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dfrsjr Purchased

Hello, We are having trouble with our site thecareerpuzzle.com. When logged in the site displays normally as it should but once logged out it seems that the site loses format. We figured it may be a privacy settings issue but have checked everything and cannot find the solution. Thanks, Donald

Ok, i just checked it and for me it throws a js error, this one:
ReferenceError: UserWebStat_gC is not defined
var choix = UserWebStat_gC("whatChoiceForGoogleCookies") ;

I can send you a screenshot if you wish, but just hit “F12” on your keyboard, go to the “Console” tab and reload your page and you will see… Cheers, Erik

dfrsjr Purchased

Erik, Thank you! We deleted some plugins and now it works again.


Great to hear that and thanks for the feedback :) Merry xmas! Cheers, Erik

Hi Erik,

I have 2 last questions: 1. How to center the pricing table (I only have one) 2. The contact form is not working, I´ve set it up to : Select Contact Method Basic Contact Form But I don´t know to which mails its being send.

Thank you very much, my site is [link removed]


Hey there,

1.) Already replied, please check below

2.)I just tested it on your site, and for me it seems working… However if you still haven’t recieved any emails sent from your site, i’m pretty sure that you haven’t set your reciever email address in the Contact Form 7 options.

Cheers, Erik

chihdo Purchased

Hi, first of all AWESOME theme! nothing like it…

I’m having trouble displaying the site on mobile! It’s just not loading, and it is loading on desktop. Please help!



Just replied to your email. Cheers, Erik

chihdo Purchased

Hey Hi, I’d like to take out the “transferring date from test.eriktailor” when the site loads… can you tell me how?


Hello and thanks for your purchase. Sure, just replied for your email. Cheers, Erik

Hi thx for this theme. How do I change the height of the slider? A

Hello and thanks for your purchase. You can increase it manually via Css, for example:
#slider { height: 800px; }

You may will need the adjust your slide model images in a few cases, it depends. Cheers, Erik

I just bought this theme and the files for Demo 2. I messaged you but no response.


Yeah just replied to your email and previous comment. Cheers, Erik


Eric, can you please resend the files in zip format. Somehow there was an issue and I cannot open them.


Why not? I sent you the 2 import files: xml for the contents and a txt file for the theme options. Please read the included documentation about importing the demo content for flatbook. Cheers, Erik

Hi Erik,

we use Your Theme for book promotion in Germany: http://www.lean-content-marketing.com/

My Question concerning list-css for Blog-Posts: We’d like to have

  • bullets with left margin > 0 and consistent left margin > 0 for the text (first line same as the second). How can we fix that in ‘layout.css’?

    Thank you! Sascha

  • eriktailor

    Hello Sascha and thanks for your purchase! Amm, i’m afraid i don’t understand your request, please tell me more details on which section and element are you reflecting at? Cheers, Erik

    Hi Erik, let me put it this way: here you see the current list-style: http://lean-content-marketing.com/content-marketing-statistiken/ What we need is: margin-left: > 0 and list-style-position: outside Best regards, Sascha
    I see, thanks for the clarification! Add this to the very bottom of your main stylesheet, layout.css:
    .post ul li:before { display: none }
    .post ul li {
      left: 10px;
      position: relative;
      list-style-type: initial;
      list-style-position: outside;

    Happy editing! Erik

    Hello Erik,

    I bought this template almost one week ago and not heard from you.

    Could you please prove me with the DEMO 2 files. I would like to get this project done in time.

    Thank you.


    Hello and thanks for your purchase. Sorry for the delay, i just sent it to you. Cheers, Erik


    Eric, can you please resend the files in zip format. Somehow there was an issue and I cannot open them.


    It’s not neccessary to post the same comment more times, i always reply as soon as possible, it won’t speed up the support process. Thanks, Erik

    Where can I edit the section with the purchase button, black background

    Get your copy now! Suspendisse vitae bibendum mauris. Nunc iaculis nisl vitae laoreet elementum donec dignissim metus sit. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.



    Hello and thanks for your purchase. You can edit it under the Call to Action tab in the theme options panel – or if you are using an older version of flatbook – go to Pages > Call to Action. Cheers, Erik

    lfroment Purchased

    Hi Erik,

    I’m sure I’m missing something, but I can’t figure out how to remove the pre-populated text (I imported the demo) right below the chapter overviews and special offers section.

    For example under Special Offers it says: Choose from FlatBook’s predefined 2-3-4 columned pricing tables, set to highlight one of them or not and edit the contents and features easily in the Theme Options panel.

    Any guidance?


    lfroment Purchased

    Nevermind figured this out!


    Hey there, thx for your purchase. Great to hear that you have already managed to solve it :) Happy editing! Cheers, Erik

    roma24 Purchased


    I get this error:

    Warning: mysql_query(): Access denied for user ’’@’localhost’ (using password: NO) in

    Warning: mysql_query(): A link to the server could not be established in

    Warning: mysql_num_rows() expects parameter 1 to be resource, boolean given in

    What can I do?



    Hello and thanks for your purchase! Strange, honestly i have never noticed an issue like this.. Can you tell me when you recieved this error message? I mean what were you doing that time? Cheers, Erik

    shanu41 Purchased

    Nice theme. I just had a few questions.

    1. Does it support shortcodes?

    I installed ‘ultimate shortcodes’ and it doesn’t appear to work

    2. I installed Easy digital downloads [link removed] The shortcodes works but only on pages. If I try to enter the shortcode in the slider, it doesn’t work. Same for any other sections. This is very important for people who want to sell ebooks.

    thanks for your support

    My temp site is [link removed]


    Hello and thanks for your purchase. Just replied to your email. Cheers, Erik

    buehler76 Purchased

    Hello sir, Thank you for a great theme! We modified it a bit to sell a DVD and I think it will work well. The site is www.localsearchcash.com I have a couple quick questions: Next to the ipad mockup, How do I change the part that says “choose a chapter”? On the video testimonials I get written video player controls over the top of the video. How do I remove this?

    I appreciate your help!

    Hi There,

    I have quite a few questions. All samples are according to demo.

    1) In the slideshow, how can I add more buttons besides “get it now” & “learn more”

    2) Is there to change the overall font to a bigger font?

    3) Is there a way to add social media buttons on top?

    4) Where can I edit the subtitle for Overviews?

    5) In Menu Structure Menu links do not work for “Page”. The “custom” ones work. Any ideas?

    6) Where can I find short code for everything? Columns, buttons, etc

    Thank you Appreciate your help