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Nice work. Good luck with your sales :)

thanks a lot :)

simple and clean work , Good luck :)

thanks, you too

Very good work! Good luck :)

thanks, you too

Awesome Work! Good Luck With Sales!

Thanks dude

May I ask why you don’t make an html version of this design? I would love to buy it, but I’m really not interested in using wordpress for a simple cv that won’t use most of the wp functionality anyway…

The use of WP lets you easily manage the website’s content, create and edit posts, and set up the theme’s appearance and functionality. Most of the users do not have the HTML/CSS skills sufficient for filling the website with content without any assistance, while the must edit the initial code of the html-page. For instance, without using CMS, you will not have any chance to create new posts in the visual editor, upload images, or set up the color scheme. WordPress allows the website’s owner to update the content without webmaster’s help.

Yes I know what wordpress does, I use it quite often. My point was that all of the functionality of wordpress isn’t needed for a CV this simple. It’s just gonna clutter up my server space with a bunch of unnecessary files I don’t need and won’t use. Something this small and simple would be more practical as straight up html/css. I like the design, but I’m not interested in paying extra for a wordpress template when it isn’t needed.

Our point is that 20$ difference between wp and html versions is not so high and anyway everyone is entitled to his opinion)

It’s look very amazing, good luck with sales !

thanks my friend)

Beautifully crafted … all the best.

thank you very match!

This is an amazing template! Love the entire idea of an online CV and the option to print and download adds so much potential! Hope the sales go well.

We really appreciate that!

Look awesome… Good luck..

thanks a lot

Looks pretty sweet! Great job!

Hi, a few question if you don’t mind. 1. I think it’s too down with the top. its possible to makes like your another work (top space). 2. editing colors & Font? 3. what if just facebook and twitter. they will be white space with blank icon or what ? Thought this so simple, :grin: i hope not for a long time in my bookmark. Thank You

Hi! 1. Sorry, but it is impossibble. This is a main idea of the theme design. 2. Yes, you can edit colors in the special section in Theme options and font via code. 3. The social section would be shorter and white background under your icons. Looks fine.

Ok. 1. even with editing some code ? one more, What if starting page begun with profil, not with employment page. it’s posibble ?

You can set any page as the start page. We are sure that 2 social icons will be displayed perfect on each home page. Please see an example

thanks a lot!

Great design! This might be an easy question but in the gallery, you can include embedded videos?

Thanks! We are planning such option in next release.

Brilliant Design!!!

If you ever convert this into a directory listing that I could use please let me know..

Again.. cutting edge dude Love it!!!

Thanks a lot! Sorry, but we are not planning the convertion.

Does it support Arabic language, margin right when I right ?

Hi! Sorry, but no. We support localization but you will have problems with margin.

What font are you using in the demo? Is that included as part of the design?

Hi! We are using Cabin’,?sans-serif font from Google Fonts collection!

Presale Question: In the portfolio, when I click on an image, the test underneath the image in the lightbox, can I can a link in there?

We are planning such option in the next release!

Nice And Simple :sunglasses2:


Beautiful and great concept! :) good luck sir!

Thanks a lot!

Hi ! Great design, love the simplicity. I do have a basic (stupid?) question, what happen if the name is rather long ? how does the layout react ? Best of luck for the sales.

understood for the Icons. > how about the first/last name size ?

No worry! This option is planned in the next release!

Hi ! Thanks a lot !