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Hi Erik,

Thanks for a great theme! I was wondering if there is a way to remove the samples sections altogether?

Let me know!

Thank you!

You can switch it off at Appearance > Theme Options > Home Sections. Cheers, Erik

ooh got it! Thanks!!

No problem ;) Cheers, Erik

Hi Eric. I am wanting to change the background color of the ‘about the author” section to white. I have tried changing the css but cant get it to work. What css code would I use to do this?

Hi, thanks for your purchase. Add this snippet to your css:
.about { background: #fff !important; }
Cheers, Erik

intrelate Purchased

Hi, we are trying unsuccessfully to change the Title of one of the Home Sections.

We would like to change the ‘What you will learn’ Includes section title, however changing, saving and even deleting and creating a new section with a new title always results in the section appearing as ‘What you will learn’. Can you help or is this viewed as ‘customisation’?

Many thanks, Martyn

Hi Martyn, thanks for your purchase!

Nope, this isn’t considered as a customization, as it’s the default functionality of the theme. However, i assume that there’s something wrong there if you are noticing this behaviour of the section titles.

I can’t say more before checking your backend, so please send me over your admin login details in email, and i will go after this problem and help you solve it.

Cheers, Erik

One of my clients’ websites is built using this theme, it looks great. However, I am considering updating to wordpress 4.3, will Flatbook still work properly?

Hello, glad you like it. Sure, it will work with WordPress 4.3 either. Cheers, Erik


I uploaded several “slider background images” with the size of 2000×625 px. But it still doesn’t fit.

What’s the right size for the slider background?

Thanks! Christoph

Okay, I will give a try to this. Thx!

Go ahead! Cheers, Erik

Hi Erik – sorry, it doesn’t work. Just uploaded the right format without any white border:

But it still doesn’t fit as background:


I would like to add video testimonials to this section. Can I do this?

Thanks Christoph

Into which section?

e.g. to the testimonials section – but it can be a different one. To the “Testimonials” I only can put text into it

You are only able to add your testimonials as it’s default behaviour (means avatar image and quote text), however you can add your custom video based testimonials below or above the default testimonials section. Cheers, Erik


ray209 Purchased

Help! Suddenly my background on the website has changed to a light color and my “buy now” buttons (and other elements) are no longer visible. I made no changes to the theme options! This appears to have happened spontaneously. The website is


Yeah i meant that.. Anyway, the most quick solution would be if you create a wordpress user for me and send the login details in email, and i will check your backend to see what’s going on there. Cheers, Erik


ray209 Purchased

Will do, but I need your email to set up user in WordPress. Thanks.

Email sent! Cheers, Erik


gesault Purchased

Just bought and installed FlatBook – thanks for good work. But out of the box, am not seeing background pictures (e.g. top of the home image, behind the purchase options tables, etc.) in Safari for Mac 9.0.1. But I get them fine in Firefox and Chrome. Known issue? Is there a fix?


2reiling Purchased

Hello, for administration, I need to rename the sections, because e.g. “testimonials” will be used for “services” my customer won’t understand anything otherwise. I already tried via update_option-function in my child theme – it works, but any time I update theme options via admin interface, this will be resetted again. Can you give me a hint, how I can do that without hacking “fb_theme_options.php”? Thank you very much, Melanie