post_meta($post->ID, ‘fb_video_rew_link’, true); ?>” />

In Chrome the video runs perfectly, however, in Internet Explorer the full video is not showing in the video window nor will it work on mobile phones.

The URL I added to the Video Reviews is: .

What do I need to change to allow the vide to display on all browsers? Thanks in advance for your response.

Internet Explorer 11 on Microsoft Surface Windows 8.1

Sorry for the late reply, honestly i didn’t even have IE on my computer, but now i just downloaded IE11 to check on this issue. I found that if you embed the video manually via html and iframe, it works as expected.

1.) Open your template-videos.php file and delete or comment out the following code block (yours might be a bit different):
<?php query_posts('post_type=fb_video_rew'); ?>
    <?php while (have_posts()) : the_post(); ?>

            <div class="eight columns">
                <div class="video-review">
                    <video width="370" height="195" id="<?php the_ID(); ?>" preload="none">
                        <source type="video/youtube" src="<?php echo $background = get_post_meta($post->ID, 'fb_video_rew_link', true); ?>" />
                    <h2><?php the_title(); ?></h2>
                    <?php the_content(); ?>

    <?php endwhile;?>
<?php //rewind_posts(); 
2.) Add this snippet manually, just below the commented / deleted part from the first step:
<div class="sixteen columns" style="text-align: center;">
    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Let me know how it worked out, sometimes IE could be a great pain in the head of developers ;) Cheers, Erik

Embedding a youtube video on the slider works. However, the fullscreen mode does not work!

Hi, thanks for your purchase. The slider doesn’t feature a video embedding option… Anyway, if you drop me your site link i can take a look at it to see if there’s anything i can suggest ;) Cheers, Erik

Hi Erik The site’s URL is However I deactivated the fullscreen function on the youtube video coz it’s currently under high traffic. But you can use Google Dev Tools to add allowfullscreen as attribute to the Youtube embedding iFrame.


Hi, i have just checked it on firefox and if i add the “allowfullscreen” attribute with firebug, the full screen toggle icon shows up and works just fine..

Maybe you have already solved it? Or it remains in only in webkit browsers?

Cheers, Erik

hi, can this make multiple landing pages?

Hello! Sure, but only with multiple wordpress installions on your host, as it is a onepage theme basically. Cheers, Erik

cheers i might have to look at the html version

Okay, keep up! :) Cheers, Erik

How do I make the author page go full width? The page will only display my content on the left 2/3rds of the page. Would prefer it to be full page. Please advise. Thank you!

Actually it’s just a css shorthand, you can do it like this: li {
    margin-top:      0 !important;
    margin-right:    0 !important;
    margin-bottom:  20px !important;
    margin-left:    10px !important;

Cheers, Erik

That did it Erik. Thank you so much…very happy!

Your welcome ;) Keep up good work! Cheers, Erik

I sent you a support email via your envato profile but have not heard back, so I will leave the same message here.

I am using your FlatBook theme for a client project and I am having an issue with the “Chapter Previews” section.

My client’s book contains 7 chapters and while the first 4 chapters display fine, the remaining 3 chapters display below the section boundary into the “call to action area”.

You can see the site URL in the email message that I sent to you yesterday.

I cannot see anything in the theme options panel that allows for me to correct this. I need all 7 chapters to appear in the chapter preview area.

Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Hello and thanks for your purchase! Sorry for the delay, i just replied to your email.

NOTE: For anyone who’d like to have more “Samples” in the scrollable tablet reader, please add this small fix to the bottom of your styles.css file to render properly:

/* Desktop size */
.tablet-mockup-bg { height: 500px; }
.tablet-mockup { margin-top: -48px; }
.selector h1 { margin-top: 40px; }

/* Laptop size */
@media (max-width: 959px) {
     .tablet-mockup { margin-top: 59px; }

/* Tablet size */
@media (max-width: 758px) {
     .tablet-mockup { margin-top: 460px; }
     .selector h1 { margin-top: 70px; }

Cheers, Erik


How do I get the demo 2 as the template?

Hello and thanks for your purchase! Please drop me an email from my themeforest account’s contact form here with this request, and i will send you the files ;)

Cheers, Erik

Hey Erik!

LOVE the theme. It’s fantastic. I apologize if i’ve over looked this, but I’m having an issue with the theme customization updating on the live site.

The changes are saving and visible in the back end of my wordpress, but checking the front end (even in a new browser) none of the changes appear. Thought it could be a cache issue but I don’t think this is the case.

Any thoughts?

My site is

Sounds strange, i can’t say what could be probably wrong without checking your backend.. :(

If you send me your wordpress login details to me via email, i will check your backend to see what’s wrong there, how that sounds?

Cheers, Erik

Hey Erik!

That’d be awesome! Thanks so much for the great support.

[removed per author request]

Will you delete this comment after you get it?


Thanks for the login details, i just checked your backend and everything seems ok for the first look.. As i was logged in – i also opened your site in another browser using private browsing – and it was also good..

For example, your “Primary Color” is ”#5573cb” – and every title on your page is rendered with this color you chosen – so i’m afraid i still don’t get your point, please tell me more details.

Happy editing! Cheers, Erik

Hi Erik, Thanks for a beautiful theme. I was wondering if there’s any way of linking a “likes” display on the counter to the actual number of likes on my Facebook page? Thanks in advance!

- Nathan

Hi Nathan,

Thanks for your purchase and appreciation, i’m glad you like it! Unfortunately the counters section accepts only numeric values based on manual setup from the wordpress admin, not a dynamically changing value like facebook likes.

Cheers, Erik

I’ve been trying to use a google maps plugin on my “locations page”. I’ve tried 6 different google map plugins and none of them work when placing them. The maps just show up blank, until the window is resized. Any clue to what is causing this or a way to fix it? Thanks in advance.

Hello and thanks for your purchase. Can you send me over your wordpress login details in email (via my themeforest profile’s contact form here), so i can check your backend?

Originally google map integration is not part of the default theme functionalities, but – if some javascript or css rule blocks the rendering of the map – i will fix it for you ;)

Cheers, Erik


skyhound Purchased

Hi, I just purchased this theme and want to load the demo content for the 02 version-orange version - instead of the teal version. Is that possible?


Hello, thanks for your purchase! Sure it’s possible, but i will need your email address where i can send you the demo2 import files. Cheers, Erik