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Hello, Erik. Thanks for the hard work on Flatbook; the instructions are clear, things load smoothly, and my limited programming skills can get something up and running in a few hours. But now I’ve reached the edge of my skills and have a question…

The top menu; I seem to have it much further down on the page as it’s showing up not in the top navbar but through the titles/ headers on my pages. Any clue how to fix that? Thanks!

Hello! Thanks for your appreciation, receiving such a positive feedback of my efforts is always a pleasure :P

The layout problem described is probably because you are having too many menu items, so it breaks down below the navigation bar.

There are two possible solutions:
  1. Remove a few menu items, until the menu layout becomes fine
  2. Reduce the font size of the menu items in the Customizer at Typography > Navbar > Menu Links.

Let me know if you need further assistance with this. Cheers, Erik

that did it. and I can slip in the things off the menu in other places. Thanks so much!

Your welcome! :) Happy customizing. Cheers, Erik

Dear Sir, Here are two request I have sent to you earlier this week. I have copied them to send them on this page to you again. My question is I have paid for 6 months assistance and I have contacted you on several occasions without any response. please if you are not up to you promise them then kindly refund my assistance money.

Sir, this is what a website developer has sent to me.:” right now, your site is based on a child theme of a ‘flatbook’ theme – not on Twenty Sixteen. please contact the developer of the ‘flatbook’ theme for help This mean what I bought from you is only in the child theme stage and need to be completed. Please I need your help. My website is: users Id: okhumannature password: Osei@nature20 hope to hear from you soon.

if you go to you will find that the theme is in a child theme state. I have asked many developers and they all still says that it is your duty to make it active Please I paid for 6 months assistance so can you help me get start. I bought this more than two weeks now.

Please note that i always reply to every support requesting comment or email received – so there’s no need for posting the same issue multiple times – it will not quicken the process.

Also, please do not post admin login details in the comments section, as it’s visible for everyone, and your site might be hacked.

Thanks for your understanding. Cheers, Erik

Hello there!

I’ve run into an issue with the background image in the homepage header. I want to change it, but when I do so in the customizer, the image doesn’t change.

I imported the demo content and got this error when I imported and wonder if this is what’s causing the issue?

I’ve tried deleting the image from the media library, but it’s still there in the header.

What should I try?

Hi Erik!

Ok, I’ll try to do a better job of explaining :)

I imported the content from 2 of the demos – because I liked the layouts of a couple of different sections. So the background image in the header on the home page is the same as the one in your Demo 2.

When I try to change the image via the customizer (customizer > layout > header), it allows me to choose an image from the media library, but the background does not change from the demo background.

In the image field within the customizer it shows that I uploaded a new image, but that image does not show on the front end – only the demo background (with the wooden planks). This screenshot shows that the image has been changed in the customizer but not on the front end.

I just took a look at the customer CSS section of the customizer (customize > custom CSS) and noticed that there is a link to the demo that is coded in there.

Might that have something to do with it?

I hope that this is clearer. I want to change the background image in the home page header and it won’t show the new image that I uploaded.

Thank you! ~K

Well, it looks like the url I noticed in the CSS was the thing! I deleted it and the image that I uploaded is now there.

Thanks! ~K

Thanks for the detailed explanation and updated notice about the solution, great to hear that you have already managed to solve it on your own! :)

Can you please tell me what line have you deleted in which css – so I’ll be able to correct it – and include this fix in the next theme update?

Cheers, Erik

I purchased Flatbook about a week ago. Very nice theme. I am working locally and need to make some customizations to this theme –, but I am stuck. When you click the first Subscribe button it drops down to the form, that’s fine, but I need that subscribe button to link to my mail chimp account. Same thing for the very last Subscribe button.

How do I accomplish this?

Thank you, Anthony.

Hello Anthony! Thanks for your purchase, i’m glad you found the theme nice!

The two mentioned are different sections, you can only attach your MailChimp account with the last one, the Subscribe Footer. Please refer to the documentation to get it work with your MailChimp account, and feel free to text me if you need further assistance.

Happy customizing! Cheers, Erik

Hello Erik,

I purchased your Wordpress Flatbook template and completed the set up, modification, and then took it online. But when we took the site online the icons stop showing on the site. (See Can you please let me know what needs to be done to fix this issue?

Also can you tell me why the blog pages have so much blank space at the top. And finally, why the video blog page isn’t showing or accepting the YouTube embed code. Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Hello, thanks for your purchase! See my replies below..

...the icons stop showing on the site…

For some reason, your FontAwesome files are missing from these paths:

To fix it, download these files from the theme demo: file1 and file2 than connect to your site via FTP, and upload the downloaded 2 file to the corresponding folder.

...why the blog pages have so much blank space at the top…

Currently, the header for your blog pages is a large one (without background image, that’s why you see it empty). If you don’t need header for the blog pages, just add this to your css:

.single #site-header { display: none; }
...why the video blog page isn’t showing or accepting the YouTube embed code…

You were trying to insert a youtube video url instead of the embedding link for the chosen video.. For example, the embedding link for your chosen video is:

Happy customizing! Cheers, Erik

Can I do parallax video with this template?

Hello! Currently there’s no built-in option for applying parallax background videos for sections, but it can be done quickly, if you have some basic experience in web development – or if you don’t – i’m also able to develop it for you, however it would be considered as an extra, paid customization from my side.

Drop me an email if you are still intrested, and i will give you a quote for this customization. Cheers, Erik

Hello! I really like your theme, it’s easy to use and it has a lot of options :)

But I have a problem with the customizer. If I change a color or some font options, you can see the changes directly in de customizer. Than I save and publish it and it doesn’t change on the website. The weird thing is that the options in the customizer are changed, but the website doesn’t take over the changes.

Adding a logo in the customizer still works, but the color and font options aren’t working. What can I do with this?

Cheers, Rowan

Hello Rowan,

Thanks for your purchase and kind words, i’m glad you like my work :)

Please send me over your wordpress admin login details in email and i will check your backend to see what prevents your customizer settings from being saved properly.

Cheers, Erik

On certain displays, particularly the iPad in portrait position, my primary menu gets kicked down, out of the bar at the top of the page that is supposed to contain the logo and primary menu. ( That puts the menu on top of the header image, which is hard to read because it’s on top of other content. When the display is not wide enough, the menu should turn into the hamburger icon. How can I keep that menu from getting kicked down, out of the top bar and ensure that the hamburger icon comes up when it should? Thank you!

Hello, thanks for your purchase.

I assume you are having too many nav menu items, so if they overlap the maximum width of the navbar should have, it breaks down a row.

My suggestion would be to remove a few from your top level menu items until your layout becomes fine on those problematic screen sizes either, or reduce the font size of your menu items with some additional custom css (let me know if you need help with this).

Cheers, Erik

How do you get the slider to autoplay on the latest version of the theme?

Open up the header-slider.php file from the ../partials folder, and on line 119, enable the autoPlay option like this:

autoPlay   : true, 
Cheers, Erik

Hi Erik, I just downloaded the theme and have been trying to make it look like the demo HTML one you have on display. Have you any instructions anywhere I could follow? I can’t find anywhere the slider carousel for example and I feel like I’ve looked at every option on the blog theme. Clearly I’ve missed something. I’ve downloaded the suggested plugins too, but not sure how they help. As you can see I’m drowning here. Are you able to help? Thanks.

Hello, thanks for your purchase! You will find everything from getting started until the customizations in the theme documentation. Let me know if you have further questions after you read it.

Cheers, Erik


pjoe08 Purchased

Hello, I recently purchased your theme. I’ll preface by saying I know very little about setting up webpages, and so I was looking for an easy-to-use theme. Your theme is decent so far but I am running into problems. I simply want my webpage to look like the first demo. One thing I can’t seem to figure out is how you got the menu bar to link to a section on the first page while the last menu option is a drop down to more pages. And do you have any other tips for setting up the site that can make it easy and simple for me? I tried importing the demo content but that didn’t seem to do what I expected it to do (give me a pre-made site, which would be ideal!). Thanks!

[Since I made this comment, I see the link to the documentation and have found this helpful in setting up my site! Thank you. If I have further questions I will post a new comment.]


pjoe08 Purchased

Now I have a question!! I seem to have run into a problem with the header. Each time I edit the information/content or try to change the type of header in the pages > home > page builder section and click update (to save and preview it), it clears out the data and/or won’t let me change it from the slider. And yet, when I refresh the webpage, I can see the changes. On the edit page though, it’s empty + I can’t seem to test the other type of headers.

Hello, thanks for your purchase.

Great to hear that you have already managed to import the demo content and get your demo site up and running.

Regarding the second issue, i can’t say anything helpful before i checked your backend, so please send me over your wordpress admin login details in email, with a brief summary of what you’d like to achieve.

By the way, you are only able to have one header / page – so you need to delete the existing one – before you would be able to add a new header.

Cheers, Erik


I ran into problems installing the theme. Both WP upload of the theme and ftp upload fails.

WP upload just gives a generic fail code. When I upload the .zip by FTP in the theme directory: WP doesn’t show the theme. Followed all instructions in the help docs.

Tried to do it old skool, just uplading the upzipped folder to the themes folder but that caused all kinds of problems. Never had any of these problems before, installed 50+ themes the last years. I’ve ran out of ideas, any idea what’s going on?

Hello, thanks for your purchase.

I assume you are trying to upload the whole theme package, instead of the installable WordPress theme, but i can’t say more without checking your backend.

If you send me over your WordPress and FTP login credentials in email, i will take a look at your files and see what’s wrong there and find a quick solution for your problem.

Cheers, Erik

good day, your theme is in my list of candidates for purchasing. great job, i’d have some questions , i’d be interested in particolar about : a) ipad picture cold be easily changed with full book cover ? ideally with dynamic action on hover? b) menu could be rendered as just hamburger icon floating on top right and activating a modal menu? c) instagram widget to display masonry photos could be installed and easily integrated within the theme? d) which is the list of required plugin to install the theme? e) all sample contents are provided, including xml to be imported, within the theme zip file, correct? many thanks in advance!

Hello, thanks for choosing my theme! Please see my replies below:

ipad picture cold be easily changed with full book cover ? ideally with dynamic action on hover?

Which ipad image are you asking about? The one in the Header or the Samples section?

menu could be rendered as just hamburger icon floating on top right and activating a modal menu?

Sure, with some minor adjustment in the source code. I’m gonna help you with this, just let me know after your purchase.

instagram widget to display masonry photos could be installed and easily integrated within the theme?

Haven’t tried it yet – but if there’s an official wordpress plugin for that – i don’t see any barriers why it shouldn’t display properly.

which is the list of required plugin to install the theme?

The required plugins are:

all sample contents are provided, including xml to be imported, within the theme zip file, correct?

Right. See the Included Files part of the documentation for details.

Let me know if you have further pre-purchase questions about the theme. Cheers, Erik

Is there a trick to reduce the memory requirements when editing or previewing a page? My clients installation constantly crashes with the error “Allowed memory size of 268435456 bytes exhausted” when he’s editing the page or previewing his changes. 256MB memory not being enough for a simple wordpress site with nearly no plugins seems to be a bit much.

I wish I could change the limits, but it’s not possible since any value higher then the global limits will be ignored. It’s the providers limit to protect their other customers. I checked a few other major german hosting providers like 1&1 for larger memory limits on their shared hosting but none of them allowed a single php thread to use more then 256MB. That’s why I came to the conclusion that I should use dedicated hosting for FlatBooks.

Well, I”m sorry to hear that… I’m hosting with MediaTemple and never experienced any problem with the php memory limit :(

In this case, i neither see any other options than upgrading your client’s hosting package to a dedicated server.

Let me know if you need further assistance with the theme. Cheers, Erik

Thanks for the suggestion, but Mediatemple has a limit of 128MB on their wordpress hosting (99MB on their shared hosting): That would be enough to display the page but not edit or preview it.


kdawg00 Purchased

Hello Erik!

The website in question is

I recently realized that the main background image for the home page isn’t responsive. I had to delete a bit of CSS to be able to change the background image in the first place, and I wonder if by doing that I accidentally deleted the code that makes the image responsive?

When I have the background image active on a page, it makes the page look awful on a phone. All the content moves down and the spacing gets really strange.

Also, the address in the Locations section on the map isn’t working. When I enter an address, it stays on the same map that came with the theme.

Would you mind taking a look at my site for the responsive image issue?

Thanks!! ~K